This SIMPLE GOLF TIP makes the golf swing EASY to understand

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shey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us how often do you stand over the golf ball with a million and one things to think about you hit a few bad shots and you do not know what you've done wrong or you try a few things but it sends you down a rabbit hole of so many things to think about that it just leaves you completely confused well in this week's golf so what i want to do is i want to share with you a very very simple drill that you could do indoors on the practice range and even out on the golf course that can help you understand the golf swing so much better but more importantly help you feel what you need to do very very quickly to get your swing back going works for your irons and your driver before i get into a video look if you're new to the channel this is one of your first times here please consider subscribing press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus if you do enjoy this golf lesson there's a free practice plan in the description box below so you don't have to remember a thing just go and download it there okay so what is this exercise how can it really help you let's start off if you can do this with me now just stand up and literally get yourself into a decent posture position now be balanced and get your weight nice on the balls of your feet here and i want your arms just literally just resting on the sides of your legs here your trail arm okay needs to be just slightly closer to your trail knee but you're simply just sliding it down now from here what i want you to do is we're going to work on helping you get a very simple pivot and show you exactly how the body works and how that then lo is is used to swing the golf club to a consistent point on the ground and on a consistent arc okay i want you to start like this get yourself set and all we're going to do now is going to develop the backswing we're going to get your arms your lead arm sliding down your leg here as the lead knee turns inwards to where the ball would be here can you see how i'm pivoting here right it is not this by the way some people make this mistake so watch out for that try and stay centered as you do it we're going to slide down here creating this pivot this is your backswing look yeah that's your back swing now into the downswing watch this we're now going to surf across what is this surf well at this stage you should feel the weight at the back top of the backswing in the heel of your trail foot and the front part of your lead foot just increase the sense that you're putting more pressure into the front part of your lead foot this is the surf across then into your downswing we're simply going to reverse this entire process we're simply going to slide down the leg and look at the right knee on my trailing moves in towards the ball i start to extend my lead leg and i'm literally in here okay so that's kind of talking you through we can gradually learn to speed this up and get a feeling of what the golf swing is all about notice this how many problems i've seen in people's golf swings where they're moving off the golf ball that doesn't happen here if you slice the golf ball this is what you'll do that's a slice there's no going down as you should do there's a around muscle so if you slice the golf ball this motion here will be very different and it will feel a bit strange to you if you hook the golf ball this is what you do so you've gone down yes but you haven't pivoted around you haven't got the pivot going around you haven't turned this way so you you've basically slid causing a flip yeah so this again gives you that great feeling but how do you transfer this then to the golf club so let's have a look at this now you can use a normal club i often like to use a junior club you don't have to in fact if i'll do that in a second i'll use normal club first so what we do is you get yourselves into your posture position and what we're going to do is we're going to slide down the lead leg here and i'm going to you know i want to put the club in a position where it's light just in your trail abs and make it light some people when they first do this they put it nice and straight let's just literally make the club nice and light you've got a nice pivot and then watch this all you're going to do keeping that lead hand on the on the lead layer you're going to literally just do what we've just done slide it up and allow this to slide down look at this and you can see here how the body is influencing this club there is one rule with this i've always said throughout my videos let the club go let it feel let gravity work none of this works if i'm holding tight to this because look if i do this and i'm hanging on to this the club won't do anything but i want my body to tell the club where where it needs to go so as i slide now i'm allowing the gravity to fall as i pivot through the shot i'm getting this sensation if you do this with a club some people might find this a bit heavier so i've actually got a junior club here you can do it with a junior club literally slide it down find a nice light position and then look feel what my body's doing here to get the club working back down to the golf ball down it's almost look at this here from here as i do this i'm almost getting this catapult effect as my as i turn back and then i extend here this throws the club down to the golf ball as i pivot through again if i was to hook the golf ball i might kind of extend down but without any rotation i get stuck and i flip if i slice the golf ball i might get this position but then do this right you rather than go down i go around so it's a wonderful way to feel this if you're brave enough you could try on the drive mode you could try this do a few swings one-handed so literally we're going to get the pivot here and then literally allow that to go and do that once or twice but you don't have to i don't get many my students doing that what i'll often do is i'll get them to sometimes work on one bit of the swing at a time so if they feel like you're working on the backswing a lot of people for instance don't get this pivot they don't get this lead shoulder going down they go around they get to club fanning the club around so what i'll do is i'll get them to slide this down get a feel for it and go does that feel different and they go yeah so let's just work on that so we literally get ourselves set and we work on just pivoting just initially on the back swinging don't don't care at all where the ball goes just literally let's pivot in the backswing then let's let it go okay so i'm going to look at that so i'm literally gonna pivot in the back swing then let it go okay backwards and forwards now if your back seems pretty good and you want to work on the downswing you might then want to kind of get the pivot going this way focus on this side so you might go okay what do i need to do here well okay pivot down get the feel of this motion so it's kind of like there okay let's focus on that back through just getting that kind of pivot then you can start to get a sense of where power comes from by going one two one two you wanna build the power up here start to use the ground look to fire from get that sensation as you're swinging backwards and forwards and then start to put that into the swing in a flowing fashion backwards and forwards

like that now it's like to add some speed to this whole motion as i'm going now one factor with all of this you must let this club go if you aren't letting this club flow freely none of this really works so the remember hold the club out in front of you feel the weight of it let the gravity work get a sense of this club head flowing freely and then remember the movement of what you're doing with the body that is then telling that gravity where it needs to go and this is what this drill basically is all about so that is it it's a simple simple exercise but i love it because a lot of people they misinterpret turn they turn like this and they turn like this and this causes so many problems it is not a turn it's a pivot which creates yes turning motions but much more of a pivot like this keeps you very very centered as you play increasing the likelihood that you're going to strike the ball then the ground with your irons the other thing is is when you're over the ball you can use the ground for power just as you want to do with drivers so this works with your driver too backwards here forwards here get that sense going backwards and forwards nice and nice and easy we can you can use the junior club i set one more for you here we're going to wind it back to the top wind it back through getting that sense of staying over that ball and it as simple as that so i really really hope you enjoyed this training if you did please give it a thumbs up maybe share it with somebody who's struggling to understand the swing you can see them moving around all over the place finding the hands rolling the arms and they want something nice and simple to feel and this drill really really works you can break it down into a backswing get a feel for that there you could work on your downswing and then clearly at home you can literally blend them all together it's really really good i love it so if you enjoy the training like i said give it a thumbs up maybe share with some friends and of course if you're new to the channel remember there's a free practice plan you don't have to remember a thing in the description box below go and download it but until next week have a great golfing week