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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us how often do you arrive at driver just like this you want to improve your strike you want to stop slicing or stop hooking your shots with your irons and your driver but you just don't know how it just gets confusing doesn't it well i myself was practicing here just this week and he's uh subscribing to the channel comes up to see me and says danny can i book a lesson i said look well i've got five minutes now actually if you want me to have a quick look so i come over come and have a quick look and sure enough he's he's just a bit lost he's got so much stuff going on in his head he's chopping down on the ball he's got this big booming slice i use some props like you always find at ranges to help him and you know what in literally five minutes we got rid of his slice slightly strike it so much but in his own words it's the best he's ever hit it now i can't remember his name i hope you're watching if you are leave a comment in the comments box below let me know if you're still working for you but i want to share with you what we did because at ranges there's all kinds of things you can use and i'm going to show you the prop we use and how you can adapt to that yourself if you hook or slice it so you can hit it much much straighter before i do that look if you're new to channels when your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i list a video just like this one plus i'll always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so you'll never have to remember her thing okay great so here's what we're going to do we're going to start with the ions and we'll work to your driver we're going to start with slicing then we're going to hook into keeping it super super simple so i i didn't get the the gentleman's name so if you do if you are watching just leave a comment in the comments box below that'd be great but i'll show you what we did so super simple he had a big big slice on it on his irons wasn't striking them very well and wasn't hitting him very far either and the reason being to stay start with the club was coming up and coming down very very steeply and across the line of the golf ball and we just needed to get rid of that here's what we did we needed him to get a bigger turn and much but more around motion he was good at the up part of the golf swing but wasn't good at the around bit and it was the around bit that was really really important because if you're slicing the golf ball you don't want me coming across the ball because that's going to put this side spin on it what you need to be doing is starting to get more shape so the club starts to attack much much more into this space so then the club comes down through the short and then starts to come around here that's going to create a straighter shot or even what we tried with him a much more of a draw style shot so here's what we did step one just a basket of golf balls step two is gonna be amazing so keep tuned step one i need to make him turn grab a basket of balls all we did was this he was good at the up motion but wasn't good at the round so grab the basket and i just said turn over here and imagine you're going to place the basket over this way now when you do this look at what's happened to my legs the only way you're going to actually put a basket over here is if you naturally twist your legs you can't do it like this it's very uncomfortable you're gonna have to reach over so that is all we did got in that sensation then move up now he didn't need to worry about the up motion because he already had it but from there we just then practiced him really sensing that he was working it around now for him what did he feel that's correct he felt like he was working way over here but now he had the space to move into so we just got him to swing there for a little bit get some sensation of that before we moved on to tip two which was using a little bit of rubber now if you have a look at this this has a perfect curve in it a lot of rangers have it if you don't have one of these at your range all you need to do is grab yourself some foot spray and by the way this does rub off make sure you rub it off you can spray it around on or on it on a curve here this is going to come in very very useful okay so people always ask me what i'm using this doctoring active most supermarkets have it so i'm not sponsored by the manila shape off on but i'm sure they do a roaring trade every time i do a video um so from here what we did we wanted to kick clear his brain we wanted to clear as much of the complicated stuff as possible so this visual cue really made that happen and all we did was said look we knew that here when it this sake he wasn't hitting this ack what's happening was we knew that he was missing this arc out and going straight into this act on this side of the golf ball but we weren't getting this bit at all he's now got the turn that's going to enable him to give him a chance to swing on this arc yeah now we just need to feel it or visualize it this is what this did it gave him some feedback so we got him swinging now and imagine the club look actually hitting this arc for the first time he obviously felt that the club was swinging way too much over there but that's fine i said look it it will swing over there but watch when it then you when you let the club release the club then goes back back around over this way yeah so you hit both axe you hit this arc now and you'll hit the second arc okay that's all we did so we started off that we've now got he's now swinging he's got a beautiful visual of where to come in and as opposed to going up and missing this act out completely swinging there he now swung around comes inside and he started to hit beautiful draws you'll notice by the way this is hard rubber so i pushed the ball quite a big distance away from it because i didn't want him to hit the rubber in any shape or form and then and if you see that look at that shape lovely drawing martian okay now we'll come on to the driver in a second but if you hook the golf ball all you do is do the opposite what you then do is say okay well look you hit too much of this arc but you miss this arc out so you're feeling okay is possibly that you're going to have to feel like you are swinging and almost missing this arc out completely and swinging more this way this way right you're actually allowing the club to swing on this arc a lot more and when you do that then look we start to hit more of the fade style shot with both of those swings by the way as you're doing this you will start to feel a very different finish so you're slicing and you're coming here and you're visualizing this motion you're going to feel a different finish hold that finish just for a second because that could be a lovely cue also for when you're out on the golf course because how you finish is often a reflection of what's gone on before so you could feel that go okay that's a different finish maybe that's where i need to be and that's going to aid the whole motion just like for me i often get too much on this side so i try to fade a few and this gets me feeling more of a upwards spiral motion i feel like when i'm here look my hands are working this way okay so now it's time to look at your driver driver very very similar all right but we need to come up with things that are going to help you to take this action to the golf course so we'll start with if you slice the ball first so peg up the ball now notice this i'm pegging up a good distance away from the rubber i don't want to hit the rubber it's purely as a visual tool you can use a foot spray like i say on a golf course you can simply just visualize this arc now we said what the two steps super simple you've got to make sure that you have a turn first so i got him to push the basket so i'm turning in this position there's always a movement upwards he already had that so now we've got an ability to hit this ack if you just lift up you've got no chance yep so this is the first thing particularly driver this is huge because if you don't turn you've got no chance look of hitting up on the shot if all you have is enough motion what you're gonna do you're gonna chop down on it that's why you might hit your irons pretty good but you drive a poor so we've got this motion here we feel it's an exaggerated one we feel we're gonna hit it over there but we're not because watch even when we're coming in here look as the club naturally fires and as long as you hit the ark as it fires watch what's happened to the golf club look as it comes in here look and i fire through look it squares up there we don't square it up with our shoulders the club naturally gets squared up to the golf ball just through the release so now we've got the visual we don't have to over complicate it that's what these are all for let's have a look at this in action a nice easy one to start with nice turn away we go nice high launch in flight straight down the middle of the fairway so once you've done that and as i said you're going to have feelings when you do this if it feels once you start hitting the draw shape or you start hitting it much much straighter the sensations that you take from this particularly in your finished position you can start to take to the golf course so once you've actually hit the shot it's gonna fall over once you've hit the shot hold that finish start to get the sensation okay that's a very very different finish to what i'm used to so i'll go back i go well that's different finish that's the finish i'm going to be going for now if you hook the golf ball you do something similar come with a summary all in the end to kind of keep it simple but just covering the hooks now if you hook the golf ball what do you do well the turn is still important but remember you're not hitting this part of the act the sensation for you is that what you're going to do you're going to start to swing and you might want to feel like rather than the slicers need to kind of hold back a little bit before they release you need to feel like you're coming and maybe releasing more this way your swings more that away this is the zone that you want to be playing you want to be playing around trying to hit this section here because you hit loads of this section so you get yourself set and we'll see if i can fade this one now backwards and forwards and there we go nice perfect fade and all i've done is i've got the sensation that rather than coming here to here it's now more higher to lower in the swing coming more this way again just the feeling yeah the real sensation is probably not what you're seeing okay so in summary two things use visualization use props on the range use this simple arc you have here to start to kind of help you shape the golf swing here grab a basket simple things you can do at home you've got to move to do this then raise it that's your backswing right there that's going to get you the pivot all these things are hugely hugely important if you want to start to create a proper swing but more importantly a simple swing that you can take to the golf course use this visual that you can take it's amazing when you move that away and we look on the ground now i can still picture that on the ground and i'm still picturing that visual it's very far better than having nothing there at all so i hope that video this video really really helps your game it certainly did for the student little student temperature that i had on the driving range if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up maybe share it with your friends and of course look it's a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing but until next week have a great golfing week