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driver fairway woods irons Nov 22, 2023

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Full Transcript- there is something that every great ball Striker does and it works for the irons their woods and their driver now it's ultimately their ability to control the angle in their Trail wrists as they're coming through impact now a lot of people tried to do this but they always do it incorrectly robbing them of speed and actual strike in this video I'm going to show you how you you too can control the angle of this Trail risk coming through impact to give you an unbelievable strike but more importantly maintain a hell of a lot of speed coming through now before I get into the video look if you're new to a challenge from your first lessons of mine please consider subscribing are these videos just like this every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember a thing I'll always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so this is the first little exercise I'd love you to do to kind of feel it so you can do this on a golf course it's pretty straightforward take the club move your hands opposite your Trail leg here okay put the club down then what I want to do is this I'm going to get you to drag the club push down on the shaft here but drag the club where the hands are working to square the club face up like this okay notice the direction of my hands my hands here opposite my right leg but where they're going they're actually working on an arc to the left and this is the thing that most people get wrong okay most people who are trying to hold the trail wrist angle here to get that strike are basically doing this they're driving the handle forward so they try to keep the trellis uh um angle in the wrist leave the fist wide open hit Shanks massive pushes so they do that once or twice and then what do they do straight away bang in comes the flick of the wrist just to kind of recover that okay what I want you to feel is this is super super important first thing pad of the trail hand push it down when the hands opposite Trail leg the hand path now works left of Target the face look is slightly open so I'm not going to square that face up look with rotation and I'm pressure I'm not squaring up with a flick okay now you could just simply take that before we go into big four swings you could take that feeling okay and and play some small shots where you get the sensation here don't hit the golf ball with your hands from here look we're going to work that club with my hands look towards my left leg to square that club face up but look I'm maintaining naturally maintaining look the angle in the right wrist because there is no throw in here I'm working it back and I'm releasing it through and you're going to ask in a second how do you generate speed from that I'm going to show you in a second so let's start with some small shots first then we'll build up to a big one foreign so that's a beautiful strike and what you should see on the slo-mo uh picture here is that I've been able to maintain the angle in my trail wrist as I'm going through impact here this is super super important if you want to get that beautiful compression but is it easy yes it is but you do need to understand that you could completely lose this in the backswing that's really important when we start to move to the the Fuller clubs so what I mean by that is this you can see here look at my trail armor setup this bit is pointing towards you and when it's coming in that elbow is on front of my trail hip here this is this is where compression is but to get that and to make it easy to achieve that you want to look after this Trail lamp all the way through into the backswing notice here as I'm swinging it back here I've still got what I would call compression in this Trail arm it's solid it wants to come down onto this golf ball most of the people I'm coaching I don't feel the same you're losing it you're pulling in here you're rolling your wrist you've lost all of it now suddenly you can still play you could get away with it but now what you've got to do is you've got to somehow find it on the way down that's really difficult instead what I want you to do is look feel that pressure on that club here right look at my Trello put it's inside here then what I'm going to do look I'm gonna this is the axis I'm gonna rotate around it the simplest way I know to help people achieve this is you've got two places to go to Point your palm away from the target if you do that the trail elbow will sit down and you've still got compression here do this it's popped out right then if you want to if you if you can and you've got enough flexibility start to point it towards the ceiling again what have we got we've got compression in this Trail arm now look we simply just work that back down look from here straight back down to the golf ball and then if you can the better players people even much better than me like something like a mineral Lee he's able to hold this all the way through through impact here incredibly incredibly well that's what I want to play around with but you might be asking while we're doing this but where's the release where's the Catapult okay the Catapult comes from this see the Clans as the club comes in the club naturally look works on an arc and as your hands start to the club gripping here Works in towards the body which is we've just we've just done in step one that's catapults the club look out to the golf ball that is where speed is all right so we are not advocating this this is what mothia will try to achieve it straight down the line no catapult first wide open forcing flicks here we're doing we've got pressure in our arm we're bringing that pressure down and from here look we're working that hand path left of Target to square up that club face look that by the way is where the speed comes from and the strike okay so let's start seeing how this works with the other clubs

that is an absolute bullet okay so I played like a little half shot there with a uh with a five one and that's gone off like an absolute rocket now what I want you to do when you're working on this okay is work on it in a really small way and what you do with the woods is a lot of people feel like well surely then if you keep compression with the woods you're not going to get any height well it all depends on where the bulb system is if you boot the ball slightly further forward in your stance with your wood so maybe middle of the stance or just ahead of Middle with an a-time and gradually move it forward you're already going to have in a sense slightly more Loft in that club at impact but you still want to have that beautiful power position here with this Trail elbow stuck inside here creating this kind of backward hinge of that trail arm and to create this in your full swing like I said you point your palm out towards the camera here this sits that trail elbow down if you've got the flexibility you keep moving okay then you leave the club alone here and all we're going to do now is bring the in the sense to try and get the face hitting the golf ball like a square up to the ball by moving the palm of the hand back in towards the the lead leg here this is Ultimate that gives you that compression every single time then we just continue that pressure look on the way through when I work on this personally I almost feel like I've maintained it almost to here I really feel like exaggerate it you'll see on camera I never actually do but this is how I then personally create the Catapult because as soon as I get that club moving left here okay I really have to put that club through impact just one word of caution as you do this you must must make sure that you've made that turn in order to do this if all you've done is lifted the hands up if you try and go left with your body you're going to be straight over the top notice this as I'm worse swinging here look I'm my hands are working look from here in towards my body but I'm still look straight down the target line here okay I'm not driving and I'm not up here coming across the line okay so let's take one more and then we'll hit driver to show you the difference of driver

simple as that so that's an absolute scorcher down there so let's see what we do with the drivers so doing anything at full speed like hidden driver is always going to be tricky so let's keep this simple for driver just imagine here you're setting this Trail elbow in place and what you're going to do is it's almost like a forehand shot in tennis you're keeping what feels like the racket of the strings facing down but what you've done is you're going to angle the body at setup slightly up here so now the the trail shoulder is going to be a lot lower than it was with the irons and the Fairy Woods off the ground and you're in you're in a large position where the ball is opposite your heel now and all you're going to do is is you're going to maintain the wrist angle through impact the difference is now what you're going to do is the upward flight is not just caused by the loft of the golf club it's also caused them by your angle of attack the attack that you're coming into it but we're not getting the ball up in the air with a flick because again we know that is weak and you lose all control okay so that's simple as that just imagine you're hitting the ball up the back side Trail elbow sticking very close to here and you're keeping that pressure on that shaft for as long as they possibly can let's look at this in action

just like that okay that's an absolute Beauty so I hope you enjoyed this video this is one of the big secrets to uh playing Great Golf and striking the ball absolutely amazing control the trail wrist angle super super important if you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up maybe share with one of your friends you're struggling with that bull strike and remember look if you want to see videos like this one do check out this one right here where I personally get a lesson from what I think is the world's best golf course Peach count who has given me something very very similar to working because just like you from time to time I get my hands way too active so this is a brilliant drill not just for amateur golfers but for professionals who are trying to get better just like me hope you enjoyed the video I'll see you next time.


Transcript Summary- 

Hey there, it's Danny Maude. Today, I want to talk to you about a crucial aspect that every great ball striker masters. It's all about controlling the angle in your trail wrist as you come through impact. Now, many people attempt this, but they often do it incorrectly, which ends up costing them speed and a solid strike. In this video, I'm going to guide you on how you can control the angle of your trail wrist for an outstanding strike while maintaining speed.

But before we dive in, if you're new here, consider subscribing. I release videos like this every week to help you improve your game. Also, you'll find a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below.

Let's start with a simple exercise to get the feel of it. You can do this on the golf course. Place the club opposite your trail leg, then push down on the shaft, dragging the club where the hands work to square the club face. The key here is the direction of the hands – they move on an arc to the left, not driving the handle forward. This ensures you maintain the trail wrist angle without sacrificing speed.

Now, let's take that feeling into some small shots. Work the club towards your left leg to square the face, all while keeping the angle in the right wrist. This is crucial for achieving that beautiful compression without losing speed.

Moving on to the full swing, remember that maintaining the trail wrist angle starts in the backswing. Keep an eye on your trail arm setup, making sure it points towards you and that the elbow is in front of the trail hip. This sets you up for compression. Avoid losing it by pointing your palm away from the target, allowing for a solid rotation.

As you swing down, work the hand path left of the target, squaring the club face with rotation and pressure, not a flick. This is where the speed comes from. Remember, the release and catapult happen naturally as the club follows its arc towards the ball.

Now, let's see how this technique works with different clubs. Start with small swings and gradually build up. With woods, adjust the ball position to maintain compression while ensuring a higher flight.

For the driver, it's like a forehand shot in tennis. Set the trail elbow in place, maintain the wrist angle, and imagine hitting up the backside of the ball. This combination of wrist control and angle of attack generates the optimal launch.

There you have it. Focus on controlling the trail wrist angle, and you'll notice a significant improvement in your ball striking. If you found this video helpful, give it a thumbs up, share it with a friend struggling with ball striking, and check out my other videos. Until next time, see you on the course!