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irons swing Apr 30, 2024


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Hey, golfers! If you're looking to improve your iron and driver play while boosting your accuracy, then I've got some great insights for you. A few months back, I had a lesson with my mentor, Pete Cowen, who is considered one of the top golf coaches. In that session, he pointed out how critical it is for the trail side of my body to work correctly during the swing. Since then, I've been diligently working on his advice, and I've seen a significant improvement in my contact and consistency.

In this lesson, I'm going to share with you a simple drill that Pete taught me. It's designed to help you improve your accuracy and contact, ensuring you hit the ball with more control. This lesson is a more simplified version of what Pete and I discussed, with step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.

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Let's get started. First, let's talk about the importance of the backswing. The entire golf swing only takes about a second and a half, with the backswing accounting for about one second. This means that if you can get into a solid position at the top, you'll set yourself up for a successful downswing. The key to this is loading your backswing properly.

Here's a simple drill to help you with this. Take your setup position and put your trail hand on top and your lead hand underneath, but don't join them. As you start your backswing, focus on keeping your hands close to your body, not letting them go too far back. This creates a tight, compact position, similar to a wound-up spring. This tightness is a good thing because it helps you generate power and maintain control.

Now, the trick is to keep this tightness throughout the backswing without getting too stiff. Try adding some momentum to your swing. Start with small swings and gradually increase the range, maintaining that loaded feeling. This will help you avoid being too static and overthinking the motion.

Next, let's talk about the downswing. Many golfers make the mistake of swinging their arms too much, leading to inconsistent strikes. The key is to understand that impact should occur on the trail side of your body, not in front of you. To practice this, focus on moving your trail hand back toward the golf ball during the downswing, ensuring it stays on the trail side of your body. This helps your whole trail side naturally turn through the ball, leading to better impact and ball control.

A simple visual to remember is hitting on the trail side, not in front. This helps you achieve that solid impact position, ensuring you deliver the club to the ball consistently.

Finally, remember to keep your swing smooth and avoid forcing it. If you're loaded correctly in the backswing, your trail side will naturally turn through the ball, creating that beautiful, crisp strike. Give it a try, and I'm sure you'll notice an improvement in your ball contact and accuracy.

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Full Transcript -so just like you I need to improve the quality of my contact with both my irons and my driver I also naturally need to become more accurate now a few months ago I sought out the world's number one coach my mentor Pete Cen now in that lesson which I actually shared on YouTube he basically focused on my trail side how my right side of my body needs to work effectively to really simplify the Gul swing and over the last few months I've been working very very hard and it has really improved the consistency my contact and my Direction with every Club in the back now in this lesson what I want to do is I want to share with you his kind of Genius move that's going to help you to improve your accuracy and your contact now in the lesson that we did on YouTube Some people didn't quite understand it so I've really simplified it for you in this lesson now before I get into it though if you're new to the channel it's your first videos of mine please consider subscribing subscribing I release videos just like this every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember a thing I'll always put a free practice guide in the description box below so by the end of this lesson what I want you to be able to do is whether it's your driver Fairwood or irons I want you to be able to deliver this club consistently the same every single time great players are able to do this they deliver the club not like this one minute and then this from the next minute they deliver it consistently every time this gives them great ball striking it gives them the distance and it obviously gives them the accuracy that's my hope for you in this lesson now the first thing to recognize this the goal swing is just a second and a half absolute maximum 1 second of that basically takes place in the back swing you only have half a second in the downswing so if you think about it getting that back swing correct is absolutely imperative we can in a sense get you in a great position at the top it kind of sets up the downwing if you get out of position at the top and you've only got half a second to kind of like compensate this is what leads to inconsistencies Pete knows this so the very first thing we're going to work on is getting you into a great place right now he would call this I want you to load your back swing up now take your setup position now I'm going to give you the drill gave me and I'm going to give you something unbelievably simple so this is the G drill gave me cat candy exercise put your Trail hand on top bottom hand underneath don't join them and ultimately what I'm doing here is this I'm making a swing where ultim my hands don't really go too much past my rib High here and just making a swing here and when I do this this feels what he would describe as tight it really does why is tight a good thing so here I've loaded my legs I've loaded my torso and I've loaded my arms Everything feels Compact and tight tight is a good thing tight because just like a spring if we are turning the top part of that spring here okay bottom Parts fairly stable but still move but top part's a bit tight when you then let go you get the down swing for free so we need to get into a slightly more compact tighter position at the top so you get your backs in for free what I'm seeing with too many golfers is is they're wristy here the arms are going here nothing everything's just a bit loose right so the two drills you can play around with there's the one that I worked on which is a simple cat caning exercise here simple as that look how my trail elbow sits down here absolutely perfect and potentially an even simpler one that which have developed here is just take your Trail hand put it forward it's Palms facing slightly down towards the golf ball okay almost like you're bouncing above and then I want you to imagine this you're going to turn a look behind you and you're going to imagine holding a weight us tray like this notice how my body is winding up and I'm holding the weight to tr my whole arm look is first of all facing you but then continues to go and it's continuing to go this way and it's holding that weight it's Tray now with my students there's a variety of flexibilities some people will never get to the face in the Palm to the sky they won't have the flexibility that's fine you might have to kind of load your loading of the swing or the loading of the spring might be just facing away what I don't want however is this the Palm facing this way if you've done this this way what you're doing is you're not loading you've lost the spring now this is winding the spring here loaded now I can work it on an AR this with a lot of people here is not winding it so start with that as goal number one now here's how I'd work on this for me if I'm going to use the CAC handy exercise here what I do is is I do a few little motions here now sometimes even when people do this they try and do this no it's what I'm doing I'm letting that cam my trail pushing away the left arm is pulling back here this is giving me the loaded kind of sensation now I made the mistake in the early days of doing this of almost been very static and trying too hard to do this and it I basically overthought it so what I want you to don't want to do the same I want you to keep momentum with it so now I've got the idea of loading this kind of my back swing I want to keep momentum so I might start here a few times and then flow into this loaded position here you could do this with your right arm just imagine flowing hold the work tray hold the work tray hold the work tray just don't get too static really add momentum to this motion and the idea is just to see if you can load that load that spring because when it's loaded you've now got a chance then same principle again don't overthink it get yourself set work work on some motions now I'm going to try and repeat that motion here feel it just about here I'm going to do this is the Kandy exercise but now there feel the momentum load it unload it okay and I start just doing that initially so here small little swings load it and unload it okay and I'm basically building up my back swing so what's that I'm in 7 on here that's just 157 yard that's about 25 yard shot than I normally would hit because I'm starting small I want you to do the same okay so get that sensation do that spend time that might be a practice in itself get the sense of that loaded position then move on to stage number two which is the downswing so you've loaded your spring you've loaded that back swing now what happens well you've done a big part of it it'll want to come down naturally but here's what I see with a lot of amors I want you to avoid this okay a lot of amators when they're coming down they don't realize I I feel the same but impact on the way down needs to happen on your Trail side of your body the right side for me okay it happens here without realizing that this is what's tending to happen with golfers they get here they've loaded and then what they do is they just sling their arms at it okay and impact then happens look in front of our bodies too much this is when you get those flicky horrible strikes now for me as even as a professional I got a little bit too much in front as well but I draw my handle so I managed to get strike okay but I'm still look too much in front but I'd then flick it and I sometimes would get some hooks impact happens look on the trail side of the body here this is absolutely crucial so if you want your body to naturally move efficiently through impact just understanding that impact happens a bit exaggerated but here is a great place to kind of visualize all right so when you getting yourself set up and whether it's cack-handed or this Trail hand look at this I'm loading holding the weight tray and then all I'm going to do is I'm going to move that hand back towards the golf ball here but as I'm doing that I'm going to imagine that hand look staying on the trail side of my body and as a bypro my trail side turns through and here I am what I'm not doing is doing this makes sense yeah so swing it back move it onto the trail side hey prester this is a really really simple way for you to work on now when're I doing the CAC handy exercise this is something I personally did so what I did when I swung back here I was very used to doing driving here and then flicking so for me it was like how do I get that club naturally back to the golf ball what I do is I turn my trail side look into the golf ball here now I've got a brilliant impact position where's impact on the trail side of my body here and I've got complete control over this club all right so really simple visual but a great way to then take what we've just been doing which is loading that back swing up and then thinking right and now to my trail side I'm going to hit the ball with my trail side to the side of me not out here or in here but

there okay nice and simple so as you're doing this you know one thing that's really important I I love my students love this visual of just hitting on the trail on the trail side of the body the side of the body as opposed to just hitting in front of it really helps with the ball striking but remember you must get loaded to do this if you haven't got load if you do this if you're up here and then you try to hit on the you haven't loaded the back SC you try to hit on the trail side you'll come straight over the top okay that's not what we want remember what gives you permission to turn this Trail side back into the B is the fact that you've turned it and you've loaded it on the way back so if you've loaded it on the way back all you're doing with this whole Trail side of the body is simply just delivering it look back into the golf ball here and that's going to give you that beautiful strike so load it correctly okay another great visual is to see this is what this is here for see the swing as if it's got Corners so you look at what we've just done you've loaded the swing we've gone around here almost on a bend on an ark okay now from here most amate golfers turn the corner too quick in this swing here look I'm going back down where we came from with my hands here's the corner I'm turning the corner now to go back to the golf ball I'm now continuing to turn the corner with my hands look releasing the club here someone like myself I would be good at this bit but I would dry I won't turn any corner I drve this way that would get me coming here I'd have to flip with my hands most am to Golfers do the opposite they don't get very loaded here they go here and then from here they turn the corner to come out over the top get loaded in the back swing it make it so much easier for you to turn that corner back into the golf ball and return that club at the same place time and time again so do me a favor put the working get loaded in the back swing and start to work on turning that trail side back into the golf ball so you hit it on this this side of body not in front and you're going to start to improve the quality of stri with every cloud in your bag if you happen not to see that my lesson with Pete you can check that out right here but if you enjoy the video give it a thumbs up maybe share with one of your friends and of course look if you're new to the channel press that subscribe button and the Bell but until next week have a wonderful golfing week.