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you and i both know how important putting is to shooting low scores in this week's video i'm going to share with you how to read greens how do you know what break to give apart i'm also going to show you how to control your distance you probably find sometimes that sometimes you just can't get it up to the hole or sometimes it goes flying past in this week's video i'm going to show you how to control that plus stay tuned to the end because just for being a subscriber to the channel i'm going to give something really really cool away so before i get into the video look if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i always put a free practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing great so we're going to cover three things green reading distance control and a cool tip at the end so let's start with green reading there are two ways to read a green one to our eyes what you can see and the second what you can feel through the through your feet so let's start with what you can visualize now to see the green the best way to do this is actually by getting low get nice and low to the ground the other thing is is make sure you're a good distance from the golf ball don't try and read the green from here get yourself a bit further away it's a lot easier to do this and see more of the green now i can see the layer of land the other thing is is i'm also at the lowest point of the green trying to read a green from high up here it's too difficult get nice and low now not everyone can do this now everyone even when they do all this they still can't read the putts so and you also might have an injury you might not be able to get low because of maybe knee injury so then the another great way is to use your feet now to do this and actually learn to feel this i like to walk in a half moon shape around the hole watch this so from this point on i want to know is there any break here watch i notice immediately i'm walking up the hill as i'm walking over here what's that telling me it means that this must be sloping which way do you think that a way because that is a must be there for a left to right put as i keep walking on a half moon shape down here i start to now flatten out a little bit this flat spot here any puts around this section are going to be a lot straighter now if i continue walking on this half moon shape i can feel now i'm walking down the hill that means that any puts in this section are going to be a right to left part yeah now great this is great so now we've got the lay of the land we kind of now know this the question is how much do they break because we've now got the shape but how much do they break well that's going to depend on a couple of factors it's going to co depend on clearly how fast the greens are the faster the greens are the more they're going to curve now and your own experience so i'm going to practice with this first now when i stand over this put first i'm like you i'm going to guess i know it breaks right to left because look it's we're walking uphill here so i know that this is going to be right to left part what i don't know yet is how much so what i want you to do this is where the practice putting green is quite useful but i'm going to make an educated guess to start with yeah and what i'm trying to find really is this am i an overreader today or an underreader i'll explain that in a second watch this so i think this putt's going to break quite a bit from right to left and it did but nowhere near now that may mean that i'm over reading puts you know what the other day these greens felt a lot faster and that would have possibly gone in the hole maybe they're a bit slower today am i overreading it so what that tells me if coming this at this site we're going to start we're going to miss this um straight win out for a second and what we do in the practice putting green is we need to establish the get our senses woken up to the feel of the green and then we need to establish is are we over reading the putt or are we under reading it well i've clearly overeated that one so i my gut instinct tells me that i've gotta aim up here but because i've just hit that one i'm gonna aim a bit more this way i don't you know i think it's gonna break a little bit less based on what i've just seen and the green's been a bit slower so now i'm gonna aim a little bit less than my what my gut instinct tells me and there we go it would have come in nicely if i hit it hard enough right let's now look at this straight putt just to kind of see so i'm walking up the hill we said that any put around this section must be a pretty straight putt because this is a flat spot so let's have a look

look how straight that is yeah so we've done the half moon we've kind of really sensed that we've got the slope going down here this must be right to left put these must be left to right putts anything around here is nice and straight so now you've got a couple of tools you can use to start reading greens much much more effectively let's now have a look at lag putting this is control how do you control distance you just need to make sure that you're using one variable not two there are two potential things that are going to affect your distance control the first thing is this how much the putter is accelerating through the shot if one minute you've got a stroke that's accelerating and the next putting green you are decelerating maybe as a result of you knocking it too fast far past the hole that's going to affect your distance control so i want you to make sure that you have a constant acceleration no matter the length of the putt now what you do instead is you vary the length of your backswing but keep the acceleration constant does that make sense so look if i've got a short putt i go i've still got acceleration if i've got a long putt i've still got acceleration what i'm not doing is going and slowing down now one thing you can do to kind of really make this happen is use some auditory cues like one two one two not one two that makes sense so do not react let's say you just smash the ball way past the hole don't react by then decelerating so that's the technical side but how do you develop a feel for distance control well to do that you can use a little game that was actually came up uh came up with by dave peltz let me show you what this game is come look at this i like it i like this game because it's a game that you can take a straight out onto the golf course through feel now what we do is you go onto the practice putting green and you arrive at a hole and what i want to do is stride out basically 15 feet okay so watch this one two three four five i now know that that's 15 feet one two three four five that's 30 feet one two three four five and now that's 45 feet so now i've got these set distances i can develop a feel for these distances now that feel once you've got it you can then start to transfer out onto that golf course so let's show you what i mean so i've got 45 feet here i want to keep that acceleration don't i now you might be asking well how long does my backswing need to be you'll never know you don't want to think about that allow the action to be one two and allow the bathroom to take care of itself naturally one minute yes you might hit it too far or too short this is your chance to kind of develop a feel for that so watch this let's imagine i set a shot here we know it's a right to left part we've read it already one two and we're yeah oh not a bad start is it not a bad start so we've done that first move we're in place now i've it looks as if i've got the pace straight away so moving to this next spot i've got 30 feet let's move to here same principles keep the positive action one two one two

one two

now it looks like i've actually got the pace of these greens but you know what i mean if i haven't all i would do is stay at these areas keeping that one two until i've got it now what do i do with these to kind of why would you step it out well watch this imagine you arrive out on the golf course and your ball's here

well you don't want to waste any time when you're playing but what i would do is be prepared why don't you just stride it out to the hole one two three four five six seven eight nine that you're looking at what's that night 27 feet well we've done a 30 foot putt so by striding it out and you've done this practice now you can start to add that feel out onto the golf course so it's not random you're not just guessing the yardage does that make sense so keep the constant one two then develop a feel by playing the game that dave peltz came up with by developing a feel for it set those uh yardage up and in summary remember with green reading use your eyes and use your feet to kind of feel the ground walk in that half moon shape to feel the up and the down of the green so you can sense where it's a right left break or a left to right brick go and practice that you'll be it'll be amazing and look i promised the giveaway didn't i i'm giving away today for every subscribers if you're not already subscribed make sure you you are i'm going to give every subscriber a every subscriber that would be nice wouldn't it no i'm going to give one subscriber a free odyssey potter wherever you are in the world all you've got to do to enter is just in the comment section below just let me know what you need help with in your game so i can basically keep producing videos to kind of help you out just leave a comment in the comment section be a subscriber and that is it remember i'll put a free practice guide in the description box below so you'll never have to remember a thing have a great golfing week i hope this really helps remember do share with some of your friends as well who you know could do with a bit of a helping hand i'll see you next time