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Full Transcript - so if you've clicked on this video my bet is that you wanted to become more consistent with a drive you maybe you want to hit a little bit straighter you want to hit it a little bit longer now rather than me jump in and show you all these things what I want to do is I want to bring you in on a live lesson with a student of mine Leah who ultimately was hitting it all over the place lost super amount of confidence with driver not really bringing it out out on the golf course now by the time we finish we basically increases yetis by an astronomical amount I won't tell you what it is because you're going to see in a second but we did it in a number of different stages so we started off first of all improving his contract contact with by improving his setup then what we did is we showed him how to kind of create a more accurate style swing by just focusing on tweaking this white collar swing Circle and then third and finally we then said once we've got him striking it got him more accurate we then ramped up his power with one simple auditory cue that anybody can use so that's what I'm going to show you in this week's lesson now before I get into the video if you're new to a channel from your first videos time please consider subscribing at least lessons just like this every single week to try and help you improve your game but you never have to remember a thing I'll always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so without further Ado come and have a look exactly how to generate some effortless yards foreign

conundrum I'm in because I'm looking at it and I'm barely making any distance and then when I try harder it it gets even worse yeah so then I'm sort of stuck in this place of not really wanting to commit to the shop where do you start basically basically um yeah because if I try like I don't know what do you want to swing it obviously but yeah there's no Club at speed with that though no

I see I class has an all right shot for me but it's still super low and not even that far so here's what I'm seeing okay so I want you to look for us so this is I see this a lot with golfers struggling to get power yeah struggling to get the ball launched I mean you mentioned earlier off camera that you you Sky the ball up in the air sometimes as well yeah yeah I've got a few marks on my driver of you know balls coming off the top yeah so if we just look at these numbers right um low Point you're after the golf ball 4.9 inches after golf ball that means that you're striking the ball then the ground right so striking down on it right okay your swing Direction which is in our interpretationally swing Circle yeah your swing circle is left of Target right your Club face which is a posit number here is 5.4 open so what you're doing is you are swinging left of target with an open face hitting down on the golf ball creating a slice yeah all the facets of a slice shot that goes generally out to the right doesn't have any difference yeah what we need to do is to start to figure out what you're doing if there's anything set up we need to look at first there's always the easy wins and then what we need to do through impact you look at when I see you're at impact here at the moment one thing that I I definitely I'm seeing is a very much upswing yeah and then any great driver of the golf ball any great driver you see this you see see the Zips here yeah you see these hips moving it's in the middle of the hips they're going through the shot see the the upper Center here this middle bit yeah that there stays slightly more behind there right this is what's going to give you the natural upward strike but what you're doing if we this is a this is a beautiful kind of what I call draw High beautiful shot right when you're coming down you're got them right on top of each other like this if anything you might even find at this middle bit here is actually ahead of the hips yeah and what we're doing is almost doing this yeah right yeah what we need to do is simply slice this finish low beautiful drivers generally finish a lot higher okay okay and they do that by getting the hips forward and they're staying this back so it's much more of an upward strike or at least a level strike yeah versus a downward strike yeah okay definitely right so just get yourself set up for a second so if there's anything in setup we can do to try to achieve a much better Circle okay yeah so we're actually online but also a much more neutral angle of attack through impact okay because this will also help us you know the more that face is up and the more you're going to want to swing to swing to the left as well so get yourself set so the first thing I always say is this right we play golf right yeah we play golf on an arc yes so you're stood so vertical here I see this is so many golfers right you're stood pretty much upright like this yeah like this yeah now the problem is all you're going to do now from here look is pick the arms up because that's all you can do because you can't really rotate from there because there's just no space and you're going to chop down on the golf ball to create this Arc we must to create a beautiful Arc a symmetry a circle around the body all we do is this this is one Arc okay this is one plane of motion yep simple right brilliant now what we're going to do look is we're going to tip forward so the shoulders are pointing the here if we were to actually look at here we're now going to be pointing more down towards the ground it's in the angle yeah now from here I'm now going to swing better on here so I'm now going to create immediately a better Arc yeah to the swing I'm going to be able to recruit my body to help me create this circle if I'm up here I can't recruit my body to help me anymore sure got it yeah

some Russians still out there

sounding better yeah yeah in golf there are these spectrums that we want to work in right and what we know with your spectrum at the moment in terms of Swing you are in this spectrum over here yep where everything's going this way right all I want you to do now in an exaggerated way a shift move the hips close to the bum closer to the Target move everything this we're going to exaggerate so we can create more of this type of motion the opposite to what you're creating yeah this creates slice and chop this creates more straighter it's not draw cell shaped so I'm going to go much higher okay so just before you hit the next shot yeah yeah just keep that that image in mind okay so okay so pause it now think about the body move the body around for me there you go right see a difference there yeah right but don't don't when you do this don't change the foot alignment because that couldn't be cheating so what happens is this a lot of people yeah a lot of people when they do this for the first time they got s yeah that's kind of cheating yeah in the sense that it doesn't really work because you could still your name right and now you do this with your body yeah okay what we're trying to do is we're trying to change the actual body motion to help us create this circle it can be much more online versus just do the fee okay I got it

now that just looked better yeah

there we go a different shape yeah completely different shape look at the difference there so now suddenly look at this when you work on that Spectrum the lower point now goes behind the golf ball you're not chopping it yeah swing Circle a massive positive number what's happened it's now way out to the right because it means up to right right you know -13 means you close the face so the whole shape of the Swing has changed yeah yeah so what we do is is we spend a bit of time for a second if you can work on the spectrums of literally okay I'm in Sly Spectrum slice Spectrum is what yeah too much that way yeah right I need to exaggerate and move into what I call hook Spectrum there I'm going to set up like that yeah and then yeah and then what I'll do is if I start doing too much of this left after five six seven eight nine balls yes you find your neutral you're neutral you're neutral sure you got it it's like almost an old radio you tune it in yeah okay so do the same again for me all right you follow look at the difference yeah look at all take that yeah of course you would look at all these numbers completely change round yeah you're swing circle now is too much this way right yeah it we want this zero right right your face slightly open but now you're hitting up on the ball and we're starting to get in launched and now with a 79 80 miles an hour with Club XP you're getting a carry of 176 yards yeah that will roll out to 210 yards I'll take that you follow yeah yeah definitely yeah right so we spend time just doing this first yeah yeah and by the way don't change your thing right so don't try and neutralize it yet we want to get used to really this exaggerated motion

how's that feel yeah I feel really good I just felt like he's coming from a place of power now we're talking yeah yeah now we're creating loads of this yeah completely opposite to a slice yeah you know I've had people say to me I haven't I haven't been a um I've sliced it my entire life how you know how can you truly say you can change somebody in just five balls yeah of course you can yeah yeah you just simply need to understand the spectrum that you're working in and change it okay so what we'll do in a second we'll start to work out how you can start to neutralize this a little bit and also ramp up that speed so we can get you well over 200 yards

every time now yeah every single time you're creating a beautiful draw I feel confident with it as well like it can start to sort of ramp up that speed as opposed to before where I should be stuck in the sphere Factory if I'm not hitting it anywhere besides right or

hey there we go it's pretty like the first of hit it there you go 200 yards first of hit this year awesome so first I've heard this year I think and but first you've hit it with yeah with a draw a draw yeah okay so now we started to get the ball going straight we're starting to hit get some decent distance at 200 yards yep you know for us to push that yardage on to 220 to 32 40. yeah I think the simplest way to do that is think of distance as Rhythm find the Rhythm that creates the loudest noise

okay another one where to start this is start with the club here in front of you a bit more over there start the club there right and then use that kind of setup what we've just done to start so you so you basically do this throw the club forward yeah that's that's it feel the get a rhythm in this motion yeah

complete that turn the same thing complete feel a rhythm what they have to say yeah and again so backspin looks good let's see more hear noise on the way through up and down so listen almost like a watch this one and two okay say that to us wow yes join some auditories to this one two so modest one and two and two so though and two gives you time to watch this one and two gives you time to load at the one and two you see that yeah yeah

right okay let's get let's give this a go so just in your mind take a bit of time this but let's sense that Rhythm one and two

I felt good there you go wow 228 yeah this isn't actually that is the first you'd ever hit it oh that's great can we go further maybe yeah

foreign [Music] I think get in there look at that yeah look at that there we go you know we angle the low points just a fraction after Mass a tiny time you're right sure 227 now in total this is really really good is that number the number's helping yeah definitely awesome so I think to be honest with you we just leave it there yeah so I hope you enjoyed this video if you did don't forget to give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends who could do with a little bit of help and do me a favor look if you enjoy this style of lesson where I'm bringing in students I've got lots more right here in a playlist we cover driving Fairy Woods irons your short game you name it you'll love it now of course if you're new to the channel don't forget to subscribe by pressing right here it's completely free to do so and I'll put a free downloadable practice again in the description box below but until next week have a wonderful golfing week. 


Transcript Summary- 

"Hey there, if you've clicked on this video, I bet you're looking to step up your game—maybe improve your drive, hit it straighter, or get a bit more distance. Instead of just diving into the tips, I want to take you through a live lesson with one of my students, Leo. He was struggling, hitting it all over the place, lost confidence with his driver. But, by the end, we made some astronomical improvements, and I'll show you the results in a bit."

"So, Leo, you were mentioning how you're barely making any distance, and when you try harder, it gets even worse. I get it. So, we're going to start by improving your contact, tweaking your setup. Then, we'll work on creating a more accurate swing by focusing on your swing circle. Finally, once we've got you striking it well and accurate, we'll ramp up the power with a simple auditory cue that anyone can use. Stick around to see the results."

"Okay, let's dive into the lesson. Leo, you're in a conundrum—struggling for distance, and when you try harder, it gets worse. Let's look at the numbers. You're striking down on the ball, swinging left, and your club face is open, creating a slice. We need to address setup first. Golf is played on an arc, so let's adjust your posture to create a better circle. Tilt forward a bit, get those shoulders pointing down, and let's swing on a better plane."

"Now, let's exaggerate a bit. Move your hips closer to the target, shift everything in that direction. It might feel extreme, but we're changing the spectrum from slice to a straighter path. Keep that image in mind and hit a few shots. Don't cheat with your feet; we want to change the body motion."

"Look at the difference! Your swing circle is positive, and you're hitting up on the ball. Now, spend some time working on this exaggerated motion. Don't neutralize it yet. Think of it like tuning an old radio. Once you feel comfortable, you'll find your neutral."

"How's that feel? Powerful, right? Now, we've got you hitting straight. Let's work on getting that distance over 200 yards consistently. Think of distance as rhythm. Start with the club in front, use the setup we just worked on, and feel a rhythm in your motion. One and two, creating a loud noise."

"Fantastic, Leo! You just hit it at 228 yards, your personal best! Distance is rhythm, find that perfect beat. If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up, share it with a friend, and subscribe for more lessons. Check out the playlist for more lessons, and there's a free practice guide in the description. Until next week, have a wonderful golfing week!"