World's #1 Coach Reveals EASIEST Way To Hit Driver Straight

best driver tip driver Nov 22, 2023

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Full Transcript- a few weeks ago I went to see the world's number one golf coach Pete Cowan coached a many many major Champions now he gave me some incredible insights I think are going to really help you to hit driver much straighter and much much longer and they are super super simple now before I get into the video look if you're new to the channels from your first lesson is mine please consider subscribing all these videos just like this every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember a thing I'll put a full downloadable practice guide in the description box below so let's start by focusing on accuracy photo driver then we'll show you how to add speed so the big thing that Pete was really really conscious of is the control of this Trail side in your golf swing okay too many golfers either in the takeaway but let's go into impact are basically losing control this Trail elbow is popping out here leading to very flicky weak strikes okay not very strong it can cause slices it can cause a whole host of problems the other aspect is that most people think that they're trying to make a turn and they make the turn they let their arms do they're around bit in their golf swing and this is a big big flaw Your Role okay of the answer is to move the club upwards and downwards that's the roll of the arms okay now the role of the body is to look take that club around now look at this if I've got my arms working up and I turn my body around that's a great position but too many golfers are doing this look they're moving their arms around apply that with a turn and you're completely out of position right so what we want to be able to do first of all is keep things really really simple so we're going to do the accuracy piece first and then start adding in the power so here's what I want you to do first and it is super super simple take your Trail arm make sure you turn it in as detail but inwards towards your body so this bit is facing outwards okay then take your club now what I want to do is this all I want you to do is start to lift the club up literally going to set it up in position maintaining your elbow inside here don't let it pop out lift it up okay now all you're going to do is this you're going to start to fire it back down to the golf ball now you'll notice as I'm lifting it up I'm not lifting it up so the elbow's going straight it's almost kind of working on a curve here slightly slanted just over my trail shoulder here okay but the elbow is staying in now I want to feel like when you're coming down look you're firing that club look down but the elbow look is still staying where in front of me I am not firing it and letting it pop out here that's the first staging so start with that just up down really get that feeling right now if you happen to slice the golf ball you could also add in another dimension to this well my club face at the moment is square at 12 o'clock right so what I'm going to do now is you can educate yourself as to where the arms work by literally rotating okay the forearms more down to the ground now look I've got a face that's more 11 o'clock at impact but I'm not closing the face as most people try to do like this they try and get they lose all the angles their elbows popping out you're learning here to close the face and fire the club down by maintaining the position look of that right elbow and yet it's still flowing and as I'm doing this look my arms are working into my body look this way okay so once you've got that sensation the only thing you've got to then start to kind of adding it in is is the movement and how the pivot so if I look at this here we've just said look if we lift the arms up here and I simply pivot or tip my trail pocket move that towards the target I've now got a perfect backswing okay now all what most people do from here particularly slice the ball would be to turn outside the line we're in trouble so then what you would practice now what you just learned practice firing it down look I'm firing that down but I'm not doing this the elbow's not popping out I'm firing it down okay firing it down and all I would do then is look pick up the turn with my right side and look hey Presto if we do this slowly I just fire it down all I'm going to do is pick up the term with my right side and hey Presto we've got a beautiful impact position okay so then you'll just learn to blend those motions in so before I give you a brilliant drill that you can take to the golf course let's just kind of just remind the body the feelings that it's needed before we hit this shot okay so remember the arms are responsible for taking the club look up fix that elbow in position here not out there work it out get that sensation you can even just do a motion just this okay then add look when you when you're doing this add the pivot into that motion here really feel the arms look working downwards towards your body here the bite is working back straight down here and then all you're going to do is Imagine now turning onto the golf ball while look you're doing that Marshall so let's have a look at this in action first and I'll give you a real beautiful drill that you can take to the golf course

beautiful okay now let me make this even simpler for the golf course so let's grab the tea for that in a second and we're going to take this exercise now now people might as well how do you blend these so fluently together well watch this took this in lift this up now imagine this is a paintbrush okay we've tucked it in this is now a paintbrush and with the ceiling above us so the paint brush is in this angle it's not this angle right so you've set that there now imagine now you've got that motion in there you're going to put the paint brush up to the ceiling here that's the goal so you're flowing this paintbrush up to that motion there so now it's on the ceiling as if it's going to paint here now just picture this paint a almost what feels like to you a straight line if you were to leave that up there and just turn you'd go this way wouldn't you paint a straight line down here and then look paint it and then as you come into impact you're going to create a curve around back to the golf ball but here's the all-important thing now splatter the paint so when you're here paint the ceiling come straight down and splatter the paint as notice how as I'm doing this I'm basically working and I'm picking up the hand Arc here okay and the paint is drawing here I'm painting this as I'm splattering it here I'm painting this motion as I go through here very different to somebody who in a sense slices or still gets in here and hooks it now we're in real trouble we're simply up there pain in the line working it here and then working that look around there and the way you add that speed is is you can't just hold this angle you don't want to do it there's no holding angles here you pay painting but your throw you just time it and you're throwing the paint right down where that ball is here as you create in that shape so let's have a look at this in action get myself set here and all I'm going to do look put my UP Trail hand up there there I'm holding the paintbrush I'm painting it down here and as I'm coming down look all I'm doing is look my elbow's still in place and I'm painting it here if I release this paint too early where's my elbow gone it's popped out so I'm painting it here drawing that line and then look I'm splattering it this way right through that shot let's have a look at this

just like that so do me a favor start to paint pictures you know as I'm doing this you can't take positions out into a golf course you need to have a beautifully flowing golf swing so you know get that paint brush really put it up to the ceiling there feel it right and then from here look my pad's facing there I'm gonna bring that look at my pad of my my trail hand here working that paintbrush straight down and here look I'm not flicking that paint yet I'm working it around and it's only here when I start to fire that club okay here as I do that the pad is still look as Pete would say pressure still look a bit on that shaft there I'm not flicking that paint early I'm firing it right there and the pad Works look around here so imagine that beautiful picture here as you're playing remember you can't do it here if I let the elbow go the paintbrush is going to be here put it to the ceiling I'm in place simple simple visuals that hopefully you can take straight to the golf course and start to add some of that beautiful kind of speed and accuracy to your drive so I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and remember look if you did Miss Pete's video with me getting a lesson check it out right here if you want to see my simple interpretation with iron Play 2 check this video out right here but until next week have a wonderful golfing week.


Transcript Summary- 

A few weeks ago, I had the incredible opportunity to learn from the world's number one golf coach, Pete Cowan. He's coached numerous major champions, and the insights he shared are going to revolutionize your ability to hit the driver straighter and longer. Before we dive in, if you're new to the channel, consider subscribing. I release videos like this every week to help you improve your game. I'll also include a downloadable practice guide in the description box below.

Let's start by honing in on accuracy with the driver before we add speed. One major focus Pete highlighted is the control of the trail side in your golf swing. Too many golfers lose control, especially at impact, leading to weak and flicky strikes. Maintaining the right elbow position is crucial. Many golfers make the mistake of letting their arms do their own thing during the swing, disrupting the proper role of the arms and body.

To simplify, let's start with an accuracy drill. Take your trail arm, turn it inward toward your body, and lift the club while keeping the elbow inside. This prevents it from popping out. The key is to lift it up without letting the elbow go straight. It's a slight curve, maintaining control. This is the first stage of the drill - focus on this up-and-down motion.

If you happen to slice, you can add another dimension. Rotate your forearms downward, adjusting the club face angle. This is not about forcefully closing the face; it's about maintaining the elbow position and allowing the arms to work into the body.

Now, let's blend these motions with the body pivot. Lift the arms up, pivot or tip the trail pocket toward the target, creating a perfect backswing. The next step is practicing the downswing, ensuring the elbow stays in position. Slowly fire the club down while picking up the turn with your right side, leading to a beautiful impact position.

Before we move on to a practical drill, let's recap the key feelings needed for this shot. Remember, the arms are responsible for taking the club up, fixing the elbow in position. Add the pivot, feel the arms working downward towards the body, and then imagine turning onto the golf ball.

Now, for a brilliant drill you can take to the golf course. Imagine your trail hand is holding a paintbrush. Set it up at an angle, as if painting the ceiling. Flow the paintbrush up, imagining a straight line. As you come down, create a curve around back to the golf ball, splattering the paint. This visual helps you maintain a flowing golf swing, avoiding the pitfalls of holding angles. It's about painting a picture with your swing.

So, on the golf course, visualize that paintbrush on the ceiling, flow it down, and splatter the paint as you go through the shot. Remember, you can't take positions onto the golf course; it's about a beautifully flowing swing.

I hope you enjoyed this breakdown. If you did, give it a thumbs up, share it with a friend, and check out Pete's video for more lessons. Also, explore my video on a simple interpretation for iron play. Until next week, have a wonderful golfing week!