Hit Driver Straight - This CRAZY golf tip was a GAME CHANGER for a recent student

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week had a really great friend of mine liam harrison from golf logs uk so fellow youtuber and amateur golfer uh that comes over to see me and um basically he'd been apparently struggling for 12 months with his driver pulling his shots miles left of the fairway big big slices when it wasn't um pulled and we look he just came out for a few holes but while we're here i said do you mind if i kind of help out a little bit because i think i can and he says yeah yeah but daddy please don't give me anything complicated because like my head i don't like to think about too many things over the golf ball i said no no problem at all so anyway we just gave him two or three really simple simple things and look at the trackman stats by the end of our little session we added 17 yards to his total carry we added 23 yards to his total distance with driver but look at the numbers here in terms of club path his club path because he was pulling was minus seven minus seven this way we managed to change all of that to a positive one number so now suddenly he was able to hit it straighter as well as longer hugely hugely important i'm gonna share with you what we did with liam because i think he could really benefit you too so the one thing that liam did say to me said danny i don't want anything too much to think about i said look isn't it frustrating when you're stirring the golf ball you sometimes know what to do but you just can't do it we need to work in fields you need to learn what to feel so in this week's golf lesson what i'm going to do with you is i want to show you what i did with liam but also help you to kind of feel what you need to do in a golf swing whether you slice the ball whether you hook the ball i want to help you feel and experience the golf swing so you can make a proof that's what we're going to focus uh on in this golf cluster before i get into training though if you're new to channel this is one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one so what was liam doing well one of the big things you see look he's coming it's like if you slice the golf ball pull the golf ball ultimately big picture things this is what you're doing you attack the golf ball from a high position going to a low position yeah so high to low the other thing what your tur people tend to do is people who slice they don't generally um keep their back to their target for long enough in the downswing they quickly throw the club out here so liam was doing two both those things he was simply coming from a high to low position as opposed to the opposite so if somebody's hitting the ball really long and straight they'll generally come much more from a low position moving towards the height position if you overdid that that would be your hooking right so if you hook the golf ball you would be coming probably from too low position here going to two higher position so it's just the opposite right so usually what i said to liam if you slice the ball liam i'm gonna imagine you need to try to get towards somebody who hooks the golf ball yeah because if you're slicing it if you're a slicer over here and i try and get you to hook it so and you move towards hooking all the characteristics of a hook you're gonna start hitting it straight see does that make sense so if you go if this is a slice swing this is a hook swing we need to get somewhere in between so two major things with liam initially what we did was said look get yourself set here and what i want you to do is i want you to imagine first of all this if you just pick the club up in the air and you don't turn are you ever going to be able to get uh hit to a high position no so what we did with lean was this we said look get this right hip going straight back here create some space yeah if you haven't seen my video on rotation the misinterpretation go and check it out here it will really complement this video but from here watch this push that right hip back here get deeper so you can make a bigger motion then watch this you're feeling almost actually let me grab a little prop here to help you so what we're going to do is this was a great big boulder a great big boulder watch this i i want to i've turned here this has gone back here and i've got this great big boulder in my hand i'm much stronger with my back facing the target and as i if i'm going to throw this boulder forward i'm much stronger with my back facing the target here for as long as possible then i throw it then if i do this can you see in fact to be honest imagine weighing this way in a turn i'd probably drop it now so i'm stronger here and i want to imagine this boulder is coming from behind you as i throw it forward very very important so what we're doing here in reality is this i'm making a nice big turn and look the boulder the rock is behind me and what i'm doing is from here i'm throwing it from behind me then around what that enables me to do look at this i'm able now look to bring the club from a lower position going to a high position if i from here quickly throw the boulder this way i become weaker and i simply pull it all right so let's have a look at this in action we're getting ourselves set here we're making a swim we're going to make a bigger martian we've got the boulder behind us here we're keeping it behind us here and then we're from here we'll bring it from behind on a beautiful arc back around let's have a look at this in


absolute beaut lovely shot okay so one of the big keys if you want to start to get that lovely straight shot powerful motions one of the things you're gonna have to do is you the club needs to be brought as a slicer by the way not if you're not if you're hooking but if you slice it you need to feel like you are pushing this right hip back getting deeper so you can get make a bigger motion then look at my chest imagine you've got this boulder don't bring the boulder here you'd lose it right keep your back facing that tag for longer and what you're going to do here is this you're bringing it from behind you on an arc around and then throwing it forward this is going to help you come from a low position and then swing to a high position changing that path and hitting up on the ball countering that slice and starting to hit it straight but more importantly much more powerfully as well as you bring it around here now if you're on the opposite side we've got more on slicing a second but just on the opposite if you slice if you hook the golf ball you're gonna have to feel something very very different so for those of you if you're hooking the golf ball what's good what's probably happening here is you're doing this too much so you are in thirds you're bringing the club your club is too far behind you and you're stuck so your issue is you're coming too far underneath and from here you're going to have to flip the hands over to hook the golf ball so you're going to have to feel something very different which is what makes this game unique we're always trying to you know depending on where you are whether you slice the ball of hooky ball there's different feelings you're going to need so if you hook the golf ball you're going to probably have to feel more like a slicer what you're going to have to do is you want to get the club working much more up here and then when it comes down you want to get the sensation if anything that the club now is working more out in front of you whereas the slicer feels like it's behind them you need to feel like the club is working more this way so it's working more down and across the ball almost like you're going to cut it does that make sense so look at the difference here you almost feel like you're doing this i mean if i exaggerated this you're picking it up and you're coming back down again like this versus the slices try to feel this you need to feel a high to low position it's just different now do you think either one of those swings you'll actually do no but what you're doing is is this the hook is not going to go like this and the slice is not going to go like this but what you're going to do is you're going to gradually change the swing much much uh you're gonna move it to basically neutral so i often can get myself where i hook the ball a little bit so let's have a look at this i'm gonna imagine the club coming up here working it back straight back down in front of me because i sometimes get stuck behind so let's have a look at this in action

that will do just nicely so finally legs what's the difference between slicing and hooking with legs and whatever you got to do very simple people that slice the golf ball you don't use any legs they're almost like in cement you literally the club comes down like this and you simply swing to the left if you hook the golf ball the likelihood is you use too much legs you tend to slide too much so you need to brace your legs a lot more okay remember slice effect hook effect so what we want to do is what we did with liam liam's very simple his legs were in serious cement they weren't moving at all now again i could talk to him about all this complicated stuff do this with the feet but i wanted to show him specifically how he could naturally get into this position so i gave and he thought i was mental with this a plonker i thought danny was a plunker with this drill and we called it a happy gilmore drill he showed me basically i can do it naturally without thinking so he would roll a golf ball to me and i would step in

and whack it and honestly you just hips move brilliant so my practice routine now is the happy gilmore i gave him the happy gilmore now i got him walking up to the golf balls like this before you turn me off just bear with me on this okay i got him walking up to golf ball just hitting it he thought i was probably as mad as you're thinking right now walking up hitting but i filmed him doing this he'd been trying for 12 months to get this they call it squat position rotation of hips all those things i showed him in one ball that he was doing he can do this naturally if he allows his body has the ability to do this and more importantly by walking up like this he was actually doing it all without thinking so our job together now was to help him now he's got this powerful motion to trust that he can actually start to attack so with that in mind i want you to what can you learn from this we picked up this ball we've pushed that for the slices to start off with we pushed that hit back we've got deeper we're holding that back against the target and from here what we're doing is you've got this big boulder now have the intention the intention to throw that boulder this way not just this if you do this then ultimately what you have your legs aren't going to work you need to imagine you've got this big heavy ball then what you're going to do look look at my body as i do this big heavy heavy boulder here i'm using that i'm driving and i'm going to throw it forward that will naturally then get those legs uh working through the shot okay now if you are um hooking the golf ball as a byproduct right you're using too much legs hello we've got a little guest we've got a little guest hello hello you come on you come to join it look we're going out to a few hundred thousand people here look so a little guest on the channel um so if you start if you hook the golf ball you are getting too much slide so you need to do the opposite you to almost brace your legs as you're swinging so you need to hold that as you're throwing that club off burning in this round brace the legs so you can get through the shot okay but the key is is again a lot of these complicated motions can happen very very naturally back into position here i'm going to throw it through simple as that so let's summarize what have we done two major things if you slice the golf ball the club is coming out across to the left it's coming from a high position going to a low position you need to experience it coming from a low to high position on the way through make that easier by turning back here pushing that right hip back imagine you've got the ball to keep that boulder out in front with the back against the target for as long as you can as you then throw it forward on this arc bringing it around on this arc on the way through if you hook the golf ball it's a little bit different isn't it if you hook the golf ball you're doing it too much you're coming too much in here you're swinging too high and you're gonna have to flip it from there you need to experience much much more of a up and down motion and as we said more of a bracing in the legs so you're not sliding in here so i hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe come and join the community by pressing that subscribe button and the bell and please share it with some of your friends who could benefit from some of this training but until next week have a great golfing week