This Simple Driver Swing Tip added 60 yards in another GAME CHANGER golf lesson from Danny Maude

best driver tip driver simple golf swing Nov 08, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week had nick come and see me and we managed to add over 40 yards in carrick and 60 yards in total distance to his driving with what you're going to see is the most simple and basic changes but look don't take my word for it just have a listen to nick this is him just halfway through our session uh just a few days ago and so how many hours have you added so far um 40 yards okay 42 hours of carrying 40 yards of carry and do you feel like you've hit the ball any harder no no just finishing that swing off following through but not not anymore effort perfect and and in terms of actually what are you focused on when you're over the ball um so i'm really just thinking thinking about that practice swing and replicating that practice we're using that muscle memory and yeah finishing high and through the ball and how is this different to the way you were doing it before when i started today this morning i was very very much wooden robotic and now i feel a lot more kind of athletic through the ball and it's just showing the results today thanks so much nick for allowing us to share this now so what can you do to generate power like nick well we're going to show you his the three-step process that we used which you're going to find is ridiculously simple but it's going to require some trust the third exercise in this reset process is one of the keys but we're going to start off very very small so all we did was nick was this he stood over the golf ball with a million one things he looks a little bit like a robot swinging right this here this here this here this here with all those things going on that he doesn't have a golf swing he has a series of movements because he's trying to get it right he's trying really really hard i get it but one of the things you're going to need is a golf swing so the golf swing starts look stand out of the golf ball and i want you to start to kind of remove some of the tension in your shoulders and let the arms start to feel very heavy this is this is the first stage with nick then what we're going to do is not dissimilar to what you would naturally do if you're throwing a ball i want you to start to let the arms swing but they're going to be swung by the body so what's happening here is the body's moving and slinging the arms the arms are just kind of moving the body's working to sling these arms now if you imagine this you've got to toss a golf ball try it now just stick stand up hold hold your arm put your very stiff now imagine this if you hold your arm really stiff and you're designed to throw do you think you could throw it a long way no do you think you've really got control you might think you have but it doesn't feel very controlled to me but the other thing is this your body goes what am i doing but when you relax it the body goes aha it forms a relationship with this it goes oh he wants me to sling this so then you get a lot of the leg action for free because it knows what it's trying to do what we did and this is one of this was one of the first stages with nick so we got him heavy arms and all we got him to do initially was this i'm going to do some really really lazy swings where i'm literally turning my body back turning it through and literally letting my arms look swing i'm not trying it hard i'm just getting a feel for this listen to that noise you started off what did you think you did you might do the same he didn't let go why because he'd been so used to controlling it he took a while for him to let go and he's like daddy i could miss the ball i could yes you could miss it you could top it you could hook it all of those things put them aside just enjoy the freedom first of all of this and i gave him permission to hit some bad ones but you know what he didn't hit many so we started to relax watch this so i'm not going to hit any big shots or anything all i'm going to do is get really heavy lazy shoulders and start to let my body sling those arms no just really lazy let's see what we do so what we got 104 club at speed 250 carry 264 total distance and that is just really really really lazy now you might not get those numbers or even mixed numbers it doesn't matter the reality is is this you will gain more distance if you start to let go so the second thing that we did nick came to me with a slice now a slice look at his numbers minus i think it's -17 and he was really coming across the line of the golf ball too so he didn't want a big slice he wanted to hit it much much straighter so what we did was very very simple i said look we're not going to try and stop your slice what we want to do is promote a draw okay so we're going to help you now to swing and play a draw now if you are going to play a tennis shot with tots then you're going to create these acts so we're just to play draw the arc areas is somewhere over here this is the path where we need to go and then somewhere over here what he'd been doing was somewhere over here and swinging somewhere over here so very simply what we did now we got the arms in a sense in a relaxed way he could just go okay so what you're saying i've got to swing it somewhere over here and swing it here i said yes there's this is a key area but what we want to do in this process is i want to help you to visualize you want to visualize the shape don't just play the game a swing he's been so long stood over the golf ball thinking of things that he'd lost connection with the target and this is a really important point i want you to imagine that your brain's like his computer and the operating system all right is the most powerful it operates 80 of what you do feed it good information if you visualize a draw it's going to help you in the background do as much as it possibly can to to really go if you focus on your mechanics too much without the operating system running you're gonna struggle so visualize the shot all the time that's all we did now nick found it difficult initially because he only ever saw a slice so we got him doing this we got him swinging his arms now into these paths up here and over here literally swinging around right just literally making these motions to visualizing the shape of shot and then we just got him walking up to it walking up to shot again again and visualizing that shape and away we go now it's probably for a nice big boomer on this one here we go right so we've got him it's really kind of motoring now again at this stage still very very lazy swings but you know what he stuck there he found it effortless in what he was doing so the third and final stage in this entire process was we needed to take it to the golf course so what are you going to do to take it to the golf course what do you have to do to take it to golf course well let's just now in trap man we're going to go into practice mode i'm going to take you to the golf course and show you now how you can transfer all of this onto that golf course so the third and final thing is you've got to put this under a bit of pressure now what do you think is the toughest the most toughest thing about is what i've just talked about is the letting go aspect letting go of control particularly if you start hitting a few bad shots is really tricky to do it's instinctive look at the best players you know they come down the 18th uh in a in a major tournament one shot lead they want to control it and when they do they knock it in the water so it's instinctive to do this for everyone it's human nature so what we have to do is we have to build routines we have to allow realize first of all look this really really works and letting go is a good thing so you learn to trust that then you've got to start to put it under some pressure in on on on the golf course now i just happen to be the 18th that's in andrew's here and um what i'm going to do is i'm going to play um a shot and if you're practicing on a driving range what i want you to do is you want to visualize maybe one of your worst holes driving holes out in the golf course stand back and start to put some of this into practice so i'm going to do here what i'll do is if i'm working these heavy shoulders and swinging and i'm going to visualize this drawer i'm going to imagine these areas i'm going to swing up to this area here not over here so nice and depth that's going to allow me to come from an arc here and really rip that shot so get that good club slinging through so i get that sensation of swinging back swinging through and i'm really hearing this sound so i put it under pressure i get to the golf ball i don't waste any time nice and relaxed back and away we go okay really really just kind of lazy motion all right so by doing that you're going to put yourself under a bit of pressure and you're going to start to train that routine for your time when you're actually out on the golf course so again step back work back come in build a system if you're just hitting ball after ball after ball it's hard to transfer you won't build trust but look if you start to kind of work on this feel those heavy arms swing in the corridors that are going to create the drawers if you slice and one of the things that we definitely did with nick is we didn't stay keeping drawing the but you know what we did so we could improve his overall feel we actually got him swinging in the corridor of a slice two why would we do this because the thing is is if you want to learn how to hit a ball straight or much much straighter you need to learn the feel of an open face and a feel of a closed face because in the middle is straight you can hit a ball straighter if you can't really feel both sides you can't move this needle backwards and forwards so get yourself set nice and lazy swings heavy it up do a few swings that's my corridor that's my corridor let it go that's too much tension really start to lose that tension get yourself set in you go

and away we go

nice just feels lazy as i'm not smashing it simple as that okay so three very very very straightforward steps all we did with nick to really ramp up this power was getting into a much heavier shoulders heavier arms get the sense that you would do if you're throwing a ball there's an arm this is literally lazy second thing depth rotation visualizing now we want when you throw a ball you don't throw it here there's no power there you naturally go around you create this arc and you throw it from here so what helps this and what helped nick is by helping him visualize create in this drawer shape it helped him get much more depth around which helped him create more energy or store more energy and then come around that really really helped with his uh with his power the third and final thing is you need to learn then to go and practice it set up and maybe station up on the driving range visualize your kind of your your nemesis whole and start to put this into a system that you can actually trust remember it's going to feel reckless that that was a word that nick came up with so you know prepare for this you know one of the things i i kind of summarize with a lot of my students have said i set them little challenges for the golf course you know i often say to them right what are you going to have to let go of to take this to the golf course who are you going to have to be as a golfer what values are you going to have to live by a little bit like you know some people say i need to be a bit more adventurous i need to be a bit more courageous great set them as your little goals because this by the way for some people is courageous to do this because it feels so reckless they need courage to do this so set that as one maybe one of your goals when you go and play next time don't have maybe the attitude of being cautious and careful that restricts your growth it restricts your power and it will restrict your overall improvement so i really hope this helps please give it a go i you'll love it and really be patient with it so i hope you enjoyed if you do give it a thumbs up and maybe share it with some of your friends who would do with some simple help like this and of course look remember if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine consider subscribing until next week have a great golfing week.