Why 90% of golfers can’t hit Straight Golf Shots…

driver Oct 06, 2022

Full Transcript - If you struggle to hit your driver straight or your iron straight I believe this is the very first video you should watch in fact I give this lesson to every single one of my students and they love it because it gives them a framework somewhere to hang their hat on because how often do you something you start hitting straight and then maybe a week later or even just a round letter you start slicing it again or hooking it again what my students love about this session is is they follow this three-step process and what it gives them is a way to get it back on track it gives them a reason exactly why you're slicing or exactly why you might be hooking it so let's start with the irons then we'll work up to driver okay so I think this is going to be huge for you I'm really really excited so ultimately this the golf swing is an arc and this is really really important we don't play golf like this do we and have a straight back and straight through motion we play golf with a ball out in front therefore the club needs to work around back to straight and then around again somehow if if you slice the golf ball okay you catch the ball to as opposed to catching it perfectly there so that would be straight you catch it too late on the arc okay your Club is already heading left of Target here which will lead to two things either if the club Flex is square to that path you'll hit a straight left shot if it's open to that path as it goes this way you'll hit your slice if you hook the golf ball it's just the opposite you're catching the golf ball too early before it's actually got around to square to straight the ball can either there either set off straight to the right a Target or if you have a close face create a great big hook to the left so stage one if you want to make sure and increase the likelihood that you're gonna arrive at the perfect place every time you need to be set up so let's focus on setup so my first question to you is are you set up to hit it straight or are you set up to slice it or even hook it you see this is what happens if you slice the golf ball this is what I'm seeing all the time your ball position isn't there it's too far to the left that forces your grip round too far to the left that forces your shoulders too fast left often then because you then slice it what do you do with your feet you aim them too far to the left watch all this happen when that ball position creeps too far forward every things aiming left what part of the arc you're going to hit it on you're going to hit it too late on the arc this is what I've seen with some senior guys I was watching the other day off the tee they were slicing their driver massively now there's a bonus tip I'm going to show with driver where you do something slightly different a little bit later on but there everything about them was left shoulders feet ball and because of that they all caught the ball late on the arc which basically led to this watch this path negative path minus 12. look at 7.8 face that massively open face positive normally is Open Face leading to a slice okay so this is how I would either do with all my students this is how I would correct them immediately and if you slice it this is what I want to look for we need to be parallel there's your target line there's your foot line we don't want anything forcing those lines this way so the first thing I want you to do is check your ball position we'll start with this I've got an A Time here and then we'll move to driver but with an a time it's fairly Central in our stance Watch What Happens okay if I move the ball position from a Way Forward position to slightly further backward you notice as I move the ball further back in my stance can you see how this automatically if your ball goes from here look to further back what is it doing I'm exaggerating here to everything here it closes it off what's that going to do that's going to get me hitting the ball too early possibly but it's going to for you it's going to help straighten you out so as I get myself set here I'm going to move the ball slightly now overdo it and let's see what happens if I move the ball too far back in my stance can you see how my shoulders now aiming incorrect they're now aiming too far to the right what will that create well let's have a look heavy fat watch this positive number and minus like this is a hook family yeah exaggerated yes but I've now gone too far this way so ball position shoulder alignment this is going to hugely affect your curvature so you need to get this right so before we move on to stage two spend time neutralizing this ball flight so you're not doing too much of this or too much of this you know play around with the bulbs you play around with the alignment of your forearms and your shoulders until eventually you can start to hit the ball a little bit straighter once you've got that nice straight motion look at this here just a simple changing setup has neutralized my club path and my face to path to give me a much much straighter shot now what we want to do is you want to work out how do we kind of add power to the swing whilst maintaining this so let's Now work on the body motion to enhance all this so when you want to try and add more power to you again this is when the slices really start to come in or Your Hooks start to come in so I want to show you how you do this effectively with your body so I want you to imagine this I want you to imagine the golf swing we've said it's an arc well how do the shoulders relate and how do they work within the arc well I want you to imagine like a swing door where basically look at this here the door opens here on the way back it closes to hit it straight and then gradually opens again on the way through that's how the shoulders are going to work but more on a incline plane we'll go that through that in a second so that's all you've got to do you've got to Simply move the shoulders and time them if you slice it you don't do that what you're doing is at the moment of impact you what's happening your shoulders are aiming too far to the left which is then getting you like there's too far to the left you hit it left to Target and create a Big Slice of Vice Versa you hook they're aiming too far to the right and you hook the golf ball so what could be causes and how do you stop it most of the time it's because golfers are excessively using their arms on the way back and they're not moving their shoulders so what happens is you don't open the door like you should do on the way back instead you kind of do a little movement here your arms do the rest now the problem is is when you add power you're going to excessively rotate those Shoals on the way through leading miles open creating those big slices so the stage one or stage two here I want you to get a sense of opening the door or on the way back and practicing timing it so that you're arriving here on the way through and then working back through here so look at this here I open the door with both my right and my left shoulder my back I arrive back to a square then I come through I am not quickly rushing it and ending up here through impact I'm not sliding and leaving them closed I'm practicing timing this motion so visualize it you'll find for you slices out there you'll find that when you're approaching or coming into that downswing the sense is that most of the time the club is actually heading to the right of Target for right-handers before look you then suddenly pivot round to hit it nice and straight most of the time because you're so desperate to hit it straight you turn too quickly from the top of the Swing forcing the path or you to hit it slightly later on this Arc I want you to get that sense that you catch the ball probably earlier in the arc to create much much more of this draw shape so that's all I want to focus on get that sense of opening the door and not closing it quickly keeping it feeling like it's a baby closed before finally then it pivots open just at the right time to square that club face off

and I caught that a little bit early I felt that and that's got my path a little bit out to the right but this is the bonus I felt that I felt I caught that a little bit early gone out to the right now I've got something to work with this is the beauty of this exercise so before I get into Point number three and the really important bonus tip for the driver look if you're enjoying this video give it a thumbs up and consider joining the channel it's completely free to do so just press that subscribe button and the bell plus head on over to dannymore.com in fact click the link below you'll download the free practice guide for this video plus get an opportunity to actually have a free swing assessment from myself all the details are pinned in the top comment now this point is super super important we talked a lot about you creating a beautiful Arc here opening that door and closing that door at the perfect moment to time it too early hitting the ball and you hit a hook too late you hit a slice but the arc is created by your body motion it is not created by your arms we don't create the ark with our arm motion your arms have one roll we play the game with the ball on the ground so if something needs to take the club up and down that's your arms so what I want to do is this get the sensation of your arms working up and down not by the way working around and around like this that's the rule of the body so all you do [ __ ] your wrist pitch your arms up get the shaft just pitched just inside your Trail shoulder feel that momentum going up and then feel the momentum just falling straight down like this feel like momentum just being thrown down towards the ground then what I want to do is this this is great if you slice your opening door on the way back what I wanted to get sensor is this that your arms are very relaxed and they're flowing and when they're flowing they're able to naturally drop that's what they need to do and they need to drop before you turn back towards the target okay you close that door most of the time people who are slicing they're stiff as a board they stiff up here and then when they turn back the arms simply follow the turn and we get outside the line you slice it okay we need you here look to let the arms look ah allow them to feel it feel like they're falling before you then turn through that shot this is just a sensation okay so this is something you anybody can practice get sensation of the arms working up they're falling before you turn back to the Target and that if you slice it will make it should lead to beautiful little drawers just like that okay so that's gonna get you beautifully swinging the club up and down help where you're ball striking help hit much Shredder shots now promised a bonus tip with the driver now with your driver where's the ball position forwarding this Downs isn't it so have a look at this if I position the ball forward in my stance what does that mean well if a bolstery driver surely then this is on this side of the app well Danny you've just told me that if it's on this side of the Ark I'm going to slice it absolutely you might do okay so if that's the case it's over here what do you do differently with driver well let me show you this all I want you to do with driver is when the ball is forward we know the ball is forward we're gonna the path is going to be a little you're gonna hit the ball later in the swing combine that with the fact that you're also leaning back you're going to catch it even later in the arc so what you have to do is no one really does you've actually got to start to shuffle your alignment a little bit out to the right hand side for right handers here so that your swing Direction starts the head more out to the right hand side to cater for the fact that the club's going to come around later so you have to counterbalance this nobody does this which is why the majority of the golfing world slice their driver so make that simple alteration with your driver to cater for the fact the ball is forward simply shuffle your stance a little bit more around your hips your forearms maybe get even a sense that you're a bit more closed off and when you do that that is going to help you

so look at that just by shifting my direction it hasn't got me hitting the bulb way out to the right if anything look it's actually got me dead straight so this is a small alterations I want you to make with your driver it's quite scary if you're used to slicing it because obviously you feel like you're going to aim towards the area that you've been hitting to and that can feel a bit weird but now you understand the arc and the way that works hitting the ball what you feel if you slice it earlier in the arc will actually help you hit it straight and maybe even turn your slice into a draw now if you're enjoying this video make sure you give it a thumbs up and check this one out here because it will complement this video perfectly and a great one to watch next and of course look click the link in the comments below where you can access more videos and more importantly get potentially a free analysis with myself until next week have a great golfing week