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chipping driver irons Nov 08, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us is there a golf tip that could improve every aspect of your game it sounds just outrageous doesn't it? and very clickbaity but you know what a recent student of mine Aaron comes to see me, he's struggling to hit his driver and irons and he's basically lost a lot of distance hitting a cut and his strike was pretty average but we made one tiny change and it's a change that i see needed from so many golfers that worked unbelievably well in just 20 minutes.

Because we had only had an hour we then went to his chipping we saw exactly the same mistake he was making with his driving shots in his chipping. He was thinning them over the green because it's one mistake we put it into his shipping unbelievably worked the same thing was happening to his putting we put it into there and it was just unbelievable how one simple change could thread all the way through his game i want to share with you exactly what that is because you know what i think it's a common problem and i think it could help you too now before i get into the video look if you're new to the channel from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing okay great so here's what we're going to do we're going to first of all focus on your iron and your driver's swing then we're going to show you how this one change can improve your chipping and your putting too so let's get stuck in the first thing i did with aaron super perhaps the only thing i did really to be fair was we got him to appreciate the relationship between the body and the club head and more importantly how by allowing the club to fall to the ground his body needed to oppose or resist that force i'll repeat that again the club falls to the ground your body resists that force he wasn't opposing it let me explain so what aaron would do is this if you slice it you might do the same aaron would literally do this the club would come down his body would go down with it it wouldn't oppose it it would then go with the club he would then come over the top he would be heaving it trying to follow through he even said danny i really struggled to follow through so he was trying to follow through compare that to this the better players they let the club flow freely they throw it this way outwards and their bodies look don't go with the club they oppose it they resist it they go in the opposite direction this is huge and it's one of the biggest skills that you need to learn as a golfer to get this lovely natural effortless motion so you see it with kids kids naturally stand up to a golf ball they swing and nearly every child young child does this almost when they swing through and that club falls down this mass is falling so fast kids almost jump off the ground why because if this is heavy for them when that club falls their body's resisting that momentum going that way by going this way that is how they control the club and it's also how they can generate the speed all right so what do you need to do to make this work simply what you're going to have to do is you have to build that relationship between you and the club stage one soften the arm off allow the club to fall to the ground literally fall to the ground notice this you don't let it fall you will move the club with your chest and your torso at the ball again moving with it allow the club to fall to the ground then watch this just very subtle and if you want to grab a club to do this with me pause the video just literally allow the cup to fall and watch this i'm going to exaggerate the camera i'm going to feel on my body as my body pushes up look the club will actually accelerate now you're seeing me doing this exaggerated on camera now the first thing aaron says well surely dan if i keep moving up and down that's gonna um affect my strike i said aaron it's only a feeling because what actually happens is this you have a force going down if you don't resist it you will go with it this is what keeps people fatting it or chicken wing it when you push up all you're doing you feel like you're going up but you're just resisting that force so actually you stabilize the club and from this angle here from this camera watch this as i push up not only am i able to accelerate the club much faster look at how it's able to keep this position here at impact giving it a very very strong position now this move works exactly the same with driver you can just a little drill here if you want to kind of feel this indoors you haven't got a club you ain't got space grab a towel wet it on one side split your hands like this make a movement here going backwards here and then all i do is this look just literally oppose the force and fire notice this i am not turning i'm not pushing my body i am firing it all right it is super super simple with a little bit of practice aaron got this pretty pretty quickly in literally 20 minutes the only thing that used to happen uh through the session he kept falling back into getting near the ball he start to get a bit tighter you've just and i saw all i did we went back to the simple exercise of lifting the letting the club fall drop straight down to the ball not forwards edu everyone's eager to go towards a target follow through the follow through happens naturally as momentum takes you through the impact area all right now let's see how we took this simple simple tip and transferred it to his shipping okay let's show you how we applied it to aaron's chipping too because that was it was unbelievable so aaron got around the greens he said look danny off the short grass i'm not too bad i still mess up but anywhere in any kind of thick stuff here and i just can't play i said dad i've been watching your videos i do this grip where you tell us to kind of get the the club very vertical and up the lifeline so i said i want you to do that actually in this in this session to get the club very vertical here up the lifeline then grip it and then i do this and i feel like it's all good but can you see there it's too controlled the arc is too shallow so the problem is that's going to work on good lights but this arc here is too shallow what's going to happen it's going to catch all the roof behind the ball and just kind of it's going to fat it what he's got to do is allow the the club to relax a little bit here so the mass of the club goes up and then is allowed to fall down but he wasn't doing that and that's why he could get away with it on half decent lives but anywhere around the greens no chance whatsoever so let's show you what we did so we needed him here just another thing there is look when you allow the club to do like this the club head doesn't travel fast enough to get through the rough when you let the master club go up and then fall down it's got some momentum to literally drive through the roughs effortlessly right so i've got a 60 degree wedge here and all we're going to do is show you how we got him effortlessly to pop that ball airborne now i got him here to allow the mast to fall forward not look like my hands drive forward very very important drop so look at my hands it's almost finishing here not drive let's have a look at this in action so i got him initially just to do it one-handed feel the club going up and then just falling down onto that golf ball nothing more than that just literally fall on the ball look how naturally the ball just pops up in the air now i got him to do that once or twice because obviously every so often and i put in a horrible light here every so often he would get a bit tight wouldn't trust it but once he started to trust it these balls kept popping up one-handed do the same now with his lead hand let it relax and all you're doing you try to feel what both hands need to do when you finally put them both together allow the club to up fall down on that ball not look drive forward so let's have another look at this fall down on that ball look how it naturally just pops up now as you're doing this as i said we need to i'm going to put some horrible lies for you so i'm not cheating here so as you're doing this you need to oppose that force because he was worried said danny if you just saw if you just let it fall down to the ground you're going to fat it but he didn't fight it because if you oppose the force look what happens when the mass falls down if you're opposing it with your body the club does this so as the club comes down on the ball look as you go up and oppose it the bounce starts to work this is blunt this means you can't fat it right look at this so what i did now is it's a very subtle version of the fuller swing you let the club fall and look i'm look how much this is coming up the leech hole is coming up i'm opposing the force going down by me gently going up okay we actually got him to that one handed a few times then got the second hand in he enjoyed the drill so much that when we put the second hand in he basically did this he kind of swung back and then literally let go because he loved the feeling so much of that there and that started to work and he thought well i might just stay with that i said you do whatever feels natural to you but the key is this is that he never wanted to drive i said stop the drive once he get it it was super super easy what we did do to kind of when the second hand in to kind of really enhance this a bit more because it was thick rough well i said look sometimes you might get some tension so what you can do is to get rid of that tension on a golf course take your little fingers off on both hands take your thumb off of the of the bottom hand too so look at this little fingers and my index finger of my bottom hand are off the club now all i'm going to do now is exactly the same principle here i'm going to let the club fall up and fall down and i'm going to pose that false i'm not going to stay down head down all that kind of stuff that's just going to get you fattening it i'm going to let the club just fall down gripping the club like this basically means it's very very light and helps you to truly let the club just fall look on that ball and just let it pop up super super simple let's show you now what we did with his putting almost the same thing you wouldn't believe it okay so the putting was super super funny because he didn't think how how could this really apply to putting so i said well just pop for me let's have a quick look i'm sure it all spreads through your game this so he stepped up to his putt and kind of normal very stiff with the arms very stiff for the wrists and had this long quite stiff stroke with not really any momentum and it wasn't quite as bad as that but the ball didn't get up to the hole so i said look same principle here what you're gonna need to do is look at this you need to let the club just literally flow and he gets but danny that looks super risty i said yeah it looks risky at the moment but watch when your body starts to oppose this now what do you see with the best players they are rocking their bodies backwards and forwards they're opposing this force and therefore it now doesn't look risky anymore what you have instead is look the flowing putter so my wrist is passive now without the flow without the body opposing it it will look risky but watch as i allow my body to oppose this force and go with it and let it swing suddenly now it's nowhere near as risky add my lead hand in do exactly the same thing look backwards and forwards doesn't look wrist anymore doesn't it but you know what was funny is he said daddy feels really risky i put him on camera he's like unbelievably he says he can't believe how organized and controlled it still looked yet the feeling for him was it was risky why because what he's doing is he's literally allowing the potters to swing freely and then opposing that force with the body there is no point buying expensive putters if you don't let the mass and the balance of them work so that's it that's nothing more complicated than that sometimes what you can do to kind of direct this if you want grab a couple of t-pegs set your putter up put another t-peg inside this can help if you want to kind of help with some of the direction but the reality is is you don't necessarily need it do a few swings let the putter just swing through like this now you've got some momentum get that sensation bring in the second hand feel that flow

and bit by bit it's a bit of due on the greens at the moment bit by bit you'll start to have the consistency and flow that all the best players have and more importantly when you feel momentum you feel distance control you start to tighten everything up imagine this you can't get any flow when you do that right so in summary just imagine this if you throw a ball you don't if you stiffen up your arm your body's going to have to be forced to do all of the work for you instead your arm is relaxed your body slings the arm it catapults it it opposes it as your arm goes this way your body goes this way this is what creates the speed and the control it spreads to every single part of your grain to the chipping allowing it to fall not just to fall but then to oppose this is what's going to help and again with putting same principle you allow the putter to swing and you oppose the force people then have heard about rocking the shoulders they rock the shoulders but they're still stiff as a board huge the rock in the shoulders is the body opposing the momentum of that putter i hope that helps if it does give it a thumbs up maybe share it with somebody who you think could help this one for me is one of those game changer exercises that if you do and you really work on it can super super help your entire game not just your driving your chipping everything all right so remember there's a free download or practice guide in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing and of course look if this was one of your first videos come and join the community by pressing that subscribe button and the bell but until next week have a great golfing week