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driver slice Jul 05, 2022

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Nine out of 10 of my students i was coaching this week all sliced the golf ball basically they were coming over the top of the golf ball here face was wide open you were and they were getting that horrible slice that loses distance loses direction it's so frustrating isn't it so what i did and i thought it'd be really helpful for you today is with each one of them we managed to cure their slice in different ways okay so today what i'm going to do is i'm going to give you five simple ways that you can start to use you might use them all you might want a combination of them to improve your slice so when our first students uh george basically he was slicing it because of his grip his actual lead hand on the golf club was way too weak and what i mean by that is he was holding it too much in the palm if you hold the club when you grip it here too much in the palm you you're almost in a situation where you're gonna slice it from there okay so you can see from this angle when it's in the palm i when i look down here i can't see many knuckles on my hand all right what i want you to do okay and just check this for yourself you want the club to sit much much more into the fingers of the hand here so now when i close the hand it sits look this butt end here on my butt my hand sits on top of the grip now when i look down i can see look one two and three knuckles this now is in a what we call a strong position and he's in a position that's going to help me close the club face through the impact area with george he found that very very difficult with this club high in the palm but once he got it into the fingers of this lead hand here it was so much easier for him naturally by the way naturally to close that club face and reduce his slice to a much much straighter shot now george's bottom hand was absolutely fine we didn't have to change that but do check that as well a lot of people like slice have this top hand way too far over and this trail arm underneath here make sure this but this arm here is nice and soft here turned inwards so it almost feels like it's underneath this is going to help you create the release of the club if you're here if anything you're going to create this type of motion so underneath okay so point number one and make sure you've got a decent grip before you start to work on anything else

beautiful number two number two is a biggie and this was the situation for toby toby massive slice of the golf ball but his slice came from set up so his grip was absolutely fine but the problem with him is his shoulder line was way over here now i see this a lot with drivers so check this out when your bulbs is his way forward what we tend to do is we tend to move towards it and reach for it that gets us aiming over here from there you're going to have one option you're going to come across the line of the golf ball either hit it miles left or with an open face hit this big slice so how we got toby setting up much more square so the shoulder line was more in line with the foot feet all we did was get him to hold the club in his lead hand grip was fire remember got him to put his trail hand behind his leg here and slide it down to the knee what this does is it draws the shoulder back here it lets the right shoulder my troll shot drop a little bit here and helps me go almost feels like it's underneath as opposed to where toby was on top wonderful if you're underneath you're in a position to hit down the line and through the shot for those much straighter shots if you're over up here you're in the position to hit down and across which creates those horrible slices okay so simply we slid down the leg here got him into position here it said he said that feels like i'm over here danny but we put him on camera it didn't okay so real simple routine get yours your lead hand in place slide it down the bottom of your leg move it in position when a great place now look to work the club on an arc that's going to come on the inside of this golf ball here and hit through that shot build that into a routine and that will help you massively hit through and that beautiful draw but this is number three toby didn't hit that beautiful draw when we gave him this straight away and the reason being is toby needed to work on his release because of this motion he trained a very very poor torso release through the impact area so we needed to now work on number three we got him into a place where he could hit the draw okay now we need to train him to close that face so his path was better we need to get him close in the face here's what we did i got him to grab his driver and turn it around and grip the shaft end just for a second because i needed him to create the feeling of some snap you see when you slice a golf ball most of the time what's happening is you don't have any snap at the golf ball your shoulders are doing all the work and this creates a choppy slicey action you need to create almost this natural kind of snap where if you look at my lead arm and club hit shaft here they're all lining up at impact so we're creating look here we're loading the shaft we're snapping the shaft so you can do this in the garden just get a feel of snap very different to this yeah with torsos doing all the work we want to create snap notice as we're creating this snap the path is coming where perfectly down the line if i did this i come straight over the top and i'm in my slice okay so i've got him feeling that snap so we're in position here we've got the setup correct now we need to feel this club here all lining up so that club face toe and heel all line up at impact in a snap fashion rather than a drag fashion and that was it now did he get it straight away of course he didn't okay it was not easy actually initially to get that sensation um of snap what he kept doing is he was getting a bit of snap but he kept turning so you had to get that sensation almost like this lead shoulder here stayed back a little bit as he was snapping this club but once he did the difference in the actual shot was really really amazing

look at that straight down that right hand side with a beautiful draw that is point number three get your setup in position here then create more snap so your club face naturally releases through the impact area you get the tour turning over and it gets rid of that slice right so number four so sometimes when the basic stuff doesn't work you've got to look into what's your pattern in your golf swing now paul one of the other students this week had some loops this is really normal so most slicers have a loop in their swing they tend to loop it around here like this and then loop it over so they create these shapes like this when you've got this kind of figure of eight shape this is going to create slices now it may not be as exaggerated as that but most people have it shallow steep and across all i did with paul to kind of really improve the simplicity of this swing so it was much more up and down if you get it up and down it's a lot easier to repeat was educate him into the feeling of the takeaway how it should move in the first kind of few feet of the swing and all we did was this paul was simply rolling his wrist and rolling his forearms excessively now what you want to do is you've got to realize that the the wrists and the forearms work more in a upward motion as opposed to a rolling motion so once you get this feeling i certainly give this feeling to paul the wrist work and the arms work up watch this now if you just simply turn your shoulders the club's birth perfect line it isn't rolled in okay if i roll my wrists like this then to my shoulders that's where the start the loop is going to come from so once you educate yourself into this kind of okay there's my wrist is my for arms working more upwards and a slight slight angle get that sensation then all you do look is you blend this whole thing into a backswing when you've got the quilt working up it can work much more straight down and then through the shot so start with that check if you've got loops in your swing check your takeaway if you're finding yourself kind of rolling in here start to get that club working and build this into a simple routine where maybe your first move initially is to feel this kind of upwards motion just there you go i'll put a little bit here with the arms and then just get the sensation at your arms look at working up on that way back so start with that first you don't want to have the roll you want to feel the club working more this way add a rotation into that and then away you go so let's blend those motions in and let's see how we get on before we move on to step five

nice and straight down the middle of that fairway so before we get into number five which is a real belter by the way if you are loving this type of content consider subscribing to the channel i receive videos like this every single week to try and help you improve your game so come and join that community also if you enjoyed the video remember to smash that like button so number five okay now number four was really helped paul get a much more direct line to the golf ball but it didn't completely get rid of his slice remember if you are used to these loots which is so normal without you realizing okay just because you get that club much more online on the way back doesn't mean you've forgotten the loop on the way down so this final point again is just a beautiful feeling what i want you to do once you've got the sense now of this club working much more up not rolling around i want you to get a sense now here when you come down just simply get the club working and not much just for a second as a feeling just drop it to the ground where your troll foot is here because if you slice you don't do this you go this way yeah so once you've got it here you've got to get a sensation of from here and then from there just get a feeling of doing this up so you're going to swing the club up move it drop it here for a second and move it up so this is going to go from a low position to a high position if you slice it you are almost certainly doing this you know that you're coming over so you're going from a high position and you're coming down into a low position all right so feeling this simple pattern of high up here low down here and high and then all you're doing is you're going to bright gradually look blend all this in to a much much more look at this one here i can now look hit through this way okay so you just build and start to blend these feelings in once you get the idea of this it all starts to become easier so with some practice paul started to get a much much more direct line up and more directly down now we didn't completely eliminate a slice in this half hour session but what we did do is we turned that horrible slice into a just a controllable fade that was now hitting fairways i know that with some practice and this sensation of simplicity paul will start to hit them much much straighter and maybe even turn that into a draw if you wanted to too so here's how i want you to work on it just grab your shot here and start to develop the sensations all we're going to do here is really get that sensation of the club working up just imagine it's going to go to a low position and then emerge it's going to a high position so almost here look the arms are working look away from the body on the way through as opposed to towards the body on the way through it's up down and up again so i really feel that upwards motion take your time with it build it into a nice rhythm and then start enjoying the motion

beautiful little draw so i've got some more detailed if you want to know more detail on this particular subject check this video out right here but i hope you enjoyed this little series have a great golfing week i'll see you very very soon