This DRIVER SWING TECHNIQUE could change Your Driving Forever - Danny Maude's Dad Loved it 😁

driver simple golf tips Nov 08, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us just come back from a really lovely week away back at home with my parents and i took my dad out on the golf course my dad's 76 years old and he'd like he'd been struggling with this game recently i haven't seen him for a year because of coving and what have you and he's been cutting his driver not hitting it anyway certainly one hit it very straight and he said look you know maybe i'm just getting a bit old i'm not that's why i'm losing some distance but you know what it really really wasn't he was losing distance with his driver because he wasn't using pull power he was using push power and what all we did was change a couple of little things that i think could really benefit you that made such a big difference to how far he hit it now i can't tell you how much distance we gained because we didn't have the launch monitor with us but in his own words it was a decent amount and it was effortless so i'm going to share with you what we did because i really think it could help you too now before i get into the video look if you're new to channels when your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i always put a free practice guide in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing great so i think you're going to love this i'm going to give you three simple steps that you can start generating more power and actually with your driver now what i did with my dad is to look you need he needed to get some pull power and stop using push power which is so put so much effort in and not get any reward now why well his legs were static his body was static because he was kind of concerned about where the ball would go so he would swing back with his arms no real kind of power he generated and then swing through with his arms so he's really just pushing it through every time he tried to add power from this position clearly want to add somebody in but now because he hasn't got anybody on the way back he would simply add it on the way through and every time i hit it hard it would create a slice so i needed him and you might be the same to store some energy at the top of the backswing by moving and rotating more now clearly he's not going to be able to rotate as much as most people because he's 76 years old but he can store more energy and you'll be the exactly the same and i gave him this very very simple exercise all i wanted him to do was take his golf club and you can do this now with me if you can is and turn and look at the sky behind him so if you're in the house look at the ceiling look at the sky behind him here now while you're doing it i didn't get him to kind of turn his head like this i noticed i'm got his head to turn at an angle so my eyes are almost like 45 degrees this does two things one your body is going to have to first of all move in a certain way to get there which will give you the backswing feelings in a second but two your eyes at this angle also help you swing the club look on the right arc yeah so notice this when he moved there he said look down daddy what do you notice he says oh look my feet are moved my heels off the ground i've turned my hips a lot more than normally with my torso turning yes now look if i was to grab the other end of this can you see how you can use pull power now compared to here look well there's nothing now that you can use pull power but you said danny that feels like a lot of movement i said it does and it feels like a lot of movement because you're just not used to it you've been so cautious over the drive that you're staying so still you've got to get that movement you've got to be brave right so i got in first of all simply to learn that feeling get himself set up turn his eyes about 45 degrees behind him move his head back and then just ask the question do you feel powerful from there oh yeah one time he did it this i said do you feel powerful and he went oh now i do so you could ask us your ques the same question too do you feel powerful just get to the top of the back swing do you feel powerful yes you do you're ready you've stored that energy you could then just start and hit some golf balls from that position simply just imagine doing one practice room where you look behind up to the sky behind you here go back feel that motion and away you go so start with that first so once you've stored energy they need to know how to harness that energy so what do you what does my dad need to do from there to make sure he gets a downswing spot on well he needs to make sure that he's got a platform to hit from so what do i mean by that well when you get to the top of the backswing if you stay if he's on his back foot here he hasn't formed the platform now it's a platformer this is a platform to use that energy that stored energy and harness it to drive through the shot if you're off balance you can't do this throwing a ball you've got a platform to propel right use that stored energy so we're on a golf course i need to give him something super super simple how am i going to get my dad from the this beautiful top of the backswing position to naturally get into this platform to harness that energy and use it very very simply i went against the grain i got him to increase his momentum in his backswing remember i want to get him into this position well watch this if you swing and you acid look get some momentum into this swing so as you're turning there speed up your back swing a little bit more now everyone's telling you to slow it down but that just gets you going offline that means you're too position orientated when you speed up the backswing your body doesn't want to go with it because it'll feel like it's losing balance so watch it it kind of equals it out it gets less light equilibrium it starts to recenter itself because it doesn't want to go there so it actually helps your swing so swing with some momentum on the way back to naturally allow your body to recenter in transition yeah you have to think about it it will do this naturally and then what i want to do once you've done a few of them got that sense of momentum and that natural recentering well what do you do from there well we've got to somehow release it well watch this from here i want you to know when you're releasing it imagine that you're now going to look up to the sky up this way and get your eyes at a 45 degree angle this way so it becomes 45 here 45 here this then creates the shape and the arc of the swing for my dad his eyes were doing this they were staying too level on the way through this was simply getting him coming over the top but creating this momentum on the way back forms the platform and then on the way through we want to almost imagine we're looking up there clearly we're going to be looking down the ground but few exercises just looking up into that top right hand corner keeping your eyes at its angle will give you the sense of shape but there's one other thing which kind of relates to the point we've just made we've created momentum on the backswing

now you've got catapult on the downswing because watch when you swing back with momentum here and then allow momentum on the way through the body is automatically here gonna do this exact opposite so as you create momentum on the way through not steer it momentum your body won't want to go with that momentum because it will feel like it's losing balance so what's he gonna do it's gonna resist and go back to allow this to go through resist it stay in balance this gets you hitting up on the driver this then starts to hitting those long powerful shots so that's all we did with that do some swings dad feel some momentum on the way back momentum on the way through look 45 45 to feel the shape of this motion and then when you're ready really just let go bit bottomy for me that one doesn't matter but from there he said well i want to hit it a little bit straighter how do i build a little bit of a routine with this i said just introduce the target so we we're not too just on swing i said look this is all swing and swing introduce your target just a little bit here so you start to kind of maybe picture your shot get yourself up line the club face up to where you want the ball to go get a sense of where your body is do a few swings create that momentum on it always look look up there to sky first to feel your backswing look up there to the sky to feel your downswing create that momentum so your body naturally stays balanced doesn't make sense sometimes doesn't it we're all trying to stay still but the more momentum you create in the club the still you will naturally stay because it's your body's resistance to movement okay that's how you get the catapult that's how you create speed and it's how you stay centered let's finish with one more and then we'll give you a nice little summary at the end

okay let's finish with that one so from here what have we done we stored energy to create pull power you need to create energy stored energy from this position here i got him to simply pivot from there he's got a lot more energy stored to bring back into the ball he can turn his legs he can turn his body he found his way of doing this and you should find your way too the second thing from here from this position i said look create you've got to form a platform you've got to get re-centered again but it's too complicated to think of all those things so just feel how momentum naturally keeps the body centered the momentum on the way back well your body will resist momentum on the way through your body will resist it helps you stay much much more here versus slow back slow through what could get you moving all over the place and then just keep in mind the arc of potentially the eyes there there helps you to kind of figure out where you're swinging to those things should really really help it certainly helped my dad we couldn't tell you how far he actually hit it because he didn't have like a measuring device but it was so much easier for him um to start hitting drive so i really hope you helped it helps you too give it a like if it does and maybe share it with your friends who could do with a bit help just like this and of course look remember there's a free practice guide in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing and of course look if you're new to the channel join me next week by just subscribing and i'll see you next time have a great golfing week