How To Strike Your Irons - Learn to COMPRESS your irons with these 3 SIMPLE GOLF TIPS

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Hey everyone Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week we're talking irons how do you strike your irons pure how do you stop striking the ground behind a golf ball how do you get more distance from your irons so that you're finding that if you're finding that your irons are bunched up you hit them some of them very similar distances how do you spread them how do you hit them a bit further these are common questions this week from many many of my students and the answer to those questions I'm going to share with you exactly in this in this week's training because it really really helped them and I'm sure it will help you too before I get into the video that look if you're new to channel this is one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press a little bell button the next subscribe button you're getting notified every time I release a video just like this one plus if you enjoy the training down in the description box below there's a free practice plan C don't have to remember a thing just download it take it off to the driving range and go and work on it so strike in your iron well let's start with it ultimately what are you supposed to do at the moment of impact to strike your eyes and then what we'll do is well give you a 3-step process I'm about how you go about achieving that so how do you straight your irons well stage number one ultimately imposition what do you see or I see with most of my clients who or who starts to strike their irons poorly they generally end up in positions that are back here flicky Marshall so you've seen a lot of flicky wrists you know very weak positions when are you getting this weak position here that's going to lose power the other thing is is in this flick position here you're moving the center of the face away from the ball and you bring in the leading edge that's what gets the ball topping along the ground we've got to get the face on the golf ball so that if the face hits the ball the face has loft it's the loft that gets the ball airborne it's not you trying to help it up in the air so we've got to get that impact position so that impact position is we put the loft on the ball so we do that's why the handle is forward so that's the impact position here then naturally as we're coming forward here their hips will be open and there'll be a lot of weight on the left side all kind of complicated stuff that we're going to make simple in a second so bear with me so weights on your lead foot here hands forward and there's a pressure putting on the back of that golf ball there from this angle it's going to look something like this what you're doing is is you put your weight on your lead foot here your hips are open here you're putting a pressure on that ball and the pressure is going on with your trail sign here notice this I'm not pretty pressure this way that would be real problem what I'm doing is look at my right elbow here my trailer but I'm pushing it in would see my right shoulders back a little bit here and I'm pushing this way this is important now that's impact that's way too much to think about isn't it so how do we go out about achieving that well here is step number one we want to try to get now into the strong in position here with a handle leading we're putting a pressure on the back of that golf ball the very first thing you need to have you need to see shots in shapes ie curves not straight did you say that right you don't try to hit straight right never try and hit straight shot professionals do not try and hit straight shots they're always working in cards you're hitting a round ball that is almost so difficult to hit straight so the best players they're all you see on TV they're always if you see the shot tracers they're always seeing you're always seen a curve to this ball this is important because when we're coming into the shot here if you see the ball straight this is what I'm seeing too much with players they end up becoming gigantic pendulums so they're often like this when they're swinging that's going straight back and they're going straight through when you do this watch this when you're trying to hit a ball straight just visually look at the effect that has on it on the body is it tends to get the body going backwards then tends to do because your body's going backwards your hands then start to flick it's just confusing for the body watch the difference here the however if you're working curves I want you to imagine something what things working curves well tennis throwing a ball frisbee discus and we're going to come to them in a second but when you're working curves look at the difference now watch this when I work in curves my body stays more central as I work back around now look look how easy it is my the handle to stay ahead of impact and go through I'm visualizing curves now if I visualize a curve that's curving right to left now look at the difference in my body I'm creating an arc the club's being brought around from behind me here I'm able comfortably to keep this angle going through let's have a look at that in action right so I'm seeing the ball always in curves this helps me create natural rotation if I try and see the ball straight that's confusing sometimes to the brain and it gets people almost guiding it pushing it forward this causes loads of problems and they often become human pendulums yeah and that really affects the strike so I want you to stretch there's one in this process see the ball in curves I'm seeing the ball slightly right to left I'm picturing this motion just working around just like I would do if I was playing tennis kicking a soccer ball I'm seeing in curves yeah creates natural motions in the bodice have a look at this


lovely so simple so you in order for the body to help you in this give it really good information so start to see golf played in curves not straight lines all right now yes it might only be a gentle curve but it's still a curve all right now so how can you encourage is how do we and what drill simple exercise can you do to encourage this natural curve whilst at the same time helping you maintain the strong impact position right I want you to imagine now if we were throwing a frisbee what would that look like would you throw a frisbee like this no would you throw it with the flick like this no look at the angle of my wrist here naturally so I want you to do this if you haven't got a frisbee at home doesn't matter just literally stand up now just imagine this just imagine tossing a frisbee look at the shape it creates in the body look at the angles it creates in the wrist and it will teach you how naturally to release those angles because they have to be released at some stage watch this there's my frisbee and then away I go simple action here really helps you to get rotation then a rotation on the way through same now imagine this with your trail hand discus same principle well here look we're creating shape and we're releasing that shape and the artist this and the body watch this down here creating the shape backwards and forwards the great thing with discus and our frisbee whichever you prefer it just faith if you're right-handed playing golf right hand lead no problem discus might work if you're playing right honey but you you're left-handed well wrist B might be a real good image for you here literally imagine that for it and then from here just imagine you've got frisbee in your hands and you are tossing it around you don't toss it straight these are what causes a lot of problems with striking the ground behind the golf ball and affecting that compression so let's have a look at this in action so I've got my frisbee I'm gonna throw that frisbee back around and then through like that it's as simple as that now that will naturally help you create shapes in your body it will help you stay centered you won't be a gigantic pendulum therefore you won't be doing stuff like this now the third and final thing is equally as important let's have a look so the third and final thing is we've said look we want to get this strong impact position here we said look how do you get it will you come from around the body on an arc here so the hand puff is coming from behind coming around back in look at this helped everything stay Center doesn't it you can Ranas create acts in the swing if you see acts and the golf ball very hard to do that if you're seeing a ball dead straight it trains the body to act almost like a pendulum style action where your head goes behind the golf ball you start flicking it hitting the ground behind etc so the third and final thing is I see with all top players but very few amateurs top players start their downswing before they finished their backswing what do I mean by that is is well watch this when they get to about here about 3/4 of the way they am still keep going but as they're doing this they're starting to already get onto they're on to the lead side they're trying to reach almost recenter way too technical to think about so we can give you a simple solution in a second but when you get here we're getting centered when we're cutting out over the golf ball look at the day we've got a bigger chance of one from to get more powerfully but one to get those handle ahead and then through you do this naturally by the way if you were to throw a ball watch this if I throw a ball my foot goes while I'm drawing my own backs I'm starting my downswing before I've even finished this motion because what this be polite provides the platform look platform here to throw from so you do it when we throwing a frisbee watch we step that provides the platform to throw from so how do you do this way to complicate it because you can do it we need to do something really crazy now if you missed my video last week I put it at a blank corner I gave Liam Harrison from Gulf oil UK a golf lesson worked an absolute treat he thought was crazy with this exercise but what I didn't share last week exactly how to then scale it down so the exercise is the happy gilmore exercise where all you do is this if I were to walk to walk up and hit this shot notes this I'm stepping whilst going back I'm getting a scent it's natural to do this because I you I need to use this platform to hit from this is what's going to create this lag and strike so that what you do first in this process you start big picture you literally have some fun mess about do some happy gilmore Celeste of the guys watch this I'm gonna step here

and I'm going to go happy with that strike it now I struck it but I did if I didn't it doesn't matter if you top it you miss it doesn't matter just enjoy hitting some golf balls like this and what you'll do is you'll see on camera how slow I was and how naturally I start that downswing uh-oh where we go what Liam turned this into when he took it down how he took it to the golf course is hearing me we can't think of all that stuff so what he did was he then had two or three of these exercises just before he goes his walk and away he goes so then he just go to the golf ball get himself set and hit away now that what we can't rationalize that we can't put all those complicated movements into word but we can learn to feel it in our wrong way so do some reckless ones to start with just have some fun see the ball in curves right so in summary what have we done three major things look to get a great ball striker we now know look you've got to have your handle head you probably knew this anyway gotta have your handle ahead we've got to get the lead side open to the target you probably already knew that but to do that you've got to help the body you've got to help the body see the ball in the flight in curves you're hanging a round ball it's very hard hit it dead straight so see the ball in Kurt's stage number one it's a lot easier then for the body I can do that that's curves it will work much more like this okay it won't work as a gigantic pendulum and get people pushing it straight that causes a lot of the fat shots just lots of lots of power because the body's going this way once you see in curves then we want to obviously educate ourselves to feel the handle ahead and putting compression on that golf ball what do we say imagine a frisbee just do some frisbee actions here look at how naturally my lead wrist will be head and I'm using this lead foot fire I just feel that Martin you don't have to Haven a hammer frisbee if you want to do it with your your backhand use a discus same thing you're creating curves you're using the ground you're using all the right muscle you can't maybe put worse to them it's not important it's all about feelings then once you've done that we then said look you've got to take to a golf course and the third and final thing was making sure you start the downswing before you finish the backswing again to complicate if people think about but doing some exercises like the happy gilmore here where you're literally just walking up and hidden a few ignoring how good it how bad it is how good is do it on a range then do what Liam does he doesn't walk and hit the ball on a golf course but he does have a few practice swings just to feel it gets himself set sees his curve and away he goes so I really really hope this training really really helps if it does please give it a thumbs up maybe come and join the community by pressing up subscribe when and the bell it's completely free remember you have a practice button down below which you can download completely for free summary of this lesson take to the driving range and of course look if your friends could do with a little bit help with ball striking with orion's don't forget to share it but have a great golfing week and I'll look forward to seeing you next Ally