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5 tips best iron tip ever irons Sep 13, 2022

Full Transcript - nine out of the ten students i was coaching this week struggled not just with their direction of their iron shots but also their ball striking too now the great thing is is we managed to transform every single one of them in slightly different ways in fact today what i want to do is i want to share with you five simple ways that you can start to instantly improve the ball striking the distance and the direction with your irons and you know what you might not need in them all but at least you might need to do the combination of one or two but i promise you they will make a huge huge difference now tip number one involved colin now colin was striking the ground behind the golf ball which was causing some fats huge losses distance but he would also sometimes get a big slice as well not just with his eyes but his driver too so let's deal with the strike first why was colin striking it poorly well anybody can benefit from this i see this all the time the first thing i noticed it was in simple setup his sternum here was hanging without him realizing behind the golf ball now the problem is if your sternum hangs behind the golf ball when you come down you're going to end up striking the ground behind the golf ball it's never going to be any good you're going to strike down on it you might strike up on it so you might fat it or even thin it along the ground you've got to get your sternum lined over the top of the golf ball when that happens you then come down on the golf ball so we strike the ball then the ground naturally yeah so there's the first thing we call him i said look get a sense of where your sternum is just simply hold the club hang it from your sternum here notice if it's here or here now but don't get me wrong i don't want you over here that's too much yeah you'll end up hitting the ground too firmly we want it over the ball so i made him make some swings just paying attention to where that sternum is relative to the golf ball now as he did this naturally the ball striking improved but it didn't instantly get rid of the slice although he started to strike it better he still had a bit of a slice which moves us on to tip number two forearm alivement have you ever checked your forearm alignment this is a big one for accuracy now with colin his forearm alignment when he was set up here was actually aiming to the left now what do i mean by four arm alignment well if i was to put a club along like this and i did tilt it so my trail arm goes higher than my lead arm it'll point to left if it's lower than my lead arm it starts pointing to the right now with colin i'm going to exaggerate just for camera his was turned here without him realizing so even if he did get his stern over the golf ball he could strike it but he'd come across the line of the golf ball and hit a big slice this is the simplest thing for you to change all i did was said look pay attention look at them look at where they're lined up just simply move them around until you feel like they're lined up now you may feel if you're used to this angle you may feel like you need to kind of aim a little bit to the right-hand side for a right-handed gopher and that's what i did with kotlin i said look yes it feels a bit strange calling but look now they're perfectly aligned now you've got the sternum of the golf ball you're going to strike it but also now you're shifting the path to an area where we can actually look maybe even create a beautifully struck draw shot as opposed to a slice shot that you were doing which brought us into the swing element of this i said now you can visually as you're swinging like your sternums of the golf ball but you can also visualize are your forearms lined up in a way that's going to get that ball setting off in the direction that you want not in the direction that you don't want and that's all we did make some swings and start to rip beautiful draw shots like that so tip number three involved brian now what i'm gonna show you now is gonna look strange but i see this over and over again on the lesson t and it ruins your ball striking okay it really ruins your ball striking but i'm going to have to show you my back side to do this so what i want to do look at this this is how brian was set up when he setups like this he's literally without him realizing he's spying he's turned this way slightly now this is normal because often when you're trying to aim towards a target you actually turn more this way without realizing now the problem is is when you get your spine turned this way without realizing okay as a poster here here we can come into the back of the golf ball here you're actually leaning back well based on tips one and two what's that going to do it's going to send your sternum back and then you're going to start flicking it so many golfers get this right so what i want you to do is take your bum just gently not huge just shift make sure you're in a position it's almost like here you're going to smack something here not turn towards you tight the more you start to do this here the more you're shifting that swing to eventually hang back here and start to get sternum behind the golf ball so it's as simple as that all we did with brian was this got him to shift it over here just a fraction now he was he could make a much much better turn in the backswing here he could come into the back of the golf ball just think of it this way if you're set up now i can turn back and i can hit down to the golf ball if i without realizing got my spine this way i'm already restrict him or he turned the wrong direction never any good so all we did turn him in position got him to feel like now for him he felt as though he was like this he really wasn't but now from if he was like that he's in a position look to drive down through here he wasn't that's all we did with brian nothing but he didn't need anything else that one small shift here helped not just with his irons but his driver too

now tip number four and look you've gotta stay tuned it's raining and that cloud is on its way will we get this finished in time so tip number four this thing involved tom so basically this is another common uh issue i want you to look out for when you're instead of the golf ball here are you turning away because a lot of time when people are turning away they move off the golf ball now look what we've just talked about if you move off the golf ball and you hear at the top of your swing you have way too much to do to get back to the golf ball it's too inconsistent so what we did with thomas is this it's not just the case at all do we just stay still then no that won't work either but you've got to have a better way of moving in the backswing so that you can naturally come down consistently on that golf ball so what i did with tom was this tom misinterpreted the golf swing he thought i had to swing around or make a turn here and then a turn i said no no the arms work up so all i did was get my simplex size doing this first so literally cocking the wrists up working the club up at pitching it slightly in angle so there's some forearm rotation some forearm rotation in both arms here now i literally lifted that up going to lift up to one o'clock and i said right okay good this is the motion yeah i want you to create not this motion this motion that's to one o'clock then now look to two two o'clock three o'clock four o'clock five o'clock now suddenly now we've got a motion that's working in a spiral up and down to the golf ball much more likely to strike down and through the shot versus the motion which i've seen too often working around here off the ball then you're trying to lunge back to the golf ball so that's all i want you to do too real simple exercise one o'clock two o'clock three o'clock four o'clock five o'clock and i'm looking up there to help the pivot as well look as i'm doing this feel what that's like then look feel i'm chopping i feel like i'm chopping down to that golf ball and through that then gave him some wonderful strikes not straight away we have to kind of develop that sensation it felt a bit uncomfortable initially but it was so much more consistent for his ball striking and listen to that sound ball turf let's get on to number five so before i get into tip number five i'm probably get completely soaked look if you're enjoying the video give it a thumbs up and of course look come and subscribe to the channel it's come free free to do so i release videos like this every single week to try and help you improve your game plus i've always put a free practice guide in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing so tip number five i actually learned from pete cowan and i shared this with a recent student simon so simon was doing what i see a lot of golfers doing who struggled with ball striking accuracy he was excessively rolling the face open look at the face here rolling open on the way back having an open face coming down it was still open forcing him then to his body to oh my god it smiles open now we'd have to suddenly correct it the problem would you do this your body has to stall to allow the club face to kind of correct that's forces to sternum back and it causes a whole host of problems okay so what we needed to do with simon is to help him get more control of this club face so that it would arrive square more consistently and all i did was this he just needed to feel what square was so what i want you to do now is this hot get a golf club hold it right in front of you here and i want you to imagine you're holding a towel and you're going to ring the towel out when you ring a towel out you're literally your hands are working in opposition to each other when you do this what happens to the club face nothing stays completely square so when you imagine this if you're kind of ringing the tower all the way to the top and then all the way back into impact nothing's going on with the club face it's staying much much more stable and that's all i gave simon what he was doing prior to this is he wasn't wringing out the towel what he was doing is he was allowing both hands to work too much in the same direction they would work in the same direction on the way back and then they would either stay there or then excessively work in the same direction on the way through leading to very very inconsistent ball striking and accuracy now all i did initially to build this is it's not going to add loads of tension to my swing you don't have to do this you just add that little bit of tension that's all it is just a tiny bit to feel what that's like square face hit a few shots and that's all i did with someone said feel those hands feel where the club face is square is there that's slightly closed and that's slightly open okay so i get him to because he was slicing a little bit i'm going to feel like it's a little bit closed as he's swinging back i feel like it's a bit more closed on the way down and then play a few shots like that just simply paying attention to that grip pressure nothing more complicated than that and that is how you hit beautifully straight shots so that's what we did with simon got him to really sense that stability made a huge difference so if you enjoyed this video make sure you give it a thumbs up check this one out here i did something to struggle with driver i did something very very simple with some students that i know is going to super super help but until next week have a great golfing week