This is the easiest way to STOP TOPPING YOUR WOODS

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us what a great opportunity is right now to work on a ball striking specifically this week with our fairway woods how often have you been out in that golf course and you've found that you're dribbling your favorites along the ground you're kind of you're hitting the shots and they're basically just topping and they're going along the ground you don't get any power and it's so frustrating isn't it after probably a really great drive just to see the second shot dribble along that ground well in this week's training I'm going to give you two concepts one is what I call mind the gap I'm going to show you by if you understand how to mind the gap you can pretty much eliminate most of your top shots and the second thing is a simple one which is learning to feel where these clubface is at the moment it approaches impact if you can do those two things you can pretty much eliminate that top four good so that's all I'm going to talk about in this week's training of course let before I do you're new to the channel and this is one of your first videos of mine pop into the community by pressing that subscribe button and the bells I can notify you every time I release a video just like this one so top shot well I given you an indication of what it looks like what's generally happening with a top so let's get straight into the training so ultimately what most people are doing when they're topping they're hitting the bottom part of this golf club here so the ball when you striking the ball you're striking it with the bottom part but why is that now what's tending to happen is when people get here there's often a big point of this that often either standing up so you're getting too high through the ball and there's a reason for that what's the second thing what's happening is you're coming around here and you're coming down on top of the golf ball two of the major things that are generally happening I see when people are topping it so the very first thing I want to do is mind the gap one of the reasons why you're probably standing up is because you just don't have enough space your body smart and your body goes look I haven't got enough space for the impact area so I'm gonna stand up why is that well watch this what I want to see in the backswing is I want to see your right hip going backwards watch this has iced out some swing backwards here I'm gonna push my back side so it starts to go this way as I do that I've created all this space now what I want to do now is mind the gap I created this gap here this space I want to mind it and what I'm gonna do on the way down is I'm gonna push my lead hip backwards as well and now I've created all this space and I want you to mine the gap this is a gap we want to we want to mind it as we're coming through so watch this I'm gonna create the space on the way back by pushing this back I'm going to create keep that space on the way down and now I can stay in posture over the top of the golf ball easily I'm gonna get to the bottom that golf ball watch this if I don't push this back here I get to this position here and there's not a lot of space so my body goes okay there's not a lot of space it's pretty smart I can't hit a golf ball from there I'm gonna stand up that's one thing you could do the second thing it could probably do is if you don't create enough space here your body goes how am I gonna do now well ah that's easy I'll come around there I'll create space this way so usually again remember your body's pretty smart and it will try to come up with various different solutions simply to hit the ball what we want to do is make sure we give it the easiest solution possible by minding that gap so let's have a look at it and this is how I'd like to start with it get yourself set you don't necessarily even need a golf ball initially all you do is when you start to take the club back you want to get the sensation that you're simply going straight back if you haven't seen my video on how to get correct rotation the golf swing really worth a look because it'll complement this training I'll put a link in the description below and up in this top right hand corner - definitely worth a look correct rotation often misunderstood but what we're gonna do we're going to create that space we're gonna push this back here which created the space now we don't want to then thrust that space and it and let disappear now because when we'll stand up again what we're going to do is we're going to keep that space by simply now moving the left pocket backwards now we've got that space we can keep a height over the golf ball without standing up we've got a better opportunity to strike that ground and get the club entering much much lower to the ball here as a poster there so have a look at this create space maintain that space do a few swings just practicing you can do some your garden off on that and then grab a golf ball now I suggest and we're going to do this in a second I'm using real balls here because I've got a net but I also brow these balls you've never seen these balls before these are rainbow balls they baby travel maybe 20 30 yards of maximum they're super light they won't cause any damage and you can practice this in your gun I'm going to show it in a second works in absolute tree and it gives you immediate feedback as to where you're topping it or striking it well so let's have a look at this in action now I'll get yourself set and I'm going to create the space remind that gap okay just nice and small and away we go okay simple as that just create the space keep the space or I like to call it mind that gap push back line the gap


right so you're starting to understand that and ultimately this the golf swing is simply pushing this bit back here and then this bit back here so you've got your trail hip going backwards you've got you leave it going backwards this create space enables you look to keep your angle of the golf ball if you create the space you don't need to then lift up nowhere near as much okay so just keeping that down you keep down what's going to happen if you keep down as a post of this club going woo up and hitting the top of the ball and now can stay low to the ground huge advantage so you've now got to get the rhythm and the timing us and get to feel this so what I would do before you hit a golf ball is simply you've done the exercise here you've got feel for that now you go get the timing so watch this we create the space by that right hip going backwards here we then maintain the space by pushing this one back and then through now there's a timing in this watch this the rhythm is this we push back and watch this hip goes back we create the space we swing the club we create the space we swing the club what we don't do is this we don't create the space with our right side and then hit here it's always this timing create the space swing the club you can do it slowly initially until you get rhythm in this so just keep going nice and easy one and two notice how this will always go down it's the most natural thing in the world to do one and two one and two I'll create the space and I minding this gap I'm being careful and not to thrust my we're here or close that gap down and minding that gap and keeping the gap and away we go now now's the time to introduce the ball now as I said I'm using these rainbow balls wonderful for the garden because they're not going to cause any damage they don't go very far and look your top at your top it but you can really get great feedback from these so let's have a look at this in action here so all I'm gonna do I'm going to get myself set and one of the key ingredients which we maybe hit a few shots just doing this we're gonna push it back and push it back and mind that gap okay now you do that a few times but you still still might get not the strike that you want you've maintained this a while well on but there's one more ingredient you might need to look at that in itself could be curative and you start ripping it brilliantly well if it's not then it's possibly down to one final thing a flicking motion through the impact area what do I mean by that well a lot of people feel that they Nora T if the ball goes on the ground is instinctive isn't to try to get the ball up in the air but we don't want to do that we want to get the ball up in the air we realize that the ball goes up in the air because it hits the face of the club it's the face that has the loft so if you start to get into a flicking motion like this the loft goes to the sky but it then presents the leading edge of the club here to the ball there's no loft on this leading edge this will literally hit the top of the ball and get the ball rolling along the ground so we need to fondly enough which is counterintuitive which does feel a bit weird we have to almost lean the face down towards the ball so counterintuitive isn't it but it works lean the face down now to do this you're gonna need to feel it an experience it so what I suggest you do is this something you can do indoors initially so you basically do this but the club down ball down all we're gonna do is we're gonna create the space and now what we're going to use that hand now if you're right-handed playing golf right-handed fantastic but if you're left-handed playing golf right-handed or vice versa just simply alternate the house it doesn't matter we're gonna make the move we're gonna create the space mind the gap and now watch this for you flick is out there if you're flicking the ball you're but the hand will quickly face this guy what we're gonna do just do that a few times get the hand flicking to the sky this will create a top Estela shot then what you do is just keep going working on that rhythm and timing and just start to in a sense start to get the hand just naturally flicking later so yes of course the hand is gonna eventually do this but if you're good does it too early at least to a top it just it a little bit later look like this look a difference here yes I'm gonna flick it later but now I've got the figure the hand is just facing the ground for a little bit longer in this whole rhythm now what we do is we take the Fairwood you've now got the sensation let's do the same thing so we've got reminding the gap now what we're gonna is we're gonna practice flicking it first flicking it first you see the difference so I'm flicking it here this will lead to a top shot in a really paused right often hitting the ground behind the golf ball but get at least get a feel for what that's supposed to be like then just do a little bit less look you see a difference and then of course the flick will come in later but by then look you've d lofted the club you've got the face angle naturally down so you developing a feel for this you can also do this with a mobile phone as well so you can get yourself set up here usually more about four and as it guides you could simply just get the robot face of the phone for point to the sky for a top style shot and then learn the feel of the opposite to that understanding or experiencing the contrast between a flick is really important trying to just do it correctly stay off the back your body doesn't like that the body loves contrast it loves to try to get feel of what's right and wrong so doing it wrong is a great way to go okay that's the flick almost a little bit less than that and all it is now is is just learning to experience that so we do it we've got the reminding the gap we're getting a sensation now we've got these nice easy balls that we can hit let's have a look at this so one two and I just might just do some small little swings to start off with knowing no if all swings just literally try and get that face on that ball with this time you mind the gap and away we go okay as someone have a look at that in action yourself set great mind the gap get that sensation of where that face is supposed to be here and it's as simple as that so I'm going to summarize exactly what we've done in a PDF document that you can download below with a practice plan that you can actually use right now if you're able to get the golf course fantastic if not in your garden it'll cover all those bits and pieces so you can just flip it download it it's completely free but let's just summarize what we've just done two things that really caused top shots we know if you don't have enough space room packed your body's going to respond by doing probably a couple of things it's either gonna stand up to create space or it's going to create space around here neither way is going to be good for a consistency if we're going to put some poor strikes and plenty of top shots so what have you got to do you're going to mind the gap you've got to create that space how do we do this we create the space by pushing this right hip back here and then mind in that space mind the gap by pushing then the lead hip back creating that space means that you can keep your body over the golf ball it doesn't need to create space incorrectly by doing this often leads to tops therefore getting the club much lower to the ground hugely hugely important I've got more details on the rotational aspect to this and the misconception in the description below so check that out then we said look you've once you've got that sensation then clearly you're going to need to kind of build a rhythm for this you can just hit some small shots initially just going one and two just getting out sensors you don't have to rush this brilliant with like plastic golf balls or whatever you can do in your garden right now absolutely perfect then we said look you've got to get a feel of that clubface when you're here if you're doing all this and you're still topping it the chances are you just don't have quite fit at the feel of this we said look if you're flicking the golf ball here or flicking the wrist here that is going to get the loft coming up and get you hit in the leading edge so you've got to learn to feel where that faces use contrast maybe even hit a few balls incorrectly by actually topping them on purpose like like that so you can feel what that flick feels like and then bit by bit start to get the sensation that that hand stays a little bit down for a little bit longer here you're still of course it's still naturally flowing it's just about getting the timing flick too early your topic flick a bit later here and you're generally strike it could you bring that face to the golf ball so like I said I'll put a downloadable link where you can download a practice plan that you can use in your garden right now it's completely free down in the description below but look if you if you enjoy this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up and maybe share with some of your friends who could do with a little bit helping but you've seen on the golf course topping it or you getting ready for next where we finally get released from this thing and of course look if you're new to channel and you want to join me next week press up subscribe button and the bell but until next week have a great golfing week