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chipping short game Sep 13, 2022

Full Transcript-  so with a golf swing like your driver i can't guarantee a strike every time you know it's a difficult swing but with short game shots around the green and and pitching you should have a technique that guarantees strike every single time in this video i'm going to give you something some insights that i learned from the world's best shotgun coach pete cowan and how the best players do it but also how you can develop a technique that literally no matter where you are around the green you can improve the quality and the consistency of your strike because you're going to need to do this if you want to get the ball close distance control you name it okay so before i get into the lesson like if you're new to the channel from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus you won't have to remember a thing i'll always put a free download or practice guide in the description box below okay so this is typical isn't it you've left yourself short the green you've got rough ground to go over you want to get a bit of height land it stop it next to the hole i've got a cool drill i'm going to make that'll make it so much easier very very shortly so what this looks like is something like this a little short pops it up in the air lets it stop nice and releases look hello hello nicely to the hole that's all i want to play super super simple now how do the best players do this and how do they always seem to be able to get underneath the golf ball here and get that height every single time well one thing they do is they always realize that this is a chipping action not a full swing so they set up very differently so let me show you what i mean by that so you've got to get your chipping set up first otherwise none of the rest will work so stage one is this you don't have a wide stance you don't set up in a normal power swing here where the shaft's angled like this because you don't need power what we can do is is we can be more accurate with chipping if the shaft's just a little bit more vertical it works much more like a pendulum that way so the first thing i want to do is relax your arms a little bit more so then a bit closer to your body stand a bit closer to it as well so the shaft's a bit more vertical and finally move your lead toe out a little bit what this is going to do is provide simple room for you to get through the shot that's all i want to do with setup so it's nice and much more relaxed a lot less powerful the next thing they realize is this they then control the butt end of this golf club very very well what they do is they want the natural force of the club to fall beautifully underneath the golf ball so the butt end and the and the bottom part of the club pretty much line up through impact okay just like this and they're able to do this every single time by allowing it to fall how they go about doing this is controlling how their body works so let me show you i want you to look at this the first thing i want to do once you've got your chipping set up is this i want you to let your wrists hinge a little bit here what this is doing look it's controlling the butt it's leaving the book roughly where it is when the butts where it is it's a lot easier now to simply fall down and fall look underneath the ball one of the biggest problems i see with players is this butt on the backswing travels way too far now the problem is you then have to somehow bring it back and as you bring it back you end up driving it back too much now look at the face now the face is wide open you then get these little yips to try to square it so stage one is getting a sense of controlling where this butt is by just have a little hinge here and then let gravity of the club just fall down okay fall down simple as that i'm going to give you a drill in a second to help you really feel this the second thing they do is when this club falls down it's clearly getting longer so what they also do now is get out of the way to allow the club to beautifully come through the shot can you see this so what i'm doing is i'm getting out of the way i'm moving out of the way my body's almost kind of pivoting and standing up a little bit here this look allows the club to slip underneath the golf ball and where's the butt now it's actually pointed towards me so before i give you the dumbbell exercise let me give you one drill that will really help this okay a really great way for you to feel this i want you to imagine for a second here you've got a beach ball and you're kind of pushing the beach ball underwater and what you're doing in reality is this okay what's going to allow the gravity of the club to fall down is arm pressure if you throw the arm pressure down that's going to bring the club downwards yeah but we want the club not just to work down it needs to work around and through doesn't it we've just seen we need the button to be working like this so the club's working on a mini arc through the shot like this well what does we don't want to guide that artificially because this is what creates all the yips we need that force to be happening naturally so it's flowing right under natural gravitational forces so i want you to imagine you've got a beach ball push the beach ball under the water under the water in the pool and just literally just imagine keeping that pressure throw the arm pressure where's my arm pressure going down and left down and left can you see this okay this is what's going to bring the club look beautifully on an arc so once you've got that sensation just imagine now there's the hinge push the arm pressure i'm pushing my arm pressure down and where's he also going left what do you notice i'm also doing i'm pivoting through it's not not complicated it's quite it's just a feeling you've got to get used to a lot of people here would push their arm pressure this way now what would happen if you push your arm pressure this way well you drag the handle the face is open that creates the hips again yeah so when you set push the arm pressure down and left and get out of the way and that's going to give you that space to beautifully pop the ball up in the air so i've got a small hinge in my wrist push the arm pressure down and get out of the way

okay so really as simple as that so i'm literally allowing the arm pressure to simply come down here and let the club release through right now even when i get people to do this sometimes they mess it up and one of the reasons is is they don't allow the natural force to work so if mind if you're pushing your arm pressure down to try and get the club working around here but actually you're hanging on for it not letting the natural gravity of the club for what it should do then none of this will work so you need to also learn that feeling this is where the dumbbell comes in okay so really nice feeling this so we get ourselves set here this is the square face okay and all we need to do is just get a small little hinge of the dumbbell here face naturally would open as we've just seen here and then we're gonna let the dumbbell just fall down too square what do you notice about my hand path as i'm doing this my hands are going left slightly which releases a club face to square lift and fall lift and fall and now it's a wonderful simple motion here look for me to get out of the way i can really feel my body wanting to get out the way to let that dumbbell simply just fall and this is all your action that you need okay there's no drive here okay this will leave the first open i'm not moving the club like this i'm literally miniature hinge and when we move to the bigger pitch shots you'll see how this exercise is really really useful so taking that on board all i'm going to do is just imagine that dumbbell here let that dumbbell fall to square let this fall the toe catch up with the heel look fall to square club bottoms out beautifully underneath the ball and i'd simply go through okay so let's look at this in action you could do it one handed if you wanted

pops up beautifully hey presta a little bit of check there at the end super super simple way of getting that club dropping down onto that golf ball so we got now 40 yards from the flag and what changes how do you just distance control from this motion how do you make it a little bit longer um well the same principles apply we're going to set up in exactly the same way i'm still using my 56 degree wedge okay and what i'm going to do is i'm still going to try and keep the butt end under control but clearly i'm going to have to go a little bit longer now so using this kind of dumbbell analogy i'm just going to have a small little set here a little bit further it's starting to work its way up as if as if i was going to go into a full motion but i'm not and then i'm going to let it just fall down what i'm not going to do even though it's longer which a lot of people do is suddenly drive because i've got to hit it further that gets the face wide open and then we're going to have to flick it last minute so i'm going to get this sensation of little hinge let it fall down look to vertical and let my body just pivot out of the way very very important here look this dumbbell here as it's working down look he's working down and he's got my hands are going look left to allow this end which is the club face to square up beauty through the through the impact area and through and more importantly to allow this club to naturally bottom out underneath the golf ball so it's nice and vertical so i use the bounce and i get maximum spin okay super super important so let's have a look at this one

okay nice and simple so one of the things you know you might be asking well how do i judge distance control how do i get that kind of close to the fly well some it's a length of swing but the most important thing i want you to focus on first is strike contact once you get your contact you can then simply start to kind of lengthen the swing and as you do that you'll start to learn distance control some things to watch out for as you're practicing this i fall into this trap sometimes as well in fact if you check out a recent lesson i had with pete cowan himself the the master shot game coach i'll put that up in this top right hand corner um i sometimes tend to when i was doing this to me too drive the handle in fact i probably did that a little bit there just a fraction didn't quite allow the natural arm pressure to to let the club fall under the golf ball and therefore i didn't quite use the bounce as well as i wanted to do the other thing is is when you get out of the way when you let yourself look pressurized and get out of the way notice this get out of the way with a pivot why because you want the club to not just fall down you want to come from here and back out in front of you so i'm down and away sometimes for me personally i would often lean back and i'd pressure this way and that would get me kind of sometimes fatting it so so do watch out for that but apart from that this is super super simple let the gravity of the club simply just fall down to the ground here from this position here then let yourself get out of the way use the dumbbell exercise in order to feel that gravity falling and use the beach exercise to in a sense to feel the pressure of the arms going down and left to bring the club beautifully back out on an arc and through that impact and i promise you you will start to have basically the chipping of your life you'll start to strike it every single time and more importantly it will be super super accurate okay so i hope you enjoy this video like i said if you want to have some more instruction i'll actually watch me go through my paces with like this the master coach become check out this video right here and of course look if you're new to the channel come on join the community i release videos likes every single week to try and help you improve your games press this little button here and of course look check out my website lots more stuff that i don't actually post in youtube right here which is going to help you improve your game so have a great golfing week