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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us i've got a quick question for you are you an arm swinger or a body swinger because you know what the difference between the two is absolutely huge the arm swingers tend to be the golfers that are really inconsistent you know struggling with slices and hooks and a lack of power and consistency yet your body swingers they're they tend they're the golfers who look effortless they've got powerful swings and repeatable swings and are far more consistent do you know what no matter their age so this week's golf class and what i want to do is i want to share with you exactly how if you choose to you can start to become much more of a body swinger to improve your overall power and your accuracy no matter your age or ability so that's what i'm going to cover in this week's golf lesson now before i do if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus if you do enjoy the lesson you don't have to remember a thing i'll put it all in a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you can go and enjoy great so what is the difference between an arm swinger and a body swing very very simple look if you are an arm swinger you're going to be putting so much effort into your shots but not getting the reward that you want nowhere near enough power and you're probably finding that you're inconsistent not just in your ball striker but your direction too and the reason being is look your arms on their own don't really have a lot of power they really really don't the other thing is is look if you're relying on your arms look our rams can move literally all over the place so how do you get the club in all these right positions easily by the way well you can it's too hard on the way through they can swing to the right they could swing to the left etc the body swingers do something very different the body swingers go i want the club and the arm to swing freely but i'm going to use my body to make sure it does so what they do is this rather than rely on their arms to move in positions they use their body in a way that creates an efficient backswing here so they use their body to swing the club up on the way back and they use their body to swing the club down on the downswing now as they're doing this their body is propelling the club back and propelling the club through and it's all led from the ground notice the consistency in the ark when the body's leading it back and through it creates a lot more consistency a lot more power the question is how can you go about creating this one thing understanding it the other thing now is actually to be able to experience it for yourself now the best way to start with this very very simply is this you grab hold of this glove club for a second imagine you're holding this in me and you are going to have a game of tug-of-war hold on to that end and if you're an arm swinger you're going to try and beat me by doing this i'm pulling these amps now i don't want you to do that i want you to be a body swinger right what does the body swing gonna do they'll hold on to that end now watch this they form a platform first the platform goes onto this foot here they use the ground to stabilize themselves first then that energy gets applied through the body down the arms into this club then they'll use that to bring that action into and win that tug of war the same thing applies to golf the question is how do you about doing how do you feel about doing it so i've got a couple of therabands you don't need these the visual alone will be massively beneficial but it's a great way to kind of show you so all i've got is a couple therabands and i'm going to put them under both feet like this and this is again one thing about golf is is understanding is one thing learning to feel the motions is what will make the deciding difference so stuff like this is so so beneficial and i really recommend you find uh you do you get something like this i'll put a link to a description um i think there's some still cheap ones on amazon so all you do is this now if you're an amswing you're going to do this you're going to try and i want you to try and complete your backswing here and complete your follow through so you're going to create the backswing here and create the downswing here now if you're an arm swinger you're going to be doing this not very powerful the body swingers do this they form the platform on the trail foot first and they use that platform to finish their back swing and notice this that platform my trail leg is extending it's helping me as i extend it opens me up opens the body my right shoulder the trail shoulder's going backwards to finish my backswing i form my platform now on my downswing here i use that platform to extend and open and finish my swing but if you are an arm swinger you can't really do any of that right so this is where the power is going to come from so look form your platform rotate shift over here rotate so it's a shift rotate shift rotate shift rotate bang and this is the motion that we want to be creating notice this see this a lot of slices you're over here how do i get power into this downswing i can can i where's the power come from form the platform now i can use this leg to create that power how do i swing the club in the backseat for my platform now i can use that this foot here to form my backswing here so what we're doing is we're using both feet the trail foot and the lead foot to create the backswing and then the downswing create the backswing then create the downswing do not create the downs the backs on the downswing with your arms do not create the downs the downswing with your arms too so create it with the feet so how does this relate to golf well i'm actually hitting a shot move this out the way for a second all we're going to do now is we're going to make a few swings i'm going to start forward here maybe raise his heel off the ground slip but get a rhythm with us i'm going to shift over here i'm going to use that foot now to open up this extends creates the backside it's almost like a pulling motion here i'm almost doing this pulling back drawing it back not with my arms from the ground up imagine the band pull it back now watch this for my platform imagine the band here now and i'm going to use my ground to pull the band around here again backswing form it pull win the wall pull the band this way here pull the band pull the band pull the band let's have another look at this in action here so let's take a couple shots and see how this applies so feel the pull pull back pull through

come down maybe a bit long not too bad come down off that slope there we go not bad for the first one nice okay look so all we're doing in reality is this is getting the sense of using that ground as you're playing and you're gonna from here you could pull like this of course you could but what we're gonna do is we're gonna pull from the ground you're gonna lead this way pull back here this is gonna draw that swing back and then form the platform pull that platform again around this side here there's a shift rotate shift rotate all the way back and i say that to yourself all the time you're swinging okay now if you're going to shift you what means you see a lot of players shift to the left first then to the right so they can comfortably create that shift back and rotate let's have one more look and then we'll give you a little summary of how you can do this at home so shift rotate

that's a little bit straighter i think

not bad pretty close okay so summary one thing is understanding the swing second thing is learning to feel it and when you've been used to swinging with your arms it's not easy to get out of this right so bear that in mind this is not an easy thing you've got to get that sensation here of feeling the ground working that's why i love the resistance bands initially because they provide so much resistance it's harder to swing with your arms this club's a bit lighter so the way you do it in a golf club to kind of get this sensation is often start with it head first to get a sensation that way you're always drawing it back you're leading it here it's shifting open up that body draw it back after the plus drag back and then from here form the platform drag it through drag and lag it through whatever you want to call it right this way this way it's a great way if you want to get compression on your shoulder look at this as i'm coming through look at my hands going to be naturally ahead without trying without trying you also naturally create a bit of this catapult i've often talked about here as i hear as you're pulling through you get this slinging effect again all very natural one two one two one two get that band draw it here draw it here bang bang get that sensation do loads of this at home get the whole concept and you'll start to get so much more effortless power and accuracy to your shot so i really hope you enjoyed this give it a thumbs up if you did and please share it with one of your golfing friends or two that you think could benefit from a training license remember there's a free practice guide in the description box below you don't have to remember a thing i'll put a link in the description box below but until next week have a great golfing week