Why You Never Hit Driver As far As You Should

driver Nov 20, 2023


Unlock All Practice PlansFull Transcript- most golfers never hit the driver as far as they're capable of doing in this lesson I want to give you something that has gained more yards than any other lesson I've ever done in fact I had a student flyer from the US Adam who basically after step number one gained 37 yards better

how did that one feel Wowzer by the time we got to step number three we gained over 50 yards with his driver and you know what everyone was accurate I'm done let's go we're done we're done we're in this list I'm going to share with you exactly the system I gave him because look it really really does work now before I get into lesser look if you're new to the channels when your first videos of mine please consider subscribing and these videos just like this one every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember a thing I'll always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so let's get straight into step number one so Adam has watched the channel for years and he'd seen me talk about momentum in the golf swing but still didn't really get how to achieve it so this is the steps I gave him so I want you if you don't have momentum in your swing okay if you don't see a swing like this you don't have speed you don't have rhythm the best players in the world look effortless don't they and the reason being is they're allowing this club to swing with rhythm right so I got Adam literally to do this feel it with these things holding his fingertips and feel the momentum of the club I then got him to imagine increasing that momentum so almost kicking it now as I did this I want you to imagine a child's swing the swings Got Rhythm and what does the child do to increase the height of That Swing increase the power they kick don't they they have a kick somewhere at the bottom to go higher now you have to time that kick to generate the power and the height now when I was teaching my kids this initially to learn how to swing do you think they got it straight away no they would kick it all in the wrong places the swing wouldn't have any real Rhythm to it so they had to first of all kick in the right place to get Rhythm on the way back and then they had to learn how to kick in the right place on the way down so they could continue this beautiful flow so it wasn't a jerky style motion it was a rhythmical motion that is what we're going to teach you now so first thing grab it in your fingers feel momentum then look at this I got Adam to kind of feel a kick I'm lifting the club almost up I'm kicking it upwards very quickly I got him to holding his fingers of his right hand and his left hand let the full elbow fold and just let the club swing for the first time he started to hear a whoosh yes [Applause]

there you go hear that yeah whoosh why because previously everything was just completely one piece very wooden so once we've got the swing right he got that kind of feeling so he now got the Rhythm we needed to teach him how to then kick in the right place to create the effortless momentum so think of it again let's go back to the child swing as a great image here when you're a child swinging they sit on the swing and they kick it off don't they they kick it off to get some momentum now on the way down do you think they then kick here no a lot of golfers do that and that's when they come over the top and slice it no they have to wait and then kick at the bottom so what I did with Adam with this to kind of really get a sense of this you have to feel the rhythm first then you have to feel the kick and the way I got him to do this was by going one and two so listen to this I got him to throw the club forward and go one and two one and two so now he was creating the kick in the right place within two balls he gained 37 yards so that is the very first thing I want you to do feel the momentum before you go yeah just feel it so there's no kick at the moment then start to add a kick in to set the club back and then a kick in to set the club through you might be asking what do you mean by a kick well your body's Lively my body's Lively so what I'm doing is there's balance in this body I am not a statue going like this there's some bounce bounce you know I mean there's flexibility there's movement one and two that is how I start eating him off so feel momentum feel the kick will it take time only took two balls without him to really start ramping up this power let's have a look at this in action so we're gonna go one and two that is how you create effortless speed really really on in your swing do you have to give up control to achieve this yes you do in fact Adam felt really out of control he was very very nervous early on because the club felt so fast but that is how you generate speed so moving on to step number two once we got Adam kind of sensing this now do you think he got it every time no it didn't in fact very very quickly he started without doing the practice swings he started to get back to more tense short style motions so you need to repeat this you need to remind your body of what we're doing here feel that momentum one and two you can see the kicking well I've got going on in the swing there so the second stage was basically teaching Adam right what I needed him to do now was to show him now how to increase the length of his swing because it was very very short and he was robbing him of a lot of power now he was scared he was scared that if he went longer he would start to lose control and start hitting the ball everywhere but I told him no no actually it's completely opposite by you going very very short here and you're not really moving you're creating a chopping action which is only going to exasperate your slice so I gave him a turn that I coined from the Great Golf coach John Jacobs the golf swing is two turns and a swish well I just taught you the switch this is the swish yeah that is a swish now what you've got to do is move the body like almost like a door where you open the door on the way back and it's like a swing door you close it on the way through and you open it again on the way through here for the follow through and your job to hit a ball straight simply to time that so if you were to kind of um get to impact and your doors wide up at an impact like this you're going to slice it if your doors really close here you're gonna hook or push it so our job is to job is to open the door time the closing of it so it kind of arrives here and then open it again on the way through so that simple image helped Adam to really increase the length of his swing and that's what gave him another 15 years we've got 50 extra reaction just carry along massive so you've got your swish now the way I open the door simple this I imagine the Trail pocket here moving towards a Target and imagine your shoulders working on a circle okay so you're gonna move the trail pocket towards the target here that's open the door here now we've got all this space to swing beautifully back into the ball Adam didn't really move this he picked the club up here from here you haven't opened the door you're simply going to chop down on the ball you're going to lose a huge amount of power and turn possible 20 30 yard gain into nothing at all so open the door and then imagine visualize it closing at the right time to a beautiful straight shot and Away you go so that is Step number two so let's open the door as far as we can on the way back like this open it up close down the way through and I there overdrew it so if I over draw the ball there basically what's happened that to me here I haven't opened the door enough on the way through here I've left it a little bit close and my hands have overtaken if I opened up a little bit sooner I'd have straightened that shot up now the final point and step number three and this is something that will relate to any club in your golf bag as well it's a simple once it's only going to take a few seconds the golf swing as I said is two turns in a swish we collect the golf ball on the way we don't hit at the golf ball so when that Ball's lying there it isn't this okay just we kick yes we one and two but we're visualizing like a swing the club like a child on a swing we're kicking and the swing is going high when we're kicking in we visualize the collect in the golf ball into this finish this is not the end result so keep that beautiful vision in mind let's blend all these things together now so I'm stood there one and two and I'm collecting the golf ball all the way that is delivering maximum power to this shot yes that is a beauty okay so three steps for you there feel momentum build that into your routine open the door and close the door will give you two turns and a Swish and remember finally we collect the golf ball we don't hit at the golf ball so do me a favor if you love this video and you want to see the video actually with Adam I'm going to put this right here it might not be ready yet but when it is I'll put it here if you struggle with slicing the drive at any shape or form please do check this one out but look if you enjoying the video give it a thumbs up maybe share it with a friend of course look subscribe to the channel it's completely free to do so there's also a free practice Square practice download in the description box below but until next week have a wonderful golfing week. 

Transcript Summary- 

"Most golfers struggle to hit the driver as far as they're capable of. In this lesson, I want to share a system that has added more yards than any other lesson I've done. Recently, a student named Adam gained an impressive 37 yards just after the first step. By step three, he gained over 50 yards, and the best part was that it improved his accuracy."

"Now, before we dive into the lesson, if you're new to the channel, please consider subscribing. I release videos like this every week to help you improve your game. Plus, I always provide a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below."

"So, let's jump into step number one. Adam had been watching the channel for years, but he struggled to grasp the concept of momentum in the golf swing. I had him feel the momentum by holding the club's fingertips and imagining increasing that momentum, like a child's swing. You know, the kind where they kick to go higher."

"To illustrate the point, I had Adam hold the club in his fingertips and feel a kick, lifting the club almost like a child's swing. This added rhythm to his swing. The next step was to teach him how to kick at the right place for effortless momentum. We did a simple exercise: throwing the club forward and going one and two. In just two balls, he gained 37 yards."

"Moving on to step two, Adam didn't get it right every time, slipping back into old habits. So, it's crucial to repeat the process. I showed him how to increase the length of his swing without losing control. I introduced the idea of the golf swing as 'two turns and a swish.' Opening the door on the way back and closing it on the way through. This simple image added another 15 yards to his drive."

"Now, onto step three, a crucial point that applies to any club in your bag. The golf swing is about collecting the ball, not hitting it. I emphasized the vision of visualizing the club like a child on a swing, kicking and collecting the ball. The end result is a beautiful finish."

"So, in summary, feel the momentum, add a kick, open and close the door for a longer swing, and always remember to collect the golf ball. If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up, share it with a friend, and subscribe for more content. And, don't forget to check out the related video with Adam. Until next week, have a wonderful golfing week."