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driver grip how to hold the club irons Nov 08, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us if you found yourself with driver sometimes slicing it or maybe even hooking it or struggling with your strike have you ever considered potentially a change in your grip one of the things i find is that some of the golfers that i'm coaching just have some slight errors in the way they hold their left hand and their right hand and in doing so that in itself causes all the problems now i'm not saying that's gonna be the same for everyone but i want you to use this video as a little reference guide because you might be trying to change your swing you might try to do all this complicated stuff when a simple change in your grip is possibly that's all that's needed to improve your shots now we'll share with it in this video exactly how to do that now before i do the look if you're new to channels for your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus you'll never have to remember a thing i'll put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below okay great so what we're going to do now is we're going to help you to discover whether your grip could be influencing the club head speed you're generating the strike that you generate and also the accuracy too we'll start with how the grip influences your accuracy then we'll move on to how it influences your speed and then we'll move on to how it influences your strike so if you slice the golf ball what i'm seeing so often with golfers and you might you want to check this out is it is your lead hand too high in the power you're gripping it too high in the palm is it rotated too much this way we'll talk about how you correct that in a second because if it is and your hand's rotated underneath like this this is naturally what we call a weak position the hand doesn't want to be there and when it wants to move into its strong position it will do this yeah and if it rotates into its natural hanging position here that will open up the club face almost instantly now your body's super smart if your body kind of recognizes this so it starts to come over the top to try to square the face because of the fault with the grip now you might be trying to solve all these swing issues when actually your body's doing you a favor and helping you hit that ball straight so all i want you to watch out for is this check that grip first if it's the if it's a grip issue it could be just a simple simple change if you hook the golf ball the top hand here your your lead hand is often sometimes maybe too much over the top so double check that so slicers tend to be underneath hookers tend to be on top so how do you form the perfect grip all i want you to do is allow your arms just to hang down naturally do not do this i see a lot of videos online talking about how to hold the grip and they kind of get to put it into the fingers and do this kind of thing well that's great but what tends to happen is the golfers tend to kind of look at their hand and go and immediately twist it and then put the club into their hand it's far better to stand like this let your arms just hang and i want you to let the club fall into the fingers so watch this i'm gonna exaggerate i'm standing up and i'm allowing the club to fall to the tips of my fingers like this still allowing my arms to turn inwards and then i simply close the grip nothing more complicated than that right i don't try and put it into fingers and stuff because that gets people moving in all different positions you're just simply holding the golf club so that's your lead hand in place now that is for me accuracy now if you hook the golf ball same principle often it's the trail hand here it tends to be too far underneath the golf club soon primal that's not a natural position so what's going to happen your hand's going to want to return to natural which is going to close the face so how do you put the trail hand on exactly the same way let your arm just hang and then literally look don't look it don't try and put it into position literally hold it there and literally allow it to fall into the fingers okay fingers are hand then you've immediately got your grip simple as that this is going to help with your accuracy right so now you've got the accuracy how do you help generate some speed with this well it's a similar kind of thing you need to make sure that you have hold of the golf club because if you don't have hold of the golf club how can you generate speed now i know we often talk about holding it lightly and loosely and what have you but the problem is if it's too loose you can't control this club face right so we need to have some form of grip on it if you are too high in the palm you have no grip so again look at this if we can move this with both hands into the fingers you've now got grip you've now got hold which brings me on to how you interlock the hands if you're a slightly weaker player maybe a junior player you want to have all of your fingers on the club if you're a senior player who's maybe lost a bit of strength don't try and join the hands keep all fingers on the club if you're a lady governor who's maybe struggling with a bit of speed keep all fingers on the club same for because it gives you more grip it allows you to generate more leverage and therefore more speed if you have some strength and and you can use that and you want to control a little bit of that then there's a couple of ways you can join the hands literally put your little finger on top of your index finger here of the bottom hand like this or what you do you can actually interlock them where you literally just do this index finger the top hand little finger and then literally join them together like this either way doesn't matter you can try all three yeah they all are all about getting into the fingers of the hand so you've got hold of that golf club now let's work on strike how can your grip influence your strike this is more about the structure of your arm relative to your grip so what i see a lot of times when people are doing is they when they let their arms hang here they allow this shoulder to turn inwards right so what i want you to do here is this when you're allowing your arm to hang just put your palms facing like this okay and notice when our palms are facing this trello literally turns inwards here the elbow's going inwards here and you can see here look this is pointing look direct towards you it's not around it's pointing straight towards you this is super important because this is going to help us put pressure on the back of that golf ball for strike speed compare that to this this is weak yeah all right so once you've formed your grip we then want to improve our strike so we're literally going to allow this trail arm just to fold inwards here and we're going to keep it there now the danger is if you hook the golf ball some people off tokens are often powerful they allow the hand to also go with this now that it's underneath we know it we don't want that it's going to want to then roll and hook look at this facing you twist still facing yeah so now i'm in a position look where i can use all of this trail side look to put a pressure and strike on that golf ball and that is it's third and final thing i'll leave this for you for you to see so i'll literally take my stance allow my arms just to hang allow them to fall into position here as i'm falling and then look i'm going to rise and allow my hands let the club to rise up or drop down into my fingers of both hands here this is crucial this gives me the perfect angle of of left and right hand it is perfect amount of grip i'm holding it now in the fingers of that hat of both hands there i decide to use the overlap always done it and then from here i'm making sure that his trail arm look is sat beautifully underneath and now i am ready to go so if you are slicing the golf ball you are hooking the golf ball i'm not suggesting it's a hundred percent your grip but you know what rather than go through all these complicated swing changes check your grip out first go through a simple routine of standing up allowing it to fall into those fingers and one final thing please please please do not make this mistake i see with so many golfers maybe you've read a book and you've been told to put it in your hand in a certain way when you do that and you think overthink it you end up kind of rotating your hand think oh i've got to put it into this finger and then there and then you rotate your hand into a position then you grip it yeah this is unnatural allow your arms to fall from there then they naturally form angled forward length to fall into the fingers then you'll get it right each and every single time you don't have to worry about where it is after that point and to finish off often i'm asked how tight should you be holding the golf club well look when i'm hitting driver i'm going to be holding it naturally quite tight because look this club's going to generally 115 plus miles an hour club by speed if i'm holding it loose i've got no control over it the secret though is this my wrists my elbows my shoulders they're oily they're relaxed they're ready and passive they're loose to generate speed but the control comes from the grip now yes with other clubs like my wedgies and when i'm chipping naturally i'm much looser why because i don't have the clubhead speed i don't need to hold it as tight i'm often asked how tight should i hold it on a scale of one to ten that's unique between me and you you know i couldn't actually say that um i might we drive it might be six or seven sometimes but that doesn't really relate to anybody i would say look swing this club nice and fast and notice how tight you have to hold it the key is to keep those wrists elbows and shoulders pliable loose so that they are ready to go okay so really really hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends who could do with a little bit of help he's maybe struggling with a game and you know what just check this out follow this simple routine of allowing your arms to to fall here hold the club allow them to then stretch up so the club look falls look falls into the fingers of the hand on both sides yep decide which grip's going to suit you based on your strength you want to overlap interlock all fingers on the golf club there's there's no one right right way for everybody once you've done that remember strike is going to come from good solid arm position here pressure on this golf ball don't let it come underneath tuck it underneath here nice and strong once you've done that there's nothing more complicated than that all right so i hope you enjoyed the video if you're new to the channel remember there's a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing and come and join the community this one of your first videos by pressing that subscribe button and the belt is completely free to do so so i can look after your game every single week but until next week have a great golfing week