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Full Transcript - have you ever found that when you play your best golf it really feels easy done it effortless your swing feels rhythmical but when you're not on form your downswing feels a bit rushed you feel uncoordinated you feel like you're never going to make consistent contact with your irons and maybe you're driving Fairy Woods well this is the same for even the best players in the world and they work on a couple of things to try to get this back and you can work on them too it's pretty straightforward in this video I'm going to show you exactly how to get your swing beautifully flowing and more importantly just feel rhythmical like almost your practice swing before you hit the shot feels now before I get into video look if you're new to the channels for your first lessons of mine please consider subscribing all these videos just like this one every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember a thing I'll always put a free download practice guide in the description box below so I'm going to give you three things today that my students absolutely love now the chances are you won't need them all but you might need just a combination of one or two of them but they really really help now the first thing when you are feeling like it's easy and effortless it feels like you've got so much time to swing through the shot but it doesn't do that when you're not playing but it feels rushed so the first exercise I want you to play around with this is used by some of the best players in the world like Tommy Fleetwood loves this exercise and it's a nine to three exercise all it is is this you'll see it here when I'm swinging back I'm getting my lead arm to about nine o'clock here this is nine and I'm swinging my my trail arm here to three but what do you notice also when I'm doing this my arms here my lead out and my trail arm are remaining what fairly straight what do you notice about my wrist too there's barely any wrist set in this situation here now why is that why are the players working on this exercise as a way to really help them coordinate and improve the consistency of their strike because it gives them time you see most of the amateurs that come and see me and you might be the same is this they do so much on the backswing like bend their arms excessively on the way back here they get lots of wrist hinge on the way back here and the problem with all of this unwanted movement here where where you get all gets flat and you get very narrow you've got to then in quarter of a second get rid of all that because the impacts your arms need to be straightening here now but if you're all flexed you've got a core of a second to somehow get rid of it if you do get rid of it the chances are you're going to throw it violently here so all the power's gone there so by the time you get to the golf ball you're kind of in this flicky horrible weak position so what I want you to work on is this give yourself more time by making a swing where my lead arm and my trail arm here look are helping form a beautiful Circle but look at this there's a softness to my trail arm yes but I haven't got excessive wrist and in fact I've left them there now what I'm going to do is I'm going to imagine now swinging to three o'clock and achieving exactly the same thing okay that is the first thing I want you to work on literally from here make a movement imagine your both arms here are staying fairly close together and we're going to keep them straight including the wrists here we're going to swing to nine o'clock and then on the way through I'm going to imagine putting the club head in somebody's hands in front of me here to three o'clock okay I'll show you how we can add some speed and Rhythm to this in a second but that is the first thing I want you to kind of rehearse let's have a look at this in action foreign

so that's what I'd love you to start with initially really kind of get imagine that Circle looking after that Circle here with very little wrist hinge and keeping those arms fairly straight all the way back and all the way through create a beautiful consistency the less that you do on the way back the more time you have right the less you have to do on the way down now the silly thing about this is if I ask you to pick up I've got my big heavy camera bag here if I ask you to pick up something heavy right if you moved on tip number two you've got something to have in your hand and I asked you to throw you wouldn't gonna go lift up here bend your arms would you notice what's happened if I threw something here my arms naturally because it's heavy extend away from me here in a straight line what else do you notice I'll shriven this side if I throw this away what do you notice about my back side what's happening if I throw this away I Am Naturally creating look a pivot now this is huge particularly again if you're lacking power you need to get your body pivoting as well now because the golf club's super super light it's just easy just to lift it up and do stuff with it if it was Heavy you would be forced to kind of Swing those butt up move this body in such a way to throw it right so you could imagine here that your Club weighs a ton and then what I want to do is this imagine your Trail pocket creating this pivot so that you can throw the arms this way okay where's my patrol pocket moving towards my target this is again if it unlocks the Torso it unlocks the shoulders and he's giving you a much better turn unlocking my turn gives you what more time more time in the downswing to make and produce that strike if it's locked in place your arms start to kind of force to kind of lift up to try and complete the swing you don't have any time and hey prester you have to kind of find that impact in quarter of seconds very very hard to do so let's combine the two together now imagine you've got this heavy Golf Club you're throwing that Golf Club away you're literally allowing those arms to straight stretch away from you here you're making that pivot back and then from here look all I'm going to do it's flow look through the impact position here to three o'clock turn up towards the Target and away we go let's have a look at this

that's beautiful so I feel this is one myself and hopefully you can see this year when you're watching is we've got and we're looking at this beautiful Circle here we're creating the length of the circle and giving ourselves More Time by allowing that trail pocket to move towards the target this unlocks the turn and allows you to continue look keeping those arms fairly straight the lack of wristings here is super super important the more you bend those wrists the more you cut that the more the first starts to open if those wrists here are a bit more this way you're actually having the club face much much more clothes this gives it a better chance of hitting those straight shots if you start to flex those wrists too much the fist starts to open and again you've got to somehow close it on the way down making it super super difficult now I've got a Bonus hit coming towards the end so please stay tuned it's an absolute belter but let's just move just to kind of clarify let's move on to step number three again simple something simple you can take straight to the course now let's combine this imagine talking we're throwing this heavy Golf Club here this is a sensation where are my ears what's my head doing it's moving isn't it yep where my ears they're pointing towards the ground on the way back and on the way through if we're throwing it here this is a great image for you yeah just imagine ultimately pouring water out of both ears on the way back and on the way through it's on my way back I'm gonna pull out my leader here and then on the way through I'm going to pour water on my trail here this here now is helping me create this beautiful Circle backwards and forwards and again it's giving me more time if I stay static with my head here this when people are looking at the golf ball for too long don't look at the ball ultimately here look you get static your arms start to bend and what happens we get that horrible position we talked about earlier so allow the head to move because look at it right on the ball but I'm allowing my head to move this way and then on the way through move through okay you'll see a lot of great players Henrik Stenson Annika sorenstam a lot of the guys doing this so pour water out of both ears

beautiful okay so bonus I promise you a bonus tip now this is really really massive so when people are working on stuff like this and you might be doing the same sometimes you can feel wooden you know often imagine trying to keep things fairly straight straight it's a word that makes you feel tense sometimes I don't want to do that so I want you to go onto YouTube watch TV watch the best place and look at their rhythm I'm going to show you this it's a beautiful uh feeling in fact you can do this with me now be amazing just grab a golf club just pick it up like this swing it now at this stage you don't see any good players just doing this what you will see is whoosh whoosh I have to improve I often put audio to this look at this one and two one and two and there's a washer impact so I want you to connect with the rhythm of this motion so you imagine in this circle you're reducing the amount of Bend going on here you imagine this nine to three position but it's not just one even pattern from wooden machine there's a rhythm to this see if you can spot it in my swing one and two one and two can you see the build up of speed there's a rhythm to that it isn't you follow and this is really really important so get us into that either use it through imagery yeah you know how often have you seen great players and after you've watched them it rubs off in your game that's because you're almost picking up subconsciously the rhythm of their players if you're more auditory one and two can really help okay so look at this here I'm actually gonna use an Audra queue here one I'm gonna do 93 one and two okay so look at this in action one and two beautiful okay one and two let's build these images and feelings into your game and it will give you so much more time and you'll stop rushing that dancing so I hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends who's struggling a little bit and of course like I put a downloader practice guide in the description box below where it all happens you get the chance to post your swings get involved in in the community and hopefully for me I'm going to jump in and help you out too all for completely free so do that if you can now and of course look if you're new to the channel press that subscribe button and the bell and if you want to see how this specifically works with Woods off the ground do this right here press this button right here until next week have a wonderful golfing week.

Transcript Summary-  

Hey, everyone, it's Danny Maude here. You know, I've noticed something in golf – that feeling when everything just clicks, and your swing is effortless. But let's be honest, we've all been there when things feel rushed, and coordination goes out the window. Even the pros struggle with this, but I've got a couple of exercises that can really help you get that beautiful, flowing swing. Stick with me, and I'll break it down for you.

So, when your swing is at its best, it feels easy, right? Like you've got all the time in the world. But, when it's off, it can feel rushed. One exercise I love is the nine-to-three drill. Tommy Fleetwood swears by it. It's all about getting your lead arm to nine o'clock and your trail arm to three, with minimal wrist hinge. This helps coordinate your swing, giving you more time and improving strike consistency.

Now, imagine you're holding a heavy club. If I asked you to throw something heavy, you wouldn't bend your arms, right? You'd naturally extend them. Well, let's apply that to your golf swing. Pretend the club is heavy, and let your arms naturally extend away as you make that pivot. This adds power and helps maintain a smooth, flowing motion.

And here's a simple one: head movement. When you're throwing that heavy club, your head naturally moves, right? So, pour water out of both ears on your backswing and through your follow-through. This head movement unlocks your turn, giving you more time to produce a solid strike.

Now, a bonus tip – rhythm. Watch the pros on YouTube, on TV. Notice their rhythm – that whoosh sound. Try it yourself. One and two, one and two. Feel the build-up of speed. It's not a wooden, mechanical motion; it's a rhythmic, flowing swing.

Combine these exercises: the nine-to-three drill, imaginary heavy club, head movement, and rhythm. It'll give you more time, improve coordination, and add that effortless flow to your swing. Trust me; you'll feel the difference. If you enjoyed this, give it a thumbs up, share it with your golf buddies, and don't forget to subscribe. And, as always, check the description for a free practice guide to help you perfect these drills. Until next week, have a fantastic week on the golf course!