This basic takeaway move changes EVERYTHING about the Golf Swing

iron swing Jun 14, 2022

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week i want to share with you something that most amateur golfers i coach are completely unaware of great players have a movement in their backswing and downswing that is one of the keys to their consistency amateur golfers often due to a misinterpretation of this make a real common mistake in their backswing which then gives them no time to compensate in their downswing it's one of the reasons why sometimes you can get some beautiful shots but then follow her with a terrible shot with what you feel is exactly the same swing this way i want to share with you what that misinterpretation is because it doesn't just help your backswing it massively helps your downstream downswing and therefore your ball striking and it's going to help you to become much much better before i get into the video like if you're new to channels when your first videos are mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus you never have to remember a thing i always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so let me show you straight away what this misinterpretation is what i'm seeing with so many golfers is this if you take my lead arm here my shoulders what you're doing most of the time is is you are decreasing this angle between your lead arm and your shoulder on the backswing and the downswing can you see how your basic my lead arm here is completely and utterly pinned to my body what the great players are doing and the problem is you don't get to see a lot of this on tv because the camera angle skew it what great players do is is they maintain this angle all the way into their backswing and one of the ways they do this is they don't fall into the trap or the misinterpretation of using their arms for the turn bit in the golf swing your arms this lead arm your arms are responsible for the up motion in the golf swing your torso is responsible for the turn bit in the golf swing let me show you what i mean by that when i'm swinging here if i just swing with my arms and my torso in a turn where i'm going to be too flat so my arms need to work where up and my body needs to work around that is how we keep that distance okay so if you're finding that you are slicing the ball a lot as an example one of the main reasons for that is your arms get pinned to your body here very quickly early on no room now you're very very low you have to then swing high to get back to the golf ball which gives you the over-the-top motion if you're a half decent player you might even hit a draw sometimes but often fatter and thin it sometimes again you get pinned in here the problem now is you realize that's over the top and it's going to give you a slice you get stuck inside now you start catching the ground behind the golf ball too yeah or you get stuck inside and you have to well there's two narrow you need some speed so you throw the speed out too early and now you end up flicking it okay look at most i mean even getting some other extension doing that so what we've got to do is we've got to make sure that this lead arm is not pinned to the body in any shape or form in the backswing and the downswing to learn the feel of that what i'd love you to do is grab yourself a golf club okay and the first stage is this take the club and let you get the feeling of the arms working upward so we're going to [ __ ] the wrists up the arms are going to work up and look i'm going to go now just over my trail shoulder here and you see how the shaft's just pitched over this way what i'm not doing right which would be pinning the arm to the chest is doing this you see the difference so if you learn that feeling first just literally pick the club up feel the shoulders rising a little bit and the the club just pitching slightly look over this trail shoulder from here if i'm in my golf stance and i'm going to turn look at the position that i'm in now i'm in a great place look to come straight down that golf ball strike the ball then the turf nice and accurate i don't have to make any compensations okay compare that to if i did this and then look this now if i was to come down and turn can you see how the arms are too far too low i'm gonna have to raise them up to come over the top or drop inside it makes sense so how do you achieve this how do you learn the feel of it well that first exercise will help then what we wanted to do we need to learn to feel it from this standing place so the way i want to do it is to start with is take your club start off with a split hand exercise it's always easy this way split cut the club out in front of you here so the club's nice and parallel with your feet uh foot line toe point to the sky literally take your trail hand move it underneath it's a good six seven inches now all we're going to do here is this we're going to move the club back and it's almost like this this is the motion the lead arm is pushing away and the trail shoulder's moving backwards so if you're a senior golfer often worry about um being a turn this is massive so many golfers don't make a turn because they don't get this action what they end up getting is this the shoulders going inwards okay restricting the turn we're gonna open the body up so look at this split hand as i'm moving here i'm pushing away this way and my shoulder's going this way but look at my right arm still soft but i've kept the spa speed the distance away from my chest okay from here now i'm in a place that is very different to this place see that bent left arm right elbow or trail over coming behind me here no space lots of space yeah i've still turned and i'm still coordinated okay so start with that sensation first get a feeling of it look it on camera as well when you're doing this no yes yeah now i can come straight back down onto that golf ball once you've got that sensation we want to add some flow to this so it's much more natural to do that all i want to do is take your lead hand start to get the club just now flowing backwards and forwards and we're going to go now first of all into the first stage of that split hand exercise which is here perfect feel that motion no that would be wrong because that's not parallel my feet so i swing backwards and forwards there we go nice and easy parallel with the feet and then a second look catch it there and i'm catching it look not here i'm catching it where with my right arm my trail i'm out here in front of me

see that now once i've got that sensation what do you think i'm gonna do that's it start to join that together now what i'm getting the sensation is the hand's been further away got more space much much more online so before we get into kind of um completing the backswing fully and then maybe even get into the downswing let's start hitting a few shots so take your time with this there's no rush maybe put yourself on camera a few times get the sensation of that's where i want to be okay and then literally no big shots to start with just develop the sensation

of a few small half style shots building that separation sometimes when i'm doing this by the way with students and then maybe don't have a camera available i'll get them to stick something up their shirt sleeve like a towel or a putter head cover and i'll i'll literally put it there so that if they feel like that puts a head cover is getting pinned too hard to their chest it's great feedback okay you can also do like almost like tinfoil as well because it makes a crunch and the idea is look i'm keeping that away all the time into that backswing i'm not pushing it in here that's that sensation okay swing it back

and through okay so spend a little bit of time doing that hitting some small shots then what i'm going to do is and that like i said don't rush through this process then what i want to do is start to work out how you then extend the swing very very important when you go from here you don't extend it which most people do by the way and it's complete my swing so you keep going round with your arms what are the arms supposed to do they work up so the shoulders look work up remember this motion that's you completing your backswing with your arms to complete the back swing and look more like a golf swing it's the body that makes the turn so complete that backswing by getting those shoulders working upwards as far as you can rather than letting those arms run off behind you here okay so what then you do is you start to get some flow to that motion really sense where that needs to be feel my arms are high working back down straight into that golf ball okay take your time

beautiful okay that's what i'm working on literally get those arms working in a more up motion let the body work in a round motion you feel feel how the body works around by using that split hand drill feel how those shoulders work okay so learning the feel of that alone will massively improve your consistency of ball striking but if we want to go into the downswing a little bit here and again you don't have to this now just get those first two sessions done but the downswing here just visualize basically maintaining this distance on the way back and on the way through so on the way through most people turn too much this is the over the top what happens then we get pinned to the body or the people hook the golf ball they get stuck in here again look two pins to the body allow this space to if anything the best players start to increase it here so what's happening to this lead shoulder it's working down and back this creates the space coming through i'll provide a more detailed video maybe next week on the downswing but this is what i'm trying to do all the way you want to make sure that you're keeping that space all the way no because that cramps it no that cramps it look here look i'm high we're working back down look back into look at the space i've got this space is what's going to give you that compression and that beautifully accurate shots that's just like awesome okay so that's what i want you to start to work on get that sense of distance keep it don't let that lead down pin to your body the arms work up they don't work around very much okay so feel this that's where we need to get to how do you achieve it split hand exercise here get that sense that the trail shoulder works backwards then make it more natural so you're flowing into this place like this then from here what do we do we get the hands working up now shoulder works up here that's it i've still gone around still got the turning because that comes from the body yeah from there all i'm gonna do look is keep it working back down here that's how i keep that space this lead arm is always working away from the chest i'm not working the chest towards the arm this is going to keep that space more accurate shots much much more compression i will create a video on how you do this with a driver but build this into your um your system try maybe like i say putting something under your sleeve as a bit of a guide and it will really really help your game so i hope you enjoyed it give it a thumbs up if you did and of course look share it with your friend who's maybe struggling with the ball striking and want a bit more consistency of course look free practice plan is in the description box below but until next week have a great golfing week