You Cannot BREAK 90 Without These Simple Golf Tips

break 90 Nov 17, 2023


Unlock All Practice PlansFull Transcript- in this video I'm going to show you how to break 90 without complicated changes in your swing mechanics we're going to show you some certain shots around the golf course that if you learn them you're guaranteed to break 90. now I've got also a little bit of surprise here

also a surprise for you too so stay tuned to the end you're going to love it don't get very much like that otherwise again right let's get started with tip number one oh oh oh no oh dad that was a very nervous swing it was a bit nervy very nervy right so when you when you feel a bit nervous on the First Tee this is one thing I found helps me quite a bit okay so when you get nervous big deep breath hold four seconds let it out four seconds and then don't take too long over the ball

not bad for the first of the day so don't take long too long over the golf ball big deep breath hold for four seconds breathe out four seconds I'll calm you down on that First Tee okay so dad's take what you're eating and rescue yeah a little rescue yeah okay cool

okay it's all right so dad's just knocked it Into the Bunker but did you see that lie now I want to leave a comment in the comments box below should you have taken rescue wood from there or should he have taken something like this get yourself 18 or 99 dad's in a shocking position the first thing you've got to do it's going to save you a stack of shots and around a golf don't follow one bad shot with a bad decision you know you've just taken five high five hybrid from a shocking place you can't get to the green your best option here straight back out into the Fairway because if you look at it here we're in the bunker now you're bringing in double or triple these these kind of mistakes are going to cost you two or three shots and they're gonna stop you from breaking 90.

there you go so even that one there dad Struck it average but you know what he's back in play and now he's got a chance of getting on the green he's third shot and eliminating a potential double or triple buggy so as we walk to the green you can see that we've taken that shot from my dad there and he's kind of third shot just now ended up on the middle of the green and he's got a chance maybe in making four so think about that when you're playing Never follow a bad decision sorry bad shot with a bad decision and you're going to give yourself an opportunity to save yourself potentially one two or maybe in three shots in a single hole

they're quite bad

range as well

what's going on he's only actually hit three shots you know how often do you find that sometimes you know you're already you're already into your second drill and you're already thinking oh my God it's gonna be one of those dares yeah try not to get if you're not have it Dad it doesn't matter just keep going first couple holes just get you know you know getting focused you know get into the game yes they're positive great Drive dad you still enjoying that the calorie Paradigm oh yes yeah yes

like it I like it

the day come on good effort that just makes a nice solid par there so you can see you know it's easy sometimes when you start off really badly to assume it's going to stay bad throughout the next few holes but it won't stay in the game don't worry too much about it don't start making stories in your head that it's going to be really terrible oh God I hit it really good on the Range but now it's going to get worse that will 100 make it worse okay stay in the game just take it one shot at a time be patient and you'll start to what Dad does start to put some Powers together and hopefully we can break nothing lovely strike I'll do [Music]

I missed that one oh my god did you see what happened there I'll put the replay now watch Dad as he stood over this pot and watch what he does when he strikes it he's his head moved towards the hull so many of you do this when you're missing short putts for par or bogey okay do me a favor get into a routine or you take one look at the hull go back to the ball and strike listen don't look look at that hear that noise he's just done it there right if you start having little peeps towards that Hull your shoulders are going to move and you're going to miss the pot okay that was that's a little nugget that's going to save you a lot of shots so as we're going around your dad's a senior girlfriend he's not reaching um all the holes of all the power Falls in two and he's often leaving himself this kind of 30 to 40 yard shot now this is really normal for the club member my question to you is one are you good at it and two do you practice it now dad's really good at this shot this is one of the reasons why his handicap's coming down okay so what I want you to do is figure out if you're finding yourself with this type of shot on a regular basis you'll learn this shot the 30 or 40 yard shot which you can probably have a lot it's going to save you a lot of shots again around the golf course and help you break that all important 90. so I think this is something that very few people tell you about when you're out on the course understanding that you know on a driving range you've got perfect flat lives but you don't have that on a golf course we have all these different slopping lights and you must adjust to it if you don't adjust your setup to these lies it's impossible to hit good shots which is one of the reasons why you might be inconsistent right so here's what I want you to do keep it really simple this is a downhill lie so what I'm going to do with a downhill lie is is simply get my spine look perpendicular to the slope can you see this here's a slight with my spine perpendicular to the slope I'm going to move my bulb position from a standard bulb system which is just ahead of Center to now more Center okay I'm going to literally imagine I'm swinging up the slope and then down the slope when the balls kind of like this what's that doing to The Loft it's delofting it so whatever Club you normally take from this distance add another club so I've gone from from a six sign to a seven iron okay so I'm simply doing that a lot of weight favors this foot so get yourself set get your body perpendicular to the slope swing up the slope and then down the slop the reverse happens if I turn around here and I now go up the slope look at the difference here from this position I'm gonna this was the downhill lie I'm now going to move my spine look more perpendicular this way so now my weight starts to favor my lower foot as opposed to the ball being a little bit further back you must down so I'm going to move the foil ahead of Center so now I'm going to swing down the slope and then I'm going to swing up the slope okay very very different two shots but one you've got to make these adjustments if you don't make the adjustments you're gonna ruin your strike what else do we see from here if you were swinging this way okay so now we turn around here the ball is above our feet what changes do you need to make there well you're closer to the golf ball so the first thing I do is simply go down the grip a couple of inches the other thing you've got to remember your swing is going to be a lot more rounded when you swing from here the ball is going to want to curve quite a lot from right to left so all I want to do ball above your feet go down the grip an inch from this position start the ball a little bit more to the right of Target and let that ball swing right to left if I turn around this side and I'm now playing the ball below my stance this is the hardest of all lies from this position here what I do is I'm a long way away from the golf ball this is all that most people struggle with I widen my stance to get closer because if I'm up here I'm Too Tall so widen my stance to get closer I will go right to the top of the grip this time and what I'll do with all of these lights I'll make some swings and often what happens is they make a swing practice swing like this and they're missing the ground what I want you to do is just keep swinging until your Club start brushing that ground okay backwards and forward so wider stance go to the top of the grip that's going to give you a much better opportunity to strike the ball when it's down here oh no oh oh has it oh yes so we've headed towards the road Hull bunker now dad if you look at some of the footage that we've had today dad's been struggling a little bit bunkers so if you understand how to play bunk shots simply you'll be able to save yourself a stack of shots let's go and now help Dad get out of bunkers every single time by changing just one simple thing so dad's just hit it into the most famous bunker in the world of golf the road hobunke now he's been struggling today and getting our bunkers and this is what's going to stop him breaking 90. you need to be at Gabon because every single time and all you've got to do is change one thing okay you need to focus on hitting the sand not the golf ball and the way to do this is when you get yourself set up here you bought your ball position forward all I'm gonna have to do in a second is focused look I'm getting sand pushed out of the bunker what dad's been doing a lot of time through today's focusing on striking it being very very still all I want you to do is look at this take sand hit sand forward out the bunker short bunker shots hit sand a short distance long bunk shots hit a long distance okay so Dad jump in all I want you to do keep it simple get yourself set Focus not on the ball in any shape or form yeah Bob's in faucet and just hit sand with the club head towards that flag

have a practice first so you can get feel for this I know you're not allowed to do it normally so it hit stand towards it towards the hit the sand that's it a bit more hit the asset a bit more positive a bit more there you go okay hit stand out out of the bunker ball for the foreign that's it now focus on the sound hit the sand out of that bunker

there we go look at this look at this look at this no way

um how close is that two three two three feet you see this works every single time and it will save you loads of shots dad has been struggling all day I've costing him a load of shots get the sand out of the bunker just one thing on this I'm not saying hit the sand and focus on the sand I'm saying get that sand and push it out towards that Hall short bunkers just imagine a shot get the sun short distance Long bunkers long away it keeps the game going it will lose so many shots off your game and I promise you this is a big one for breaking 90.

there you go look at that that's how you serve some shots get out of sand every single time give yourself a chance to get into one pup you're going to serve yourself a lot of shots in a round of golf

so before I get into the final tip I did promise you I'd give you something super super special and that's coming I promise you but I've got a really great surprise for my dad too so what we'll do is let's get into this final tip then once you've done that you're gonna be super excited we've got something super special for you your ability to stop free putting is going to save you so many shots I've spent today having humongous putts that have been able to get down in sometimes one sometimes two shots that is going to save me a lot of shots around the golf here I've got another 30 odd foot put maybe more up and down slops how do you get that ball next to the hull come and have a quick look at this so the first thing I did to get my distance control I spent a good five ten minutes on the practice putting green basically hitting putts from one end of the green to the other and I didn't leave that point in green until I got to the perfect distance because I want you to develop intuition with your putting too many people they go on a golf course with no warming up they get on the green and they tell themselves to hit it harder or they tell themselves to hit it softer none of that really really works what you've got to do is you have to have already built in that kind of intuition so come around here have a look at this so here I've paced out the yardage okay I'm not telling myself to hit it harder or softer what I'm doing is I'm getting a rhythm in my stroke okay can you see this Rhythm yeah there's no hit there's no decelerations the first thing I want you to do is get that rhythm in your putting stroke the second thing I want you to do here on particular long posts like posts actually stay very very still so I don't let my head move towards a Target because that affects your strike so it's all about rhythm of struck and just strike let's have a look at this in action

there we go this is control it's going to save you a lot of shots during a round of golf so I promised you something special but what I didn't tell you is this man has got something special he doesn't aware of it so Dad I've been out with you today okay you've put some really good golf but one of the things I've noticed is in your bag it's a lot of rubbish okay so what I've done with my partner's Callaway and it's an Andrew's links trust what we've done is we've organized with a Nissan fitting facility which is just off the 16th here okay at St Andrews a full seted set of clubs yeah we're gonna get a completely custom fit for you all right and um so the Homer golf all right don't get emotional don't get martial arts I get emotional right and sorry let me count myself a little bit so anyone dare to have all the fun so I'm gonna give you the opportunity to get a custom fitted set of golf clubs now if you can't make it to the home of golf and the Cali performance center here find we're going to help you find a custom fitting facility where you are in the world okay get yourself custom fitted and then Supply you with that full set of golf clubs together see if my partners team Callaway so to do that if you want to get involved all you got to do is jump down in the description box below enter your details using that link okay and we will get in touch with you to give you a chance of winning this amazing amazing competition getting custom fitted okay not everyone needs a brand new set of golf clubs and it's not always about that but it's understanding what type of Club is going to be beneficial for your game my dad had a bag of clubs which a lot of them were just not really useful for him right now okay so he's got a bit older he needs to change he needs to add some clubs and take some clubs away that's what I mean about custom flame okay so hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and of course if you're new to the channel press the Subscribe button and the Bell so you don't miss a video just like this one good luck I'll see you next time. 

Transcript Summery-  

Hey there, golfers! Danny Maude here, and in today's video, I've got some fantastic tips to help you break 90 without messing with your swing too much. Stick around till the end because I've got a surprise for you. You're going to love it, I promise.

So, let's dive into the first tip. Ever feel those nerves on the first tee? We've all been there. Take a deep breath, hold it for four seconds, let it out for four seconds. And don't spend too much time over the ball. Quick and controlled, that's the key.

Now, onto the next one. Avoid compounding mistakes. If you've made a bad shot, don't make a bad decision. Think strategically – playing it safe might save you more strokes in the long run.

Stay positive and patient, especially after a rough start. It's easy to assume it's going to be a bad round, but don't let that mindset take over. Stay in the game, take it one shot at a time, and you'll see those scores improve.

Let's talk about the 30-40 yard shot. If you find yourself in this situation often, it's time to master it. Practice this distance to save crucial shots during your rounds.

Adjust to sloping lies – it's a game-changer. Modify your setup for uphill, downhill, and uneven lies. Trust me, it makes a significant difference in consistency.

Bunker play, oh, the dreaded bunkers. Focus on hitting the sand, not the ball. It's a game-changer. Get that sand moving, and you'll see a dramatic improvement in your bunker shots.

Developing putting intuition is crucial. Spend time on the practice green, work on your rhythm, and stay still during those long putts. It's all about control and precision.

And now, the big surprise! I've teamed up with Callaway to give you a chance to win a fully custom-fitted set of clubs. This isn't just about getting new clubs; it's about getting the right clubs for your game. Enter the competition in the description below, and who knows, those clubs could be yours.

So, golfers, if you enjoyed these tips, give it a thumbs up, share it with your golf buddies, and if you're new here, hit that subscribe button and the bell so you won't miss out on more awesome tips. Good luck, and I'll catch you in the next one. Cheers!