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chipping Jun 14, 2022

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us in this short game video what i'm going to do is i'm not just going to give you a standard short game lesson from perfect lives we're going to go around the green and give you a system firstly to identify what you're doing wrong with your chipping secondly to then cure your chipping give you show you how to strike it learn distance control but more importantly transfer that new technique to many little shots around the green so rough shots horrible hard lies where there's no maybe grass and how do you control the distance we're going to cover all of that in this week's session plus i've got a really cool drill that's probably going to help too now before i get into the lesson if you're new to the channel for your first videos of mine please consider subscribing i release videos just like this one every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember a thing i'll always put a free download or practice guide in the description box below so before we get into the technique to become a great chipper you need to know one key distinction between your normal shots your iron shots you're driving and chipping when you're hitting a normal shot we're actually trying to achieve one thing we're actually trying to hit the golf ball in fact we're actually trying to look compress the ball right put the ball the club on the ball hit the ground afterwards and hit a nice powerful shot with the short game we are trying to do something completely different and this distinction alone when i give it to my students makes a massive difference when we're playing short game shots we are focused more on the ground interaction rather than the ball interaction so i'm more concerned with how your club is going through the ground because we need to get the club underneath the ball not on the ball right so it's more important how this club interacts through the ground as opposed to how it reacts with the ball itself let me give you a simple analogy on how this works okay so this is a great analogy it'll give you a great image for short games so unlike a normal shot where we normally compress this golf ball we need to get the club interacting with the ground so i've got a big block of butter to show you our job is to get this spoon underneath this golf ball okay so what needs to happen well this is the leading edge of your golf club right here this section here is your bounce and we've got to get that leading edge look cutting through the butter down into the butter look and underneath that ball and what's going to happen if when you do this look the lineage edge going to go in the balance will kick in just underneath the underneath the bar and then look roll straight out of that butter very different to what i see with most players most players basically do this they get the leading edge cutting in here almost like a knife and if you took a knife through the butter what's going to happen the knife's just going to cut straight through and will never come out okay this is when you fat it what we want to happen is this becomes your spoon now this is the leading edge of the spoon this is the base of the spoon we call the bouncing golf we want that to dig in okay but then look we want it to work underneath the ball so it looks like a u-shaped motion so that's how i'd love you to start to interact with the ground let's show you now how you start setting up for that and how you transfer that to all shots around the green okay so let's start to apply this analogy to a really simple position like this so i've got a 56 degree wedge here and remember we're going to try to create this u-shaped motion of the club head underneath that golf ball and i want you to be focused on ground interaction how the club interacts with the ground not with how it interacts with the ball so much okay so if for instance your club i want to pay attention let's do some swings and pay attention to how your club is interacting with the ground if it hits the ground behind the golf ball fine but where does it hit the ground and how if it hits the ground and leaves a little bit of a mark you know that leading edge is cut into the ground we don't want that that means your spoon has dug too much it's going like a knife into the ground okay you might hit the ground behind the golf ball but the spoons hitting so far behind and working upwards that you might thin it into the back of the ball and thin those balls over the back of the green so again we want that u-shape happening just behind the ball so that the bounce can kick in underneath that golf ball that's what we're after so do that inventory so i'm going to hit you a couple shots here and what the way i set up to this square face elbow just soft here into the side then i put my lead hand on all i'm going to do now is visualize that ground interaction underneath the golf ball look at the speed there i get some spin i guess i'm check why because as that club slips underneath that golf ball the ball zips up that face and creates that little checker that we want okay i want you to master this one first before we go into these complicated ones and if you still struggle with this one this excellent drill here i've used for a number of different shots will certainly help take the cl ball get it in line with your lead foot here and take your trail foot and move it behind you here what this is going to do is going to line everything up which is key for chipping your sternum the shaft the ball position and therefore when you swing where's the u now that's directly isn't it underneath that golf ball that's where we want it to be yeah so if you try to get down on it you're going to lose your balance forward if you're kind of trying to scoop it and get the spoon too far behind you're going to fall backwards so again really great way to develop a good sense of feeling with this motion here it will really see the check there it will really get that you absolutely spot on try that once you've mastered this let's go around the green now and try to adapt to show you how to adapt this to more difficult lies so the second lab we're going to look at is the one that's buried under the grass now think of it this way there's the butter analogy again if that ball is buried what are you going to have to do with the spoon to get that spoon underneath that ball the first thing we have to do is throw it a little bit steeper into the butter so we can get a gouge out and then scoop it out if we come in too shallow the bounce is going to kick in we're probably going to thin it so we've got to come down a little bit steeper throw it a little bit harder to get underneath exactly the same principles as this shot here so using the same 56 degree wedge here's a couple of alterations here we're in deep rough obviously we want to get the ball popping up a little bit higher i'm going to move the ball a bit further forward in my stance just a fraction okay setup remains the same soft right arm here trail arm here and all i'm going to do now is this i'm going to visualize that club simply being thrown slightly deeper into the into the ground behind but what i'm doing is i'm not driving it deeper i want the club to be thrown so i'm going to get this heel and top edge here all completely lining up at impact not driving like this okay so literally releasing down so because i want that spoon to come out of the butter i want the wedge to come out of the ground once it goes into the ground okay so we're just all we're doing really is kind of getting a feel for that and judging that let's see this in action nice simple look at that just pops up beautifully you'll notice here as well how my club's kind of stopped fairly short that is because i'm more focused on the ground interaction and the ground itself is acting as a braking system for my club all i'm doing is throwing the club into the ground that goes underneath the ball ball pops up and it makes what looks like a difficult shot very very easy so before i get onto the lie that everybody hates let's look at this one this is a shot that you can show off to your friends with you've short-sided yourself you need the ball to get up really quickly land softly what changes do you need to make well the principles of the butter remain the same but i'm now going to choose a 60 degree wedge more loft i'm also going to do with the 60 degree i'm actually going to open it up a little bit so it adds even more loft the ball position when you want height needs to go further forward you sound so i'm actually moving the ball now opposite my lead heel here okay then what i'm going to do is this this is crucial when i look at that leading edge now it's angled this way it's actually angled and pointing in front of my lead tour that's how i know it's open from here now i don't want to when it gets to impact leave it like that and create a dragging effect that will get the ball slicing it could you could thin it you could do all kinds of stuff i want the club just like all the shots we've talked about to not jab but to bottom out okay so what i'm gonna do here is this i'm going to work on trying to get that toe working back so it starts to line up with the heel now when that happens notice this where do you see my hands they're actually look slightly now behind the club head this is how you start to release and add more loft to your shots whilst at the same time keeping them going beautifully straight okay now what i like about this when i do this is it also gives me an idea of when i rehearse it where my body's going look my body's going through okay so it gives me an idea of okay maybe roughly that's where i want to be moving towards ie my end product same as what you need to maybe be feeling okay so when we get ourselves set you need to build that routine so take your time be nice and confident no jerkiness throw the club through that ball with a decent amount of confidence okay so we get ourselves set open the club face visualize that toe catching up with the heel or lining it with a heel impact and then fully commit to the shot

watch the other version that's absolutely beautiful oh really really really close so that is how you play the beautifully floating lob shot okay let's now look at the shot that everybody hates so change of location change of lie this is now a hard lie you've got no grass underneath the golf ball hits rock hard it's like playing that or trying to get that ball out of the butter now you just can't go into the but it's so it's frozen solid so ultimately so i want to create the u-shaped but now the leading edge of that butter just needs to catch it perfectly so this is when ultimately everything we've worked on so far is paramount okay we want that shaft completely lined up we want the leading edge here lined up the toe lining up with the heel at impact okay no driving no falling back everything here completely lined up so that the club comes through and then look works upwards in the u-shaped fashion okay let's have a look at this in action so i get myself set in exactly the same way still got a 56 degree wedge the key here is just to kind of visualize that u-shape and really commit to the shot

spindle coming now look oh very really close so the key to this session isn't just about technique the key is to remember you have to practice with variability we've tried three to four different lies there when you're practicing practice loads of different lies absolutely pointless going from the same spot every single time it's not about developing a consistent technique it's to buy big it's the aim is to become consistent at chipping by actually practicing inconsistent lies so that you get used to how that spoon interacts with the ground and that's the key takeaway focus on ground interaction not ball interaction okay remember the drill as well super super helpful now if you enjoyed the video make sure you give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends who's maybe new to the channel are struggling with their short game super super help and remember i put a free download practice guide in the description box below remember also here this chipping technique you're going to see here right is a very very basic one just for the ones on the edge of the green if you just want a simple one that gives you the chip and run this is the one to maybe look at next but until next week have a wonderful golfing week