World's #1 Coach Reveals Fastest Way to Improve Your Golf Swing

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Unlock All Practice PlansFull Transcript- so if you'd love to improve the quality of your strikes with clubs off the Fairway that's your high end your fairwoods or your hybrids I want to bring you in on some insights I've just gained from what I believe is the world's number one golf coach Pete Cowan I've just come back from Scotland where I spent a bit of time with him and he showed me the main differences between those who struggle with strike and distance and those who really get consistency of contact and it comes down to a couple of things your ability to maintain the wrist angle your right wrist angle your Trail wrist angle here through impact and have your elbow positioned here in the right place at impact if you're struggling with your ball striking the chances are you're losing this wrist angle and you're losing this elbow position through the impact area if we're able to maintain them at speed you will massively improve the consistency contact that is what I'm going to cover in this week's video now before I do look if you're new to the channels when your first lessons are buying please consider subscribing are these videos just like this every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember a thing I'll always put a free download practice guide in the description box below so we're going to look at two phases the very first phase which is actually probably the most important is we're going to work on the back swing first we're going to make sure you're in the correct place with this Trail arm at the top of the backswing if you do that you're already setting yourself up to win on the downswing then what we'll do is it will show you what you need to do in transition to really make those balls fly like rockets so the first thing that Pete gave me actually it was a brilliant exercise and anybody can do this is a lot of people make the mistake in the backswing almost immediately as soon as they take the club away this right elbow starts to move away so that's to almost fly away a little bit here like this and then it starts you lose a little bit of control well if this right elbow is already losing control in the backswing when it comes down look it's already out of position in the downswing and that's going to lead to those kind of flicky horrible strikes remember we want to get this elbow look in position here in the downswing so we can put this kind of downward Force looking compressor on this ball if it's out like this we can't do that so Pete give me a great drill to achieve this take your hands and swap them rounds so my lead hand now is going below my top hand now what I'm going to do here now is this make a turn now one thing you didn't mention the video but I'm going to mention it for you because I see this a problem with a lot of my students make a pivot where your your Trail pocket here moves towards the Target and as it's moving towards a Target just do a mini swing here and allow this Trail elbow look to sit down don't let it fall out what happens if you sit down if it's sitting down look you're already looking at place look that when it comes back where is it it's already in great position great slot but if I let this elbow start to drift look now the problem is when I come down I'm already at place at position so it's a wonderful way that forces this elbow into the correct place every single time now if you match that with a beautiful pivot with a body what you're doing is you're getting a very simple way to create a consistent backswing each and every time learn that feeling now he got me to do mini Swings with this and I think it's a great idea to do initially swinging back to about halfway stop get a feel of that then take the golf club same principle mini swings sit that right elbow down my trail elbow here and then do not worry about what you do on the downswing this is really really important a lot of people are trying to do everything all at once for most people this is what I were doing is a one single practice session learn that pivot most people are picking it up here rolling their wrists in here learn that sensation that'll be enough for you to start with okay and do some mini swing so let's just start with that I'm going to rehearse this Sensations mini swing here then I'm just going to hit the shot all right let's have a look at this

okay so that is how I'd love you to start now I'm going to go through this reasonably quickly because we're obviously on video but that needs to be one session nail the backswing first please please please don't rush this now once you've got the backswing in place then what I'd love you to do is start to think about what you need to do on the way down to control the wrist angle here in your right arm and still maintain this right elbow position and here's what Pete gave me he talked about spinning the right forearm down to the golf ball but what does that really mean well ultimately this you've now in a sense got the right army or your Trail army look how it's doing it's rotating this way in order to sit down it's rotating so we could call it spinning now what I want you to do now is I want you to in a sense to unrotate it with your right side back down to the golf ball yeah simple as that so what you do in reality is you've rotated it one way yeah and now what I'm going to do is you want to rotate it simply back down the golf ball but is it simple not really because one of the issues with a lot of us is this what you do is you get to the top of the backswing what you're doing is you're trying to hit the ball with the club head so what you do is you try to rotate and you throw the club head at the golf ball thus look losing those angles what you've got to do is remember that look move the the forearms here in such a way where the club naturally stays behind here so as I throw my forearm down and rotate it back down to the golf ball like this suddenly now look the club is behind me and now I've got that beautiful kind of compression and those angles are right wrist angle still there I'm right elbow is still here so look at this I'm rotating it back and I'm rotating it back down here so let me give you a couple of drills and how you can feel this so I know that's probably happening pretty quickly so the first thing I would do is this when we're here hold the golf club just grab a golf club do it with me now hold it right in the middle of your shaft now we're going to take that position where this Trail elbow sitting down now if you were to kind of release this with your hands what's happening to the shaft it's going to hit your body straight away but what I want you to do here is this we're going to practice okay getting that club face back to the golf ball okay without doing this so the first thing I'm going to do is this hold down in front of you and simply here rotate the forearm with the right side down now notice this that club face is now is square where's the shaft it's leaning forward where's the wrist angle it still kept it haven't I so what have I done here look at this again

you see that but I'm not in a sense closing the face like this I'm closing it naturally with forearm rotation whilst maintaining that shaft naturally okay so the feeling a lot of the time this is a great exercise to do is what we're doing is we're also pudding look a pressure on this shaft so a great exercise with an alignment stick is to Imagine This I'm coming down I'm pushing down look feel the pressure on the shaft and I'm looking work in that shaft left down and left so it's much much more this way versus this way can you see that so let's turn all of this into a real simple exercise you can just take straight to the golf course now stay tuned to the end because I've got something that is going to keep this whole thing flowing but we'll come to that in a second so the drill I want you to do here is this split hand exercise for now hold the club in your top hand here lift it up in front of you and then put your Trail hand there so you've got a bit of a gap between the two now what we're going to do is we're going to literally almost let that elbow fold down now remember if you can't complete your backswing from here that's as far as you're going to get that's absolutely fine that becomes your full swing don't cheat and let it go okay now I like to do a lot of mini swings that help golf do mini Swings with this from here now your job is to get that club face back to the golf ball without just using your hands okay so think about what we've got to do with this how do we get that club face back well look I've rotated this right side back and all I'm going to do now I'm going to rotate it look back onto the golf ball look at the difference back through now if I was to try to do this where's the butt pointing okay it's pointing our belly button so what I'm doing here is look I'm moving it back to the golf ball so look here if I start to get to this position this shaft and my hip are almost in line as I'm coming through they're almost matching each other as they're coming back around can you see this I'm not driving it this way I'm not flicking my hands I'm simply got myself in position and then rotating the right forearm my right side back down to the golf ball when I get to about here the crafting and the hips are matching then I'm in position and then all I do now this is where I was letting myself down I could strike it but my body then would stop and my hands would release a little bit give me two higher flight poor players release even earlier but I was I was okay but wasn't good enough for what I do now is I keep moving my right side through that shot so I've keeping look the pressure the pressure on the shaft for as long as I possibly can because if my hands stop the club gets thrown okay so I'm here look back and through right now a lot of people said to me does that mean Danny you're hanging on to the club you know what about your catapult method no the reality look this club is Flowing beautifully you know backwards and forwards in in one flowing motion almost like those swings you see at a Fairground okay swinging backwards and forwards what I'm teaching you here is to help you move the inside of your swing just like the inside of those swings on a foot Fairground if you can work the inside and keep working it this remains under control and stable but every time something starts to stop if my hands stop here the club gets thrown most amateurs are throwing it from here the body stops and it gets thrown what we've got to do is we've got to keep that body this moving look through impact so we maintain that pressure through the shot all right so once they've learned these feelings okay and I do it with small swings first okay so let's just go through that we're gonna feel this motion here feel that sitting down bring it back and look at this even with this motion that look shaft matching my hip line as it's getting back to the golf ball here get that sensation load it and then all I'm doing is rotating that forearm back down to the golf ball here to square that face and then here look I keep that pressure on with my right side going through okay so nice small shots into this wind

and that is that now this will take some time but I promise you it works wonders and it's been working Wonder for me do I own this no I don't this is why I'm practicing but I've started to simplify and simplify to the point at which all I all you really need to do it's so so simple is set that in place here rotate it down and all I'm doing I'm rotating that face back onto the golf ball here not with my hands that stays behind and this is one of the feelings I would say I'm getting because I'm having to work my hands much better here and my body much better the club is naturally delayed but I am not by the way like this it's not a wooden Martian it's not a wooden motion I am still I'm just simply moving these These are leading right they're leading the sure they're spinning inside they're just not what we're doing before stopping and allowing that to move and it turns out all I'm doing is setting this motion here working it Club back onto the golf ball here notice where my hands are going left that allows the club to come through and my body continues that pressure through that shot and this is what gives me that penetrating shot

that's absolute Beauty okay so it is take it will take some time but I promise you really really work on this you know do me a favor please do not work on the downswing before you have the pivot on the backswing now I can I'm a professional golf I'd already had pretty much a decent pivot but most damage to golf particularly slice that needs to be your first point of call without that the second bit is a complete and not a waste of time okay if you love this video make sure you give it a thumbs up if you want to see the detailed version of me actually getting a lesson from Pete Cowan please check this one out right here if you want to see me get a lesson with him on the short game in pitching just check this one out right here if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up remember I put a free download practice guide in the description box below if you enjoy this channel press that subscribe button it's completely free until next week have a wonderful golfing week.


Transcript Summary- 

If you're looking to enhance your club strikes off the fairway, particularly with fairwoods or hybrids, let me share insights from the world's top golf coach, Pete Cowan. I recently spent time with him in Scotland, focusing on the crucial elements of maintaining wrist and elbow angles for better consistency.

Before we dive in, if you're new here, consider subscribing for weekly videos. Now, let's break it down into two phases. First, nail the backswing by ensuring the trail arm is in the right place at the top. Pete showed me a fantastic drill – swap your hands, turn with the trail pocket moving towards the target, and let the trail elbow sit down. This sets up a solid backswing.

Once you've got the backswing, shift focus to the downswing. Pete emphasized spinning the right forearm down, but it's not about throwing the club head. It's about rotating the forearm back down to the ball while maintaining wrist angles. I'll share a couple of drills to help you feel this motion.

Hold the club in the middle of the shaft, rotate the forearm down without closing the face abruptly. Use an alignment stick to feel the pressure on the shaft, working it left and down. Another drill involves a split hand exercise, focusing on getting the club face back to the ball by rotating the right side.

Remember, work on the backswing first. Develop a solid pivot, then move on to the downswing. Keep it simple, feel the motions, and gradually integrate them into your swing. With practice, you'll see improvements in strike quality and consistency.

If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up, and check out the detailed version of my lesson with Pete Cowan. Subscribe for more weekly tips, and I've included a free practice guide in the description. Until next week, have a fantastic time on the golf course!