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iron iron takeway Jun 14, 2022

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Hey everyone Danny Maude here thanks for joining us did you know that there's just really only two swing patterns you've got one pattern that at least these beautiful movements that you see with the best players lovely coordinating motion on the way back wonderful transition the downswing great quality ball striking and consistent ball striking both the irons in the driver but then you've got the other pattern the other pattern i see from times well quite a lot of time with amateur golfers which eventually leads to these kind of flicky strikes hitting the ground behind the golf ball kind of drives i don't generally ping off the face or very inconsistent now you have the good pattern poi from time to time but because you're unaware of what it is you can't repeat it like the best players i want to share with you today what that pattern is so that you can create more consistency and you know what it's super super simple a lot of it involves uh the first move away in the takeaway but i'll show you the whole swing and how you do it today now before i get into the video if you're new to channels when your first lessons of mine please consider subscribing i rely release videos like this every single week to try and help you improve your game and plus i always put a free download on practice guide in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing great so like i say there's only two swing patterns you've got that one pattern that is going to lead to that what you see with the best players this wonderful coordinate in motion the way back in the takeaway then as they take it back and they come down you'll see this lovely angle of almost lag we create yeah then on the way down with the irons they compress them beautifully with a driver they have immense power with this pattern so let me show you now what it is and then show you step by step how you develop i'll do it in three phases and stay tuned to phase three because phase three is kind of how you tend to take it to the golf course okay so here's the pattern the great players they move this first okay the butt end goes first your poorer players the poor ball strikers move the head very quickly first let me show you what happens if you move the head very quickly first you set the whole chain of motion the the poor pattern up because what happens is when you flick the head away when you flick it back here you're going to flick it down here can you see this when you flick the head away early you end up flicking it away early on the way down but if you can learn to feel this moving and i'll show you how to do this in a second effectively first now look what happens you suddenly now look at this what does that look familiar nice and coordinated movement away because the butt's leading and the flicking comes later so you see a completely different pattern forming watch this can you see the lag when we move the butt but watch this if i do this i create the flickiness yeah but if i create this motion i create the lag yeah now here's how i want you to feel this grab a club just initially just in your trail hand grip it in the fingers and all i want you to do first of all this makes the club head very heavy that's the idea because once you can feel the head you can use you can basically organize you know where it is and all i want to do is this move the handle away first you're dragging the handle away i call it drag and lag you're dragging the handle away and then forward so suddenly now can you see how by moving it backwards and forwards we naturally create lag and also at some stage the club's going to release yeah so we're dragging it and they're automatically creating the lag yeah so just spend your time doing that initially you can't move the head first when you hold it just in fingertips you just can but that's the first stage feel this motion first then what i want to do is take the club in your lead hand and i say your lead hand because it's this lead side for most of us that kind of doesn't really move very very well okay so what i want to do now is this we're going to get this end moving and it's almost the feeling that you're after is that you're moving this end but leaving the club behind but just one caveat here what i want to pay attention to is this i don't want you here to make this stiff okay i'd simply this is still the same principles we've just done earlier but what we're doing look is i'm going to move the grip end right this is still kind of i'm not if i exaggerated this it's like this the head i'm not kind of holding it stiff and it's coming with me it's almost feel like i'm leaving the head behind and we're going to just initially do it with the wrists then we're going to bring in the arm and the shoulder and you're going to see very quickly how this performs a great great powerful swing which you can repeat okay so watch so i'm going to literally just move this away and then move it back the other way can you see the lag so every time this decides to move look we create the pattern necessary for great shots and i don't know if you can see this but my body is already naturally starting to respond to this motion yeah this is what happened to a recent client show pack she's been striking apparently paul for 30 years comes to see me and he said he's struck it the best he's ever struck it in his life through this simple drill so start with that first get that sensation of this butt end leading this club away leaving the head behind and then just practice this little movement with your lead side now at the moment all we're using is the wrist so it's not a golf swing yet there there right now you've got that kind of sensation what i then want you to do is this now with shield push he had this kind of movement where he would flick the headstart early he'd flick it found the club inside and then because of that what would happen he would flick it over the top so even though he felt he was doing this he couldn't resist doing a little bit of this so this didn't this drag of the handle as such didn't last long enough he basically got to about here it stopped him if he stops what happens to the club head momentum is going to take over which is why you need supple wrists just oily wrists and that got inside again so what we did with him is you might have to do the same he's just you may need to feel like you're super super exaggerating this entire process in order for it to work so i got him to feel like he was literally still very soft but moving and dragging this motion as long as he possibly could so he often felt like this did he look like that no but then what you watch there we go can you see the difference because now the club is gonna react and we're gonna be excuse me in this territory yeah look long long long long lack automatically and then we start to get all all these great ships so start to focus on this motion now what we did with show person we as we take this process on is you're starting to get this movement your arms moving but what i want you to make sure is is also this shoulder moves okay very very important it's very easy to move the handle and just move the arm and it's fine you can still create a bit of lag but you won't create the power that you need the final piece of that jigsaw okay is you've got to make sure that this lead shoulder also helps you to move this motion too okay you can see this if this keeps moving that handle is going to keep moving if this suddenly stops we fling it too soon we get stuck around the corner can you see this if this suddenly stops boom this is going to go yeah so keep this moving for as long as you physically can and the sensation is much greater than you probably realize all right so get that sensation and just start to feel this motion before we work on how you can take this to the golf course so now take the club in both hands and why we start with the dominant hand is that's the area i want to maybe focus on just kind of get that sensation that's the lead hand here leading the club away almost leaving the head away and we're going to practice just small swings initially one two one two i know if you can see this but my body's actually even my body my legs look are now starting to help me look move the handle away you'll see with the best players they use their legs don't you might see them kind of transfer their weight over onto this uh right leg first why because look i'm exaggerating here for you they're moving the handle first and then what happens boom they go here why look at the movement here one two yeah very different pattern two static flick flick completely the opposite pattern yeah so get that sensation and a second i'll show you how a little cool little trick you can take to the golf course so i'm going to feel this motion here i'm going to really exaggerate as long as i possibly can then it'll naturally kind of almost kind of flail or flick on the way down all right let's have a look at this in action no big shots initially i'm just gonna i've got an eight iron here i normally hit eight and a lot further than that but i'm just gonna tap it down it's not about hitting massive shots feel this motion of the handle leading the head

so nice and simple again no massive shots initially i mean i've i've that's not bad stars um that's not too bad but ultimately what i wanted to to kind of focus on here is literally making sure that this stays and leads the way if it doesn't work straight away really start to exaggerate it but before you work on the final stage of getting you out on the golf course just bear in mind that well i said to shield patches although yes we're focusing on a back swing motion here it is a blend right there's no such thing as backswing and downswing for us to arrive at a great powerful position at impact the whole body is a blend you'll notice when we did this motion here look at here as i'm going backwards you can see my body's already reacting by going forwards to then strike the golf ball what i'm not doing is going okay let's get this handle moving first here back here then come down it doesn't work like that and by the way when you truly let this club go like this your body will know what to do this is a great thing about this it's a very natural way of hitting a golf shot so although we're focusing on this lead handle moving away make it a blend make the backswing the downswing look blend you can see that kind of natural transference of weight or pressure that i'm getting into this lead side okay super super important so get that sensation now start with some small shots with this then and by the way this does completely work with driver okay even better so we keep it nice and long with driver and then you'll create that kind of angle here which is going to give you that lovely compressed drives too now how do you take it to a golf course well once you've got the feeling you could do a couple of things you could have part of your kind of practice routine just hold it in your lead hand and just do a few little movements like this yes lead and just feel like because what you do is you're practicing this simple pattern of motion versus this this is a different pattern that's the pattern which leads to fat spins poor strikes where you flick flick but if you drag and lag just do a few like that then you can maybe move this into a waggle if you wanted look at this i'm now gonna go yeah just little waggle okay this is the pattern different to this pattern yeah okay so create it whatever it is all you're doing is feeling the pattern and then allowing your body to add strength and power to that pattern so i add power by adding my arm that's a bit more power i have power by adding my shoulder to this more power i add power by adding my legs to this motion suddenly now i'm leading the handle now with your entire body and then look on the way down i lead it again so this happens more naturally so bear that in mind so once you feel the pattern then it's just enhancing it by allowing the bigger muscles to help you move this handle backwards and forwards until eventually we can basically

give it a rip now that one should go over the back of the green because i put a little bit more into it all right so hope that helps so in summary there's two patterns that you can create we went over and over and over again you have the pattern where the head moves violently first and then this moves first create that sensation of the handle moving start with this handle first get that sensation then add the lead a hand in get the handle leading leaving the head behind feel that motion make sure you start adding the bigger muscles the arm the shoulders to really help this and then even the legs here to really create that momentum backwards and forwards whatever you do do not steer it and guide it okay one final piece before we finish this isn't about i'm not asking you to hold the club really loosely right that's not what i'm asking to do the looseness here was simply for you to help feel the weight of the head okay very very important i'm actually holding quite tightly the difference is once you've got this feeling you can then start to tighten that grip just a little bit more so you've got the control but you've got the sensation that you need of the handle leading the head and creating that lovely pattern all right so i hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share one of your friends who just want some simple stuff to really get that ball striking working whether it's their irons or the driver and look if you're new to the channel come and join the community press that subscribe button and the bell but until next week have a great golfing week check out this video right here it's going to really help your short game too have a great week i'll see you next time