Easiest Swing in Golf for SENIOR Golfers

driver swing senior golfers Nov 22, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny here thanks for joining us in this week's golf video i want to focus on golfers that don't have a body like a pga professional maybe you're you know senior golfer that lacks a little bit of flexibility or you've got some injuries that are affecting your ability to make a fuller backswing and therefore generate some power but you still want to hit the ball further you still want to kind of improve your ball strike and you still want to drop your scores what things can you do well look i courage senior golfers every single day i find it an absolute privilege to do so and i want to share with you some of the things that i've been working on with these golfers because we make some adaptations to their swing that makes significant changes to their distance and their ball striking and they're for enjoyment i love putting smiles on their faces and i hope today i can put a smile on your face too now before i get into the video look if you're new to channels from your first lessons of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i always put a free practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing okay great so let's start with your driver first have we got time we'll even cover your irons because there is a slight difference between the two and the way you hit them so you struggle with flexibility maybe you struggle to make that turn you struggle to generate power what is potentially lacking and how can we access as much as we possibly can from you on this so let's start with first stage what needs to happen at impact then what we'll do is we'll then show you how you can change your your movement pattern to be able to achieve that and third and final thing was just once kind of the secret sauce at the end we'll cover that so first things first you got to make sure at impact that that club right scientifically proven needs to be heading up the club needs to be striking the ball on an ascending blow needs to be hitting up on that golf ball yeah so the low point if you look at this healer the club always has a low point we need to catch the ball on the way up this way we do not want to be catching it on the way down you do that you will lose your distance immediately okay now in order to make that happen efficiently the club also needs to be swinging on an arc that means that the swing direction i the direction this club is swinging as it approaches the golf ball needs to be two for right handers to the right of target i'm going to use this as a visual tool here have a look at this here so i get myself set up here we've got this is just a ball tray from the driving range it's got an arc on this yep so you can just use this it's a wonderful visual tool by the way when you're practicing so we're going to make a swing and we're moving the swing direction the swing direction is heading where to the right hand side but look does that mean the clubs i'm going to hit it over there no because as we get towards impact the club naturally starts to square up through the impact area here that's what we're after if by any chance you try to get the club going straight down i.e towards your target this is what's going to happen

very typical straight down straight into the ground doesn't even pick up my low point but the swing direction minus six point one if we did if it trap man would have picked that up that would have been a very downward strike low point straight after the golf ball barely any height sometimes with that by the way when you do it you might even hit some skies where the balls come off the top of your club so that is when you're swinging too direct towards your target we need to get the swing direction heading out this way to allow the club to swing around and up on that golf ball okay very very important so how can you go about achieving this so i may as well leave this tool here because it's a great visual tool as you can wish you can use so somehow we need to get this arc don't we need to get the club round here but my recent student 90 plus years old said danny i can't get around that i just can't physically turn that work and i said um you may not be able to turn all the way back here but chris you can move a lot more freely right because right now what chris was doing he was doing this picking it up coming straight down on the golf ball so here's what we did got chris to just unlock certain elements of his body so if you are trying to get a bigger turn or you've been trying to get more distance a lot of time you're trying to turn like this around and around and it's a real stretch but you don't do it here right allow the feet and the heels to move a little bit so imagine now if you do this with me walk with me backwards and forwards allow the heels to come up when you do this look what's happening now what happened to my hip as i do this just naturally it's opening if you struggle to get your hips open on the way through watch this it's opened yeah it's opening easily but when you're trying to flat foot it to try to turn back and turn through it's not possible to do any of this so you've got to get this sensation of how the body moves so we start off really basically chris just feel the heels moving up and down yeah but this isn't golfing yet because we need to add some rotation to this so all i did now is this i got him actually without a club to throw his arms across like you're on my skin

yeah just swinging swaying those abs and as you're doing this look at my heels they're coming off the ground but look at them pivot here what's this helped me do it's helped me get some more rotation store more energy in my backswing but it's helping me get my hands and the club more behind me that so what can i do now i can attack more on this path which we talked about is the secret to hitting up and hitting the ball far yeah so we get this motion backwards and forwards you don't walk like this flat-footed yeah this is how people swing playing golf at the moment they're swinging they try to swing like this and then when they try and go through they wonder why their hips can't move and they're trying to turn through the shot and they just can't do it because everything is flat-footed so we need to unlock some of this motion so you can easily protect your body store power yeah so what we did with chris we started very slowly so don't worry about the follow-through yet just let that happen for a second just see if you can explore a motion where you really kind of let this heel come off the ground and it's not easy to start with it kind of feels weird yeah so just swing backwards and forwards if you can get both heels working like a walking fashion here swing this way swing swing swing look at this just letting the club swing freely and allowing my heels to come up here and through white walking one two they're unlocking this hip here unlocking his hip here providing all this space look to swing into yeah the other thing i did with chris is i needed to get him sensing this direction too because instinctively we all sometimes want to hit towards our target so what tends to happen when you start to move this is you get to the top pin you go i need to hit it straight and that shifts your club path down this line so i'm going to put this back for a second so you can see this just as a visual cure this is why the head to range these are really really useful just as visual cues so when you get here you've got this freedom of motion you can hit some shots just like that so let's just see what happens let's just do that now one two barely any just tapping it down there okay have a look at that there so we've we've got 11.2 swing direction to the right that means it's to the right of target my 5.8 b means 5.8 inches behind the golf ball that means my low point is behind the golf ball brilliant so that is gonna that's one of the secrets without any effort at all just gaining distance yeah so you've got to get that sensation but some what christa was doing is he was really getting this yeah but what he did instinctively and he might be the same is as you get here and you want to do what you want to hit it straight so you get here and you want to then hit it this way straight to the target that shifts the swing direction too straight and if anything

this way so now something was happening look at the difference now we have a low point that is after the golf ball this down on it we have a swing direction that's left of the golf ball here that is creating a huge loss of distance yeah so once you've got the idea of the rotation that lovely pivot that sensation start to see if you can sense the feeling of oh swing direction's going on this line use guys maybe get some foot spray spray a line an arc so when you've created this make sure that when you do walk this way you're walking the club out along that line there yeah and look if you keep walking it look at this your hips open just so you would do if you're walking one two so i'm going to really exaggerate this now and backwards here through watch this start to bend now because i've look at that much i've really exaggerated it i've done this it's hugely 18 out to the right 5.2 behind and i've really kind of exaggerated just for you so you can see this yeah but we need to unlock your storing of energy your rotation but do it in a way that protects your body allowing this to happen will really really do that all right so we'll go into irons in just a second just one more thing just to cover here okay we drive before we before we move on so we've got this out visualize the sake put it down on the driving range get that sensation of what you're doing just bear in mind this you're not only are you swinging the club on this line always remember repeat this many times my videos allow the club to fall as you're doing it so you your body is opposing the force of this club what do i mean by that well the force of the club is going towards the ball yes don't go with that force if you go with it watch this if you get here right and you you throw the club and your body at the ball where's that swing direction yes coming straight down again it's not look look at this if i let the club fall now and i oppose i go away from the club i'm allowing the club to swing naturally on that direction here you never have to worry about going right because look the club face will naturally square up if you let it yeah but you're opposing this force throw the club don't go with the force throw it down and oppose it yeah so how does this differ with irons not a lot but let me grab an eight i'll just change this up on trackman oh it was already on eight i know never mind i would have changed it okay so let's grab eight iron so difference today and is this with an would you drive you wanna hit up on the ball with an iron you want to hitch down so we want the club now working more up but we don't want to do what chris was starting to do which is lifting the club up and doing this because there's no power yes you can strike it sometimes okay because you're coming down on it but there's no real speed to that so we want to create some rotational motion but we don't want to be maybe as low right as we were a minute with driver we just want to when we come up now just imagine you're swinging up a little bit higher here so we're kind of matching look the angles of the shaft look at the driver so there's the driver shaft this is the iron shaft yeah so we're going to imagine swinging here with driver and with the iron we're going to imagine swinging up a little bit here yeah so but we still want to do that just with our arms you want to get the pivot going yeah backwards and forwards let's have a look at this in action so again one two let's have a look at this so up here down so look at this in action and straight where you have a 3.9 after the golf ball swing direction now is almost neutral i actually find that when i'm striking my best with my irons this is an time i will start to get maybe a minus number why because it's much much more on but you'll notice the swing direction with the irons is much much more neutral why because we don't want to be hitting up on the golf ball 3.9 inches after the golf ball is where we want to be all right so if you're a senior golfer and you struggle with flexibility or any if you've got injuries and you want to start to unlock some power you need some more rotation you need to get these impact factors we need to be in up on the driver we need to get in the swing direction heading out to the right hand side for right-handers okay how do you do this unlock your rotation yeah start with just a simple walk heels off the ground then add the pivot to this then if you really start to fence you want to hit a bit further throw those arms feel what you're having to do to throw them work around whatever you need to do yeah then gradually add that in to the motion here bang bang but it'll take the stress off your body because you aren't winding up against this stability here right please don't do that i hope this really really helps it certainly helped chris thanks so much i see as an absolute privilege you're a senior goldfish an absolute privilege to coach people just like you i find it's a wonderful challenge trying to count with different ways to do it um i really really do absolutely love it so if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up maybe share it one of your friends and of course look use your channel come and join the community by pressing that subscribe button and the bell and i put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing