The secret to great ball striking with your Driver and IRONS

driver irons Nov 08, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us how often have you seen the better players at your golf club all the guys on tv striking the ball consistently well hitting the ball what seems like absolutely miles with not a lot of effort well they all have one thing in common they may have different looking swings but they always have this in common they basically organize their swing correctly they organize it from the ground upwards and i've just come off a golf school with a number of different students with very different faults from topping along the ground to losing distance to inconsistency of strike and they all all the different swings they all did have one thing in common they started and they've developed their swing from the top down as a person from the bottom up i'm going to share with you how the best players and how you could too can start to organize your swing for more consistency of strike with both your irons and your woods now before i get into the video look if you're new to the channels from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i always put a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing great so by the end of this video i want to be able to help you strike your irons and your drivers so much better so much more consistently i'm going to give you the secret right off the bat all great players their club reacts to what their body is doing as opposed to their body reacting to what their club is doing so i'll let you digest that for a little bit the club is reacting to what their body is doing not the other way around let me explain so the people at this uh golf school that i was at they're all different swings but what they're doing is they were starting everything was hands and arms so when you throw the mass of the club with your hands and your arms your body from here throw it behind our bodies react to it when we get to the top look we throw the club at the ball their bodies then react to that we come over the top we get this kind of flicky position we need the other way around where the body leads and the club reacts when you do that everything looks organized and effortless and by the way when you throw a ball look your arm is reacting to what look the body is doing the arm is being slung yeah now the question is how do you go about achieving that we're going to do we do it in three very simple stages just follow them all the way to the end stage number one to help you get strike you need to be able to start the momentum with your feet right so when you're here watch this how does the club move does it move with your hands in your abs no what i want you to sense is this i'm going to do it in an exaggerated word so you can see it visually for camera so it might be more than i would normally do but i want you to see what i'm actually doing so watch this i'm going to set the the um the club going backwards by me watch i'm going to push my pressure onto my front foot very gently and then i'm going to force the pressure straight into my back foot and that is going to go one two that momentum is now gonna is gonna take this club back into the back swing okay so i'm gonna get that now because i've done this i automatically watch this pressure over to my lead foot then my trail that drags it back and then look forward onto my front so it becomes like this one two three this then organizes this club for compression does that make sense now i'm exaggerating for camera normally it's just very quick like one two three yeah very different when you flick it back here you then you because you've started it here your body then reacts you then start it here your body then follows it's the opposite way around so one exercise you can do to kind of really get this first stage spot on is maybe two things i've got an orange whip or just grab a towel and wrap it around one of your clubs it just makes the head feel heavier and then what you're doing is as you kind of push the head forward just feel the head going forward feel momentum here and then look you're going to move the head back by shifting that pressure onto your trail foot that creates momentum back here and then look forward look how and automatically create the lag on the way through no problem whatsoever yeah you do the same with the orange whip the orange whip is great because it's nice and heavy you'll see here if i flick it back it gets all wobbly if i flick it through it gets all wobbly all i'm doing here is i'm feeling that big orange whip and i'm dragging it back here look with my pressure shift one two now i've done this before with students and they don't get it right straightaway why because you've built a habit sometimes of using your abs and sometimes you're unaware of it so you need to start small with this as stage number one start small take a ball really soften those arms and we want the arms and the and the club to react to our body so feel it so push forward push back feel yourself just getting some momentum in this club people are worried about swaying and whatever we're going to cover that in a second that comes from you get rid of that through the vertical in a second but just for now just just feel how you can organize that club it create momentum by pressing back and through then hit a few small shots no big ones initially because if you try big you'll go back to this being your dominant power source from here watch this start really small pressure forward one two three and you can probably see almost it looks a little bit loose to start with okay and again i'm exaggerating a little bit for camera but just to show you how that shift of pressure can start to organize the swing so do a few of them do a couple of shots like that nice and simple one two three see straight away i'm getting compression balls going down i'm getting a nice divot as well ball turf strike right great so once you've started to organize the swing with this kind of pressure shift you then need to go longer don't you so what needs to happen to the club well the club needs to kind of swing high so we need to get the club going up and we also need to go get it going around because it's a rotational sport so again how can you do that and how can the arms and the club react to that well again what could you do with the ground well we could push up off the ground that would get the club going up and to get the club going around we could also pivot with the ground catway so imagine you stood on a disc here okay and you're going to twist it but if you just twisted it didn't do nothing else the club would just go around so we now need to twist it and go up so i've already pushed up so again the abs on the club are reacting so what you're doing look with the ground you can feel this and that then now now suddenly you've got not only the organization you now start to create the momentum and look how effortless this is the club is always reacting notice this i'm not putting it into positions this is when it leads to all those faults we mentioned earlier so feel what it's like in the backswing okay so you're going to push turn the disc and push off the disc now on the way through it's exactly the opposite what happens well we need to go where the the follow through we need to get this compression and we need to pivot through so look at this now we're going to pivot the disc almost automatically once you've wound up the disc one way it's gonna want to do what wind down the other way now the danger is is that what people do is is they sometimes just push off or if you push off without the twist you'll flick so what we do is we now practice this we practice the pushing and the twisting on the way through yeah now you might not all be able to get loads of twists and that's not important the important thing here is that you start to feel the effortless power that comes from the strongest bit of your body your legs feel how it's that the that is applying a force to your arms and the club this is my backswing i'm pushing off down and look at this and then pushing off here and i'm just allowing my arms and the club look to react to this look at this from this angle on the way through by the way where does that compression from come from as i'm coming down here i've naturally transferred my weight and watch this if i just pushed off here yes i would thin it but what i'm doing is as i pivot and i do it look at how my handle naturally stays ahead so not only that as i push harder i push the more i accelerate through the shot okay this is why it works so so well with driver two so let's have a look at this in action we get ourselves set over the golf ball here and you might want to just stay on stage one for a while feel that body reaction then feel the pivot backwards and forwards i won't do any big shots initially let's have a look at this one two lovely so easy okay now actually interesting there my boss okay great strike my ball just drifted a fraction to the right there and all that basically means i'm glad i did that one of my personal problems sometimes i might get very good at this getting the pressure on the ball my ball's gonna bit to the right and the reason being is i didn't get the pivot this way yeah and that pivot that way gets me then squaring up provides the space so all i do is i'd start to work on okay i just work on my follow-through area of this motion okay maybe my back seems pretty good i might just kind of feel like i'm gonna pivot here practice this motion all right so let's have a look at this i'm now going to work on a bit of pivot here just on the way through to hit it a little bit straighter feel the pressure left right that's so much better pure as you like and all i've done is as we pushed off the ground using that disc push off and away we go my hands and my arms are reacting to what i'm doing from the ground up now it works exactly the same with driver same principles here don't change your thing just feel it but the key here is this you must start to get the club reacting to your body as opposed to you the body itself reacting to what your club is doing that will lead to inconsistencies and it i make you look quite straightforward but when you build a habit sometimes it's not always easy to change so really feel that pressure shift here feel as if i had the club go back really feel it you're pushing and twisting the disc and again on the way through how do you release it well look at this here you'll naturally see golfers naturally squatting they do that because what they want to do is it naturally is a byproduct like you're throwing a ball you don't think about it happens when you come through look as i pivot through i accelerate the club it's like throwing a ball it's the same principles it's there it's built in you could to do this okay so give it a go let me know in the comments how you get on and look you don't have to remember a thing i'll put a free download or practice plan in the description box below with all the details like how to wrap a towel around the club and the orange whip and or whatever of course look if this was one of your first videos of mine come and join the community by pressing that subscribe button and the bell but until next week have a great golfing week