You Can Ruin Your Golf Swing When You Start Like This

irons Nov 22, 2023

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Full Transcript- so if you're looking at improving the quality of your contacts your distance hitting each club and your accuracy the swing can be a Minefield can you where do you start your backswing your downswing impact who you name it well in this video I'm going to share with you the one thing that tends to ruin most swings more than any other swing in fact top players still work on this kind of first move today okay even though they're amazing players I'm going to share with you what that is because I know it's gonna super super help now before I get into the video if you're new to a challenge with your first lessons of mine please consider subscribing all these videos just like this one every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember a thing I'll always put a free download practice guide in the description box below so let's keep this beautifully simple for you and before the rain comes if the rain's coming in now get off already soaking wet will we get this finished before the downpour actually happens so the first thing I want to look at is this you know this golf club okay just like yours when you sit down roughly sits at a 45 degree angle and ideally what we want to create when we swing this club back here and we set this up here it's on a 45 degree angle I I like to call this the swing Circ we're trying to create a very simple swing circle on the way back and then on the way down we simply return that club back to kind of it's 45 degree angle we swing through here and again look it's on its 45 degree angle on the way through if we maintain this swing Circle you'll generally improve the quality of your strike and your direction but here's the issue most of you and I don't feel the same but what you might be doing is you're losing it really early on now what tends to happen is this you tend to either access the hands are you too overactive with the hands okay that's taking the swing Circle too far around then you try and find the swing circle on the way down which gives you the over the top and the slice okay you might even do this you've been told to kind of you know you've been coming around now you're picking it up now the problem is you're picking it up too steeply you then try to find the swing circle on the way down you get stuck underneath and you hook the golf ball all right so how do we kind of create this beautifully coordinated motion where the Torso the arms and the hands are all moving beautifully away in order to create this simple Circle well you've got to start with setup before we move into the first move okay now we want to create I want you to create a beautiful circle now the first thing I want to to help you create this circle okay is I want your arms to be on front of your chest here okay what too many players I'm seeing doing is their arms are to the side of their chest now the problem here is they're almost way too flexed they're too much scope for them to do this okay changing the circle depth for care now for the quality of your strike if you just put them on top of your chest here they're in a place now where you can start to use your shoulders look and the body to create this beautiful coordinated move away so that has to be in a sense step number one simple just put the arms up in the air move them down look rest them on top of your chest here okay and just get a sense that your elbows are fairly close together and all you're going to do is maintain that motion now before we hit a shot now the next thing to have a look at here which is huge for so many people is the alignment of those forearms so many players who are particularly slicing for instance they get they might get this but this Trail arm is way too far out here now the problem is is you're going to try and create a coordinate immersion but if you did the club would come outside the line so this would create this kind of like pull slice type shot right what I want you to do is I need you from here to make sure that your Trail arm is look at this tucked underneath so we're going to move this Trail arm look underneath so from this angle you should be able to see the top of my um left forearm from down the line This is super important now why is that important well when you kind of open the door here that's going to help you do what create the 45 degree angle that's needed to create the turn look on the coordinating motion on the way back okay so let's start with that first before we move on to the next stairs so arms in front of the chest soften this Trail elbow here so now we can create the coordinate motion and the 45 degree angle here and look after that Circle start there

okay nice and simple now when you first try this if you're not used to it it might feel a little bit kind of tight because you've been used to kind of spreading them so over time just soften those arms they don't have to be tight but they might feel a bit touched out just keep the equidistant and it'll feel quite short as well but this is going to be the first stage look of getting your shoulders to work much more on a circle too okay this way versus just you pulling your arms in okay so start with that as step number one so before I get into step number three where we really talk about how you kind of add some serious power to the golf course with this the next thing is really contact you've now started to create this circle okay by having your arms on top of your chest your Trail shoulder under now you're creating this kind of 45 degree circle here but from this angle it's very important that we still strike the ball solid now too many of you what's happening is you're moving off the ball too much so this head here is moving off here now the problem is it has to move excessively back on you can strike it but it's very hard to be consistent very very very few players top players ever do this you'll notice they'll pivot the head yes but that head is basically still over the top of that golf ball what this allows them to do is create a circle that remains on top of the ball so that when they come back down look here they've they're in a great position still to strike the golf ball so super simple thing you can work on is you've got your arms on top of your chest now all I want you to do is this I want you to imagine in a sense that when you swing back you almost imagine you're going to pour water out of your lead ear here okay so what you're going to swing back so your head pivots and a lot of times when I've mentioned this to players they often feel like they're kind of over this side of the golf but they almost feel like like their heads over here when it because they've been so used to it being over here they now feel like when they're turning it's like over this side it won't be but it might feel like that okay so this is going to Super help your contact okay so let's get started get yourself set arms on top of the chest I've got myself alignment and all I'm going to focus on here is maintaining that pivot of my head here I'm pouring water out my left ear okay and I'm right over the top of that golf ball foreign okay just like that so focus on those two things first the last two things you can take straight to the golf course so now you've got in a sense we've got a steady head we're now creating much more of a centered pivot from this angle you've preset yourself at the start to help give you a brilliant chance look of staying on this circle now step three is about how do we make sure that happens how do we develop fields and and visualizations to make this happen nice and easily well this next drill okay has become one of my favorites and it's the cack handed drill take your top hand and simply swap the hands around now this is absolutely brilliant now the first thing is is this all the first two steps are super important we've got now look arms on top of the chest now one reason why I love this drill what do you notice about my trail arm now it's already in a great place isn't it it's tucked in this way why is it tucked in this way why is that useful because we're trying to create this circle it's 45 degree circle this way so when it gets tucked in it's now going to help my body turn and coordinate look around here to create that beautiful Arc which is what's going to give you not only the power but also the accuracy too when your arms like this which I see a lot of people are pulling it this way that's when you start to get completely out of sequence so we want this Trail arm tucked in which is this drill helps you feel then look at this the arm is rotating in such a way that's going to help you create that wonderful circle on the way back and then from here look look at this I'm working it back down and back down onto that 45 degree angle which in the visual term is just a pure Circle okay so get yourself set swap those arms around now when I hit a golf ball like this it's too difficult for a lot of people to start with all you're going to do is get yourself set arms on top of the chest now simply make some swings focusing on that head position staying very very solid over that golf ball here get that Sensation from here look feel how the trail arm sits down swap those arms around okay really get that sensation here look there you might need to do it once or two or three times really get that sensation I'm turning look over the top there rehearse that motion once or twice okay and once you're ready let's start hitting a few shots foreign

absolute wonderful strike but do me a favor be easy on yourself as you're going through this motion don't try and do it all at once do the first couple of steps and when you're doing it it's just getting that sensation and visualize this the more you visualize the circle okay the more look your shoulders will work on a circle most people's shoulders never work on a search Circle what you're doing is like I said you're using your arms but as soon as look this comes in and we Trail it as soon as that right hand shoulder sits down and it moves backwards if this shoulder moves backwards it's late shoulder here has to move as well this is what's going to help you create and move those shoulders on a circle remember none of this works without steps one and two now if you're feeling really Brave this is for me an amazing drill right again cat candy but let's see if we get a golf ball cack-handed I love this exercise oh absolutely love this the all this exercise here is super super hard but it's when I actually hitting a golf ball not so much when you're doing the drill and where that's absolutely brilliant but hitting a golf ball it's super super hard but I'm feeling here real push in this position they look at that trail over here I'm feeling it pushing so it's still pushing on that shaft staying in there as I'm coming down it's still pushing against as I'm rotating it back down it's a brilliant brilliant exercise if you're willing to put in the time but do me a favor make sure you get this first move right so many top players work on it time and time again because if you get out of position you have to find the position so I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with somebody who you know is struggling with contact and of course look there's a free download practice guide in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing but until next week have a wonderful golfing week. 


Transcript Summary- 

Hey there, golfers! Today, we're diving into a crucial aspect of your swing—the first move. If you've been struggling with contact, distance, or accuracy, the culprit might just be in your initial swing. Top players still focus on this move, so let me share the one thing that tends to disrupt most swings.

Before we jump in, if you're new here, consider subscribing for weekly lessons. I've got a free practice guide in the description box to make things easier for you. Now, let's simplify this process.

First off, let's talk about the golf club. It sits at a 45-degree angle during setup, and what we're aiming for is a simple swing circle. On the backswing, create that circle, and on the downswing, return the club to that 45-degree angle. Maintaining this swing circle enhances strike quality and direction.

Here's the snag many face: losing the swing circle early on. Some get too handsy, pulling the circle too far around, resulting in an over-the-top slice. Others pick it up too steeply, leading to hooks. So, where do we start?

Setup is crucial. Place your arms in front of your chest, not on the sides. This minimizes unnecessary flexibility. Soften your trail elbow, ensuring it's tucked in. This sets the stage for a coordinated move away, creating that 45-degree angle.

Now, about those forearms' alignment—keep your trail arm tucked underneath, showing the top of your left forearm from down the line. This openness helps in creating the desired 45-degree angle and a smoother turn on the backswing.

Moving on to contact. Too many golfers shift off the ball excessively, making consistency a challenge. Imagine pouring water out of your lead ear on the backswing. This maintains a steady head position over the ball, setting the stage for a solid strike.

Let's recap: Arms on top of the chest, trail elbow tucked in, forearms aligned, steady head over the ball. These setup adjustments lay the foundation for a centered pivot, crucial for maintaining the swing circle.

Now, let's add a drill to reinforce this. The "cack-handed" drill—swap your hands' positions. This automatically tucks the trail arm in a great place for the circle. Feel the rotation and coordination it brings.

As you practice, visualize the circle. Most players neglect their shoulders' movement in a circular fashion. This visualization will help your shoulders work on that desired circle, improving your swing.

Feeling brave? Try hitting a ball cack-handed. It's challenging but reinforces the proper push and rotation. However, nail the initial steps first. Top players continually work on this because getting out of position requires finding it again.

I hope you find these tips helpful! If you do, give it a thumbs up, share it with someone struggling with contact, and check the free practice guide in the description. Until next week, have a fantastic time on the golf course!