What Nobody Tells You About How To Strike Your Woods & Irons

best driver tip driver iron Nov 24, 2023

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Full Transcript- so I had a load of students at CA see me this week and one of the things they were all struggling consistently to strike their irons and woods off the ground and the main reason for this is there's something that nobody seemed to have told them about hitting the irons and the woods and this was cost him they was cost him they were top some were topping on the ground some were thinning it some were really struggling with direction and distance but once they understood this and the concept everything changed I want to share with you what this is because you could be trying so many different things to try prove the consistency of your irons in your woods and nothing's working because you don't understand this okay this concept so I'm going to go into that in this video if you're new to the channel though and this one of your first lessons of mine please consider subscribing at least videoos just like this one every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have remember thing I'll put a free download or practice guide in the description box below so when you're hitting your Woods or your irons off the ground you've got to remember that it's very very different a different type of strike needed for that than it is maybe if you're fatig you need to avoid hitting any ground behind the golf ball okay now to do that we need to do I want to imagine this we're swinging the club like this okay now to hit a ball first we need to make sure that we hit it before the club gets to its longest point it's maximum radius in the circle because its maximum radius in the circle here is the point where the club is going to land it's going to land on the ground so we want to kind of strike the ball before that club lands on the ground now the landing point just for reference is directly under your lead armpit here this where your lead AR and Club form a straight line this is where you might hit a driver okay but with any club off the ground when you want to strike the ball you're going to you want to strike it here much much earlier before the club gets to its Maxum radius because you don't want the club grounding out early okay but this has its problems and this is what's causing a few issues with a few golfers so can of look at look at this so my students absolutely love this visual cuz this is ultimately your golf swing it swings on a beautiful Arc a lot of people make the mistake of trying to go straight back and straight through there's no such thing your golf's Club is always working on an AR right now when the club gets to the center of this AR this is the landing point of your golf club okay now we said look that Landing point is directly opposite your lead heel and this is bruly where you might have driver but we said when you're hitting your irons and your Woods you don't want the the the ball anywhere near that Landing point you want to hit the ball further back okay so this is this is your Landing Point here but we want our ball to be over here but what do you notice if that's the case and you're making a golf swing and that golf club is coming in here we're striking that ball look on the way down so we don't land the here we hit the ball on the way down the club continues working on the AR and then lands right in the center of that Circle okay now the problem is this is where most people uh kinesthetically and Visually get really really confused and it's stopping them from striking it what most people are aware of is is that where's the club actually heading at the moment it strikes that ball it's to the right so the before the club strikes that ball that club is heading to the right of Target it only then comes around the corner when it finally hits the ground here after that golf ball and this can be really really in a sense of feeling wise can be really confusing let me show you so what I've done here is just set the ball up at where I would have a driver which is the landing point the club The Landing point being where your lead down and Club line up just under your lead down Pit and the club is at its maximum rages this is the point at which the club is going to hit the ground now we said with your woods and your irons you do not want a ball anywhere near this why because you want to make sure you avoid all the all of the ground so the more you move the ball back in your stance the more chance you've got of striking that ball and avoiding all ground behind it and this is really really important but I said this is where some of the problems live so let me explain as we move the ball and I'm going to exaggerate this just for the purpose of seites As you move the ball further and further back in your stance here okay this is your Landing point of the club but if I move the ball way back in my stance okay what's happening to the club now it's already tracking on an AR this way okay inside yeah now I I want you to imagine this the golf swing is a circle that works around here it works back around and then it's the club is heading to the right hand side and then it starts to work back towards the Target and then what does it do it works back around here this is the circle right this is the swing Circle okay but if you're catching the ball if this is the center of the circle right here if this is the center of the circle but you're going to catch the ball back in your STS here where's the club actually heading where's it heading so if I've moov the ball back in my stance and I catch that ball before the club starts to track back around to the center of the circle that club is heading where out to the right hand side and this is the feeling that most people AR or they don't realize they should be aware of okay which is this the natural geometry of a ball hit off the ground should probably create a shot that sets off to the right at Target and draws back to the left I'll show you how to dra back in a second but most people are trying to do that most people are trying to hit a dead straight shot and it goes against the natural geometry of your golf swing you see the only way I could hit that ball dead straight is right at the center of this Arc but if I hit it at the center of the ark that is a landing point of the golf club I don't want it anywhere near that because that Landing point is going probably going to catch it fat I want you to strike the ball first so we need to move the ball back in the air which means that you strike the the ball as the club is heading out there okay so here's a great visual for you and here's how I'd like to practice on a golf course so it's going to start with setup if I move that ball back in my stance okay and I put my handle forward as it should be here so it's angled there that face is aiming to my right hand side so what I'm going to do is if I didn't change anything there and I swung that ball as it strikes would probably head out to the right so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to close the club face so it's just just I me fraction right at Target then and then I grip it now what this will mean is this if I just put a beautiful simple circle on this swing that should see a ball that flies sets off slightly to the right and then draws back to the center let's have a look at this in

action there we go so look at this here my circle which is this bit here one is absolutely perfect right zero and it's created a perfect shape my club path which is a positive number means it's heading where to the right and tight so I've caught the ball early on the AR because I close the face this is the club face healer minus five close the face I've created this perfect draw most of the players I'm coaching Unfortunately they don't do that what tends to happen is this they're not comfortable with catching the ball early they're desperately trying to hit it straight and then what like I said what happens is this you may have the ball back in your stance but instead of it getting the Sensation that you're catching early on the a you're desperately trying to catch it and hit it straight this gets you lined up watch the difference now watch this now suddenly what I'm doing is I've caught it unbelievably clean but now the problem is is we start getting everything going left of Target okay you start to add an open face to that and you then start to hit great big slices too okay so the first thing here is is understand the geometry of your goal swing understand how how it's created how the ball flight's created if you do this and you get in your mind it's going to super super help let me now give you one drill will give you a wonderful feel for the golf course so my students love this drill because it doesn't require too much thought it's a great visual that you can take to the golf course can achieve exactly what we've just been talking about so now you understand the geometry of soing we said look we want the lead arm and Club lining up underneath our left heel here or underneath our left armpit should I say that's where you want to be right now we don't want to do it we don't want to line this up here we want the stret shaft here because if you do what's going to happen this is where the landing point will be this is when you start hitting your fats your Thins and your weak shots now what I love about this is this this I want you to basically get the full shaft onto your bag here okay the full shaft now why do I like this okay because for those of you who are struggling for strike here's what's happening your shaft is going straight here it's lining up here so by the time it gets to the bag the head will hit the bag not the shaft and you're in this kind of flicky weak position which is causing you all the problems okay look at this here's the AR we strike the ball look before the club that's a ball Turf before the club finally goes and you rotate look back into this bag here you see this so we strike the ball at this angle club's heading out to the right then back around around so have this lined up with your lead heel and then just imagine you doing doors with cushions just imagine smacking it this way okay just showing it from this angle here really really great visual line it up with your with your lead heel ball position is going to be behind so look at this we catch the ball look at an angle where the club's heading out to the right hand side before you take you're bringing in that rotation and then it lines up right there okay at that moment of impact this is the Sensation that I want I absolutely love it because it gives some uh my students a real simple visual that they can take that they can that they can take to the golf course now this is important because it's okay having those visuals but if deep down you're still trying to hit a straight shot you you're going to Resort back to leaning back to trying to hit it straight you've got to trust that ultimately the feeling is that you're going to be heading out to the right the club's going to strike the ball as it's tracking to the right then it comes around at it's lowest point this is where it strikes the ground here but by then the ball's already gone okay now the same principle applies with your Woods okay A lot of times people struggle to get the woods up in the air struggle to strike them so what do they do they try and get them more up in the air they stract to lean more and more back and all you do is hit the bottom part of this wood okay just the same principle you won't have the ball maybe as far back as your eyon but I'm maybe going to move this two balls back of my lead heel so I've still got an angle there and from here I'm still look heading look slightly out to the right before I strike the ball then I come around and this is my strongest point so let's have a look at this in action okay I'll hit a five this is just a a fivewood a gentle fivewood for you and all I'm going to visualize here is I'm going to imagine that uh the bag right in front of the ball and I'm going to hit that ball with the full shaft and the club face Bang there that's what I'm going for very different to try to lineing up that club here okay this is what's going to give me that beautiful power and

strike so have a look at that so we've got my swing Direction which is basically look the swing circle is zero which is pretty perfect you'll notice on this one look my club path 1.8 it means that it's still heading out to the right but notice it wasn't as much as my iron why is that well think about it with an iron we have the ball slightly further back in our down so we catch that ball as the path is heading look slight slightly more to the right have we move the ball a fraction further forward with a wood like a five wood we're catching a still to the right but not as much which is why it's a little bit less okay so once you understand the geometry you can start to apply this naturally and using images like the bag there really trying to put the shaft and the club on the bag at the same time this will help a lot of this happen very very naturally now once you've got an idea of this geometry you're going to want to understand well how do we generate speed with all of this well do me a favor check this video out right here because once you've got an idea of look we're presenting look the full shaft on the on the bag here not here which is going to lead to those weak horrible strikes this will help you do that with with a very very short back swing actually but generate a lot of power so to go and check that out and of course look if you enjoy this video make sure you give it a thumbs up maybe share it with somebody your friends you know he struggling with shots off the ground I'm sure they'll appreciate it and of course if you're new to the channel just press that subscribe button down below so you don't miss out on future videos but until next week have a wonderful golfing week.

Transcript Summary- 

Hey there, golfers! It's Danny Maude here, and I've got something crucial to share with you today. I've had a bunch of students in CA this week, and guess what? They were all struggling with the same thing – hitting their irons and woods off the ground. Now, the main reason for this? Well, it's a concept that seems to have slipped through the cracks for many of them. But don't worry; I'm here to break it down for you.

So, when you're out there trying to strike your irons and woods off the ground, it's important to understand that it's a whole different ball game compared to other types of shots. The key here is to avoid any contact with the ground behind the ball. Now, how do we do that? Well, let me explain.

Imagine your golf swing as this beautiful arc – a lot of folks make the mistake of trying to go straight back and through, but that's a myth. Your golf club is always working on an arc. Now, to hit the ball effectively, you need to strike it before the club reaches its maximum radius in the swing circle – the point where it's about to hit the ground.

So, where's that landing point? It's directly under your lead armpit, forming a straight line with your lead arm. Perfect for a driver, right? But, for irons and woods off the ground, we don't want the ball anywhere near that landing point. We want to strike the ball much earlier, way before the club gets to its maximum radius. Now, here's where it gets interesting.

I've got this visual aid my students love – the golf swing circle. Picture this – you're catching the ball on the way down, with the club still working on its beautiful arc. But, the tricky part is the club's path. Before it hits the ball, it's heading to the right, and only after it hits the ground does it start to come around towards the target. Confusing, right?

Now, let's tackle the common issue. Most people are trying to hit dead straight shots, going against the natural geometry of the swing. But here's the deal – hitting it dead straight means striking at the center of the arc, the landing point, which is likely to catch it fat. We want to avoid that.

So, here's the drill. Move the ball back in your stance to avoid hitting the ground, but be aware – as you do this, the club's path starts to head to the right. Embrace it! Trust that the natural geometry of your swing will produce a shot that sets off to the right and draws back to the left.

Now, I've got a killer drill for you. Visualize this – your lead arm and club lining up under your left heel. Imagine smacking a bag with the full shaft on it, catching the ball before the club starts tracking back to the center of the circle. This is the sensation you want. Trust the process.

And hey, the same principles apply to your woods. Adjust the ball position, keep that club path heading slightly to the right, and let the draw happen naturally. It might feel counterintuitive, but it's the key to consistent strikes.

So, there you have it, golfers. Understand the geometry, embrace the natural path, and take it to the course. If you found this helpful, give it a thumbs up, share it with your buddies, and don't forget to subscribe for more game-changing tips. Until next week, have an awesome week on the golf course!