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all clubs ball striking Sep 13, 2022

Full Transcript - so this week i've got something that's going to help you with your chipping your putting your iron play your driving every part of the game and if you don't have this thing in it cannot literally ruin your golf swing no matter how good your backswing is your downswings they will spoil your entire swing it did for my dad what we were away for a few days it was spoiling his chipping um a friend of mine mark was giving a session with on the range it was really spawn his impact with his ball striking with his irons but once we added this in it was transformative and i'm going to share with you what that is because it's super super helpful and very very important now before i get into the lesson look if you're new to the channel from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing i release videos just like this every single week to try and help you improve your game plus i've got a free download or practice guide in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing and what's a special bonus this week i've added the ability for you to post your swings and maybe an audio or a comment all on in this practice plan so i can try and help you even more so whether you're looking at adding distance to your driver improving the contact with your irons or just improving your shots around the green just this is going to be super super helpful so um let me give you an example with my dad this week so my dad i've been away for a few days my dad's struggling with being struggling with his chipping and one of the major things that he lacked was consistency of strike and the thing that was getting in the way was this lack of impulse what do i mean by that well when you throw a ball there's an impulse with your arm if you look at my hair if i throw a ball here can you see that there's an impulse i don't throw a ball to you going like this this would be no impulse ball wouldn't get anywhere yeah you have to have some impulse my dad didn't have that he was too controlled he's trying hard to strike it the second thing you don't just have impulse in your arm you also have it in your body can you see this so when you throw a ball there's a gentle impulse you don't throw a ball with a stiff body doing this you have it here and the airman golf is to time those impulses up they're going to provide you with power they're going to provide you with strike so what i did with my dad is i joked with that i said look look you look like this at the moment dad you won't throw a ball like this and then he says okay no problem so then he starts to turn his body like this no no no dad you've got to get the impulse your body works look up to provide space for the arm to sling through so we just got him with his short game hitting a few shots literally getting this feeling of swinging almost like he's throwing a ball and getting the club dropping down and he'd get the drop bit but then he'd stay down with his body i said no dad you've got to get the body look working up through the shot have some impulse so once he did that i didn't care what was going on with the clubface at this stage all i did was get him focusing on the feeling of the club dropping down and the body just adding a little bit more impulse to the shot so i've got a seven iron here but all i did with him is just small swings here just creating some impulse and naturally the flow and the strike started to come yes we needed to do some work on his club face but the consistency of strike went up so another student mark was struggling with his ball striking with his irons and we said well how do we add his impulsion because what he was doing here is he was getting this kind of flicky motion through the impact area here and there was no impulse with the body and when you don't have a great impulse for the body moving out of the way you're forced to get their wrists working and they start to get flicky or you get trapped inside blocking it way out to the right so i needed him to kind of feel it now he needed a drill because just by talking about didn't really work so what i did i said look i got him doing a similar exercise to my dad just throwing a ball getting explaining the impulse motion but i also said just grab an alignment stick or something similar okay old garden cake and just put it on the ground here just for a second okay and what i want you to do here is i don't want you just if you don't do if you do this look there's no space i can't everything's crumbling how many times do you see people chicken wing here what i want him to do is can literally create some whip with the alignment stick and stand up create some impulse with the body going through remember this is a guy who couldn't get any form of compression if you want to strike a ball beautifully you've got to have the handle forward naturally but he wasn't doing that because he was doing this as soon as he started to get some space look for the hands to come through this lead shoulder pulled the club around naturally keeps the shaft lean forward on its own and hey presto he got his beautiful extension now we started off i said mark with this we're going to do some small swings where we're going to set the club up here so i got him to literally set his arm like this not like this or lifting up just literally set his trail arm to here and then from there small swings i said right just imagine just letting the club fall down to the ground and i want to feel the impulse of you getting out the way to here that's all i want to do one two got him set small little swings just to here unbelievably compressed strike but he didn't get that straight away you know we need to learn to get the timing of this okay and the timing what i mean by time is this is he needed to get the impulse timed up so notice this this would be untimed where the hands go and leave the body behind or i try and get the hips out the way i see this a lot of people then the hands come in that's not timed you're literally like throwing a ball there's a connection there's a timing with this so we start that's why we started small little set of the wrists here and feel the impulse can you see how all this is beautifully timed together i even when he when a couple of times when he did this he would go forward a little bit well there's no impulse so i actually got him i actually used leo as an example here i pushed him away from the target whilst allowing the cup to follow through you've got to resist that sensation on the way through this is how you get that kind of impulse through that golf ball so now you have the feel of what it is from a very small action how do you expand that to the bigger swings the biggest with the irons and your driver and i'm going to show you a little bonus in a second on the putting green and how it can transform putting too but let's look at the full swing so because you know what the destination is now from here to here you're more equipped the body's more equipped to know exactly what to do when it's at the top of the swing now my dad's a great example um you know he slices the ball now and then and one of the reasons why he slices it like a lot of players he gets the top of the swing and he spins out of the shot with his torso here like this well if you look at that natural motion that is never going to achieve the position and the feeling that we've just had a minute ago of this is it not possible so you're less likely to do these kind of things once you know that the actual destination point is supposed to feel like this so when you're here now you go okay i know that's the feeling i want to get there i can't get impulse off my back foot it's not possible yeah so now you've got the destination you can start to gradually build the swing up bit by bit and start to apply it to the bigger swings now with driver it's all about really starting to let go with this motion no control okay so see if you can spot this in my driver's swing

so learn the feeling gradually build it up and now let's have a quick look at how this can also transform your putting so let's finish off with patting impulse in parting can be super helpful and really help you hold a lot more putts so what is an impulse well i see too many golfers when they're padding they are moving they're putters also just one pace it's too slow there is an a impulse now we don't want the level of movement that you have obviously in a power shot but you still need impulse and i want you to accelerate to the ball i don't want you to go like this try and go through the ball with no impulse you're going to be so inconsistent so you'll see with the best putters look at the the cameron smiths of the world they literally have a length of backswing that is actually slightly longer than their follow-through because there's a impulse to the shot okay they're literally impacting the golf ball in a way that's providing a solid solid strike a great drill for you to do this is to grab a couple of t-pegs okay line them up to the hole here put them in the ground and all you're doing is put a ball just in front and what i'm going to do here is i've clearly i've really reduced the length of the follow-through way too much yes but then what this is doing is i want you to accelerate to the ball don't accelerate so there's no impulse this is an acceleration okay so i'm going to get myself set and i'm going to try and accelerate to the ball okay now it's just a resistance all you're doing is you're tapping it in such a way to provide one two a positive motion to this oh hormones to the stroke as opposed to this type of motion where it all starts to look smooth but there's no impulse to that and then oh it's too short then you try to lunge at it and get it a little bit longer okay so impulse add it to every single one of your golf clubs in your bag and you're gonna make a massive massive difference start really small learn the feel then start to take that feel give that backswing a destination to go to and you're going to start to see every single club in your bag improving nothing works without it so i hope you enjoy this video remember look it all happens right now on so check over onto my website download the free practice guide get involved with the discussion that we're having on there post your swings get involved with the audio links in the description box below of course look check this video out here because it complements this one very very well i'll see you next week have a great golfing week.