Two things your hands and arms must do to play great golf

driver hands irons more distance and accuracy Mar 16, 2024

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Short Transcript-

Alright, everyone, let's get into it. This week, I've got something really special to share with you all. It's a video that I know is going to make a huge difference in your game. Now, let's talk about the hands and arms in your swing. They're not just there for show, they play two crucial roles: generating power and controlling direction. And trust me, if you're not getting these right, it could be holding back all your hard work on the course.

Let me tell you about one of my recent students, Paul. He was falling into a common trap that many golfers do, especially with their shaft angles. See, when you're coming down too steep, you're losing out on that beautiful sling action that the pros have. So, I needed to get Paul into a better position to unleash his power effortlessly.

So, we kept it simple. I had him visualize pointing the butt of the club down the target line during his backswing. It's all about setting up for that powerful release through impact. And let me tell you, it made a world of difference for Paul.

But it's not just about the backswing. We also worked on what the hands needed to do on the way down. None of that relying on the wrists stuff. I wanted Paul to focus on bringing the club back to the ball using the butt or the elbow, which naturally squares up the clubface.

And here's the kicker: so many golfers make the mistake of letting their torso move forward through impact. But that's a speed killer. Your hands and arms should be doing the work, not your body. So, I had Paul focus on keeping his torso steady, allowing his hands and arms to deliver that club with maximum speed.

And let me tell you, the results were amazing. Paul was hitting the ball further and more accurately with less effort. We applied the same principles to his driver swing, and the improvement was remarkable.

So, folks, if you want to take your game to the next level, focus on mastering the role of your hands and arms in the swing. It's a game-changer, trust me. If you found this video helpful, give it a thumbs up, share it with your friends, and don't forget to subscribe for more tips to improve your game. Until next time, have a fantastic week on the course!

Full Transcript- so all week I've been really excited to share this video with you because I just know it's going to help now your hands and arms play a major role in your swing fact they have play two roles they help you generate effortless power and they help you control your direction now I bet if you're anything like my students you're doing so many things great in your golf swing but not understanding how your hands and arms work is possibly just killing all of that hard work in fact I coach a number of senior golfers who for instance who they don't move their body as well as some of the other players but understanding how the hands and arms uh work has enabled them to generate another 15 20 plus yards easily and accurately to their games I want to show you how you can do the same in this video now before I do look if you're new to the channel so your first lessons of mine please consider subscribing or relas videos just like this every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember a thing I'll always put a free download practice guide in the description box below so I thought the best way to help you in this lesson would be to kind of kind of talk about one of my recent students Paul who just like so many golfers was basically falling for the Cardinal trap I'll start with the IR first and we'll move to the driver so basically Paul like so many players does this you know when he comes down this shaft starts to get into a very steep position on the way down now if you've seen any my videos you'll realize that the best players don't do this the best players swing on a beautiful Circle and they do this because as the club comes down here see the club is behind my hands here what this this allows you to do when the club is behind your hands is work the club around and basically when it's behind look we can sling it right but if the club on the way down is like this and starting to too is too steep I there's no room I can't sling it anymore and that's where we get flicking we get the elbow sticking out we get a multitude of things that compromises your power your and you cat swing effortless and it's certainly compromise your direction so when I saw Paul doing this I want what one drill would help him get into a place where this shaft was much more let's say just visualize a 45 degree angle it's not quite but 45° so that you could effortlessly generate some speed to the ball so all I did really really simple was this I got him to swing the club back however he wanted this St and I got him to imagine what his hands needed to do I said look why you bringing your hands in I want you to imagine you're pointing the butt directly down the target line and he like right so why does that help Danny he says well watch this if you get the butt what you're doing right now you're tipping it so where's your butt pointing it very quickly points towards your body I want you here to point the club first of all Out to the Ball yeah and then as you're coming round I want you to point it directly down the target line another way of imagining this which is equally as good and some of my students prefer this one is to imagine the elbow see if you are getting the club steep your elbow starts to point very very quickly down to the floor yeah but if you if you imagine your elbow pointing directly down towards the target you're going to get the club naturally in a brilliant position on the way down this is your power position this is unbelievably important so I initially said to Paul let's just get that feeling um first now you've probably seen me doing this and what do you notice about the club face as I'm doing this club face at the moment is still quite open so you probably expect Paul to hit a few out to the right and he did but I didn't mind that I I said to him do that first get the feeling of this motion here elbow pointing towards a tag you just feel that and then make some swings okay now he he didn't know how to release it from here I'm going to go into that in a second because he wasn't used to this but I got him just a sense this motion first and every um swing start to get into this beautiful slot and Powerful position so go and hit some shots just doing that and fair enough he went and he' hit a few shots and then start to flash a little bit out to the right hand side now he said ah definitely stting to look better on camera but it's not perfect so stage two in this process was then going right now you've got this sensation here what happens next well all you need to do is figure out what the hands need to do now hands and arms needs to do to take this club and bring it back beautifully to the golf ball okay now there two phases to this all I did with Paul was keep it really simple look I don't want you to bring the club back to the ball using your wrist this is weak it's right not powerful at all all I want Paul to do is take this butt right or the elbow whatever image you prefer and as it's moving towards a Target simply do this the club needs to do what move back to the ball so get the butt or the elbow now pointing more towards or behind you here right this then snaps the club back around the corner and basically squares up that club so look at this I can now hit beautifully down the line okay this is how you swing a golf club okay it's really really simple now Paul wasn't used to this so what we did is is before we moved on to the distance phase which I'm going to go into a second I just got him to find a rhythm with this so I got him to do a couple of things I'm going to do one of these one two so he's pointing the butt toward the target I said one two and then what we're going to do is we're going to snap the butt towards us to throw the club outwards okay either the butt or the elbow whatever you prefer so it sounds like this one two and snap it through okay so we started to do few exercises now what Paul did when he did this is he he just enjoyed the process got into the flow one two and snap it through okay and I just let him get on with it now I didn't get him to do these um these kind of non-stop swings as I've just shown you that he chose to do that cuz it just felt right so he didn't set up mechanically he just went one two and snap it through and spent and start to get that Rhythm now he started more accurately but he wasn't quite getting the distance that he still should be getting because this is the final ingredient and the one that really really important for most golfers okay so You' started to get the club now in the slot you're starting to get an idea of how the hands are supposed to work the final piece is this and it's a killer we're going to go into drive actually to show you this is so many players take their torso and as they're coming through they move through the shot forward now think of it this way I said snapping through what's this club doing here the club is moving in towards here towards our body that throws the club out and then look that's the speed right there but if you move your body what are you doing you're moving the butt also this way leaving the club Behind you've robbed yourself of all your speed okay so if you want speed you need to understand that these hands and arms do this they snap into the body here right but then look we've got to learn to feel that catapult going through that means your body this torser does not go forward it stays on the ball so all I did with Paul gave him a simple feeling with this got himself set up here I said Bank your Trail foot in turn your hips towards the target here and really extend your back now Paul has lots of injuries he has a lack of Mobility but he got into a position which was much more extended for him and he was absolutely comfortable with it now look at this when you're extended look at this I'm able to sling that club outwards now beautifully versus look at this no power at all so with Paul again I didn't over complicate it I said look you've got the idea you know your destination do a couple of exercises Bank the TR foot in turn the hips towards the target extend the back a little bit here now you're going and he said to me God I really feel that I can see that now how that would really sling the golf club whereas this doesn't and what we did which is really really important is I got him to go through a simple phase of this I said look feel it first of all now suggest you is anything you're working on just do this I got him to kind of stretch turn feel it and then I'd go right this is what you do Paul feel the difference that's where you need to be okay walk to the golf ball now okay and feel that motion and suddenly he's starting to really extend and start to generate so much speed and Power in his shots and he did exactly the same with driver okay so with a driver there's no difference whatsoever you're still doing the same thing balls forward but look the butt is going down the line you're snapping that here back here look back into your body here and look when we're here very very important if you're doing this with driver you're robbing yourself of speed but you're also going to slam it into the turf Paul felt this immediately by following this process do it in in the stages I promise you it'll hugely hugely help one of the biggest faults in golf so I hope you enjoy this video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and of course look if you're new to the channel your first lessons of mine please consider subscribing look if you want to know how to hit driver much straighter as so more videos on on how you drive a St check these two out right here they're going to help until next week have a wonderful golfing week.