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so you've got two great shots just landed short of the green now you're feeling it because you know you should get this up and down but how often do you get up to the shot you're feeling a little bit nervous and you duff it and you spoil around the gulf if you keep doing this well this was a situation for a research unit mine andy tina green was doing really really well but when he missed the green he couldn't he didn't know what was going to happen one minute he would hit it pretty good but the next minute you'd either thin it over the back of the green or fluff it and the reason being he had a technique that was reliant too much on his hands and his arms one minute he would take the club inside here next minute take it here one little strike when he'd strike it well the next minute strike it fat i needed to give him something a technique that was more repeatable right so he didn't have to get nervous over these shots by time we finished the session he was striking it so much better and so much more consistently i'm going to share with you exactly what we did because i know it could help you too now before i do look if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus look i'll i'll put a free practice plan in the description box below so you'll never have to remember a thing great so if you find yourself a little bit inconsistent around the greens do me a favor just pause the video go and grab i've got a 56 degree wedge here go and grab a 50 stereo so you can do this with me live so hopefully you pause the video and now you're ready to go now the first thing i want you to do is with andy like i said he was too much reliant on his hands and his arms and the problem is if one day you've got your hands doing this well that's going to get the club attacking that way and then the next day comes in here that's going to take get the club attack in a different way it's too inconsistent i want you to have what's called a bottom to top swing so watch this we won't spin the club yet i want you to imagine that the whole swing is created from the ground so imagine this you're stood on the the lid of a container now a fairly narrow stance look like this okay you stood on the lid of a container and what we're going to do is we're going to screw that lid and as you screw the lid you it starts from the from the bottom your knees move your hips move your tummy moves your shoulders moving look your arms follow so therefore look the club is going to follow this motion yeah therefore it's more consistent if i were relying on my arms well i could move it here move it here i don't want to do that i want my body to put the club into a position almost like spiraling a spring yeah so i'm turning the lid backwards and forwards here with my feet and my arms simply follow yeah now what if it's going to happen the way down that's right it's a bottom to top swing so start at the bottom i'm going to unscrew the lid back and what happens my knees move back my hips move back my chest moves back that brings the club back into impact here and it's so much more repeatable so much more repeatable so how do you go about learning this well i like to do this first of all with a simple simple exercise which i actually took from pete count where you need some structure in your arm so the hardest thing about this is is stopping those sounds moving all over the place so what i want you to do is push your arms down like this okay and what i want you to do from here is this keep that extended keep that structure start from the bottom just get a rhythm with this twisting that leg backwards and forward so you can feel the knees then as we do this watch this the arms always stay inside that structure going backwards and forwards they're not doing this not moving them back inside they're literally following the structure i'm turning it back my arms go back on this line and then they go through so once you've done that a few times hopefully you're doing this live now so you can really feel this with me once you've done that a few times then what i want you to do is take your your trailer just attach it to your body and then all we're going to do now is imagine the same thing we're going to get a rhythm with this turn the lid backwards and forwards backwards and forwards until you get rhythm and then look start to let that rhythm move the arm up to the top look at how repeatable it is yeah now we hit a few shots just with one arm doing exactly the same thing

backwards and forwards pretty good start okay and this now becomes so much more consistent because what you're doing is you're simply following whatever you do from the bottom now you might be writing a play but playing golf left handed so simply just switch to your left hand now i'm not left-handed but this is again a really good education for someone like myself so do the same thing again look start at the bottom i'm turning the lid backwards and forwards i'm not letting this arm go all over the place i've got some structure in this arm here look some structure backwards and forwards backwards and forward let's see how we get on with this

not as good not as good so again a little bit i need a bit more feel with this i didn't i dragged that a little bit it's not a problem though strike was okay yeah so i would literally work on this so i could get some feel in my lead arm and then what i do is i start to join those arms together now stay tuned for a second because i've got a wonderful little drill you can do with an alignment stick which will really add to this but just for now what we'll do is again we imagine we stood on this lid we could form the structure here in our arms we don't we're not allowing this to happen we're starting from the bottom we get ourselves set again i'm going to get rhythm with i'm going to turn the lid backwards and forwards keeping that structure and then when i'm ready i'm going to literally allow that to continue bring my arms up into position here and then turn the lid back down on the way through let's have a look at

this pretty good a little bit long strikes good though yeah a little bit rusty in lockdown have to lock down but the strike is perfect the coming down into the back of the golf ball now is absolutely spot on each and every single time let's have another look at this some of them just turning the lid backwards and forwards look keeping that structure in those arms not allowing them to disappear the temptation of most people is this to move the club away with around don't allow that to happen i've often got my biceps just connected to my chest that's the structure turn the lid backwards and forwards and i'm going to introduce you to a really cool little drill which will really help this

there we go nice little shot right now what we gave andy was a little bit of a guy this is fantastic so what i'm going to do is get yourself an alignment stick and simply bend this alignment stick like this okay so you're creating just a half moon i didn't come up with this this is something i actually got from a wonderful pro in dubai called stephen dean great great coach and what this does is it just gives you kind of let me show line up to the hole might help um it just gives you a guide so most people if you take it back with your hands you're going to hit this also if you take it outside the line and come across you're going to hit it here so what i do is you do exactly the same principle you're turning the lid backwards and forwards but as you're doing this look you've got a guide now and if i use my hands i'm going to hit this so get myself set turn the lid and there we go we've got a lovely coordinated approach with a wonderful guide so when you're out practicing on the driving range or you're out in your garden just use this as a wonderful guide to help you with this turning the lid back and turning it through now i'm using 56 degree wedge what i'll do is i've got if you want to know about ball positions and how to play different lies i'll put two videos up into this top right hand corner here and bottom left here go and check them out but let's just summarize just for a second so important to get some repeatability in your short game action if you're relying on a what i call a top down swing which is using your hands first you could could you can make it work but it is super super inconsistent what you want to be able to do is get the put the club into position by using the entire body with a bottom to top motion imagine you stood on the lid start to screw the lid twist the lid let that bring the body and the club around on the way down don't be anxious to bring it down i bring it down again here someone like myself sometimes you get a bit slidy if i twist the lid here and then slide that's going to bring the club into the wrong position isn't it we're going to be in trouble so all these things can really help the other advantage here is when you are stood in this position here and you're screwing the lid your snatch is staying centered so the chances of you coming down on top of this golf ball now really really increase so i really hope that helps if you did give the video a bit of a thumbs up let me share with somebody who you know who's struggling with their short game and really give this a go let's see if we can finish with a good one

get one oh not bad have you enjoyed the video like say if you're new to the channel consider subscribing but until next week have a great golfing