driver golf swing takeaway Nov 08, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week i've got a really really interesting lesson for you so peter comes and sees me one of my students hitting the ground behind the golf ball with his irons hitting his driver very very inconsistent and he tried quite a few things but nothing really seemed to be working and but we tried or we improved his first move away his takeaway and it made a massive difference and the reason being if you get the takeaway wrong very quickly it throws your back swing off now the problem is is you're on the downswing you have to make many many compensations and the problem with those compensations is you can hit some good shots but it often leads to inconsistency so if you can get that first bit right it can set your swing up to win and it certainly did for peter so i'm going to share with you how to get that right each and every single time in a very natural way because people do get this wrong sometimes they get quite wooden right now before i get into the video look if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i always put a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing great so let's get straight into the lesson so what is a good takeaway what does it look like we'll start with that and then i'll show you how you can do it easily and effortlessly more and more repeat uh repeatedly so the first thing you'll see with any great player is they have what's called a coordinated move away where the lead arm and club they work away together here so the shoulders are moving away and the arms all connect this lever here that we've created hasn't been broken with people who have a paw move away they immediately break this lever and that causes problems so when we start breaking the lever this big lump of mask starts to get thrown now when that gets thrown here it's that we then start to chase the club we start to follow the mass in in the position where it's going now it's been in a wrong position we then have to look compensate we have to then throw the mass back out where it came from making all these different loops yeah now you might not break the lever this way you might break the lever by going upwards i've seen people even trying to get good takeaways and they're breaking it and they're coming up here now the problem is is your body knows that you shouldn't hit the ball over there so it starts to loop inside and then we start to create these big hooks so we want to create a consistent motion away but what we don't want to do is to make it wooden stiff and just arbitrary right so how do we do that so we've got to remember that the purpose of the backswing is simply to keep make the downswing super super easy so we want a consistent arc that comes over our trail shoulder and simply works back down here we don't want loops all over the place we don't want it coming around here we want a consistent arc we also want the club face to come back square now the problem is if you're rolling your wrist which is what peter was doing if you roll your wrists you're kind of you're going to have to roll them on the way back if you throw the masses you say we're going to have to make all these different conversations so here's what i want you to do very very straightforward the drill i want you to work on is if you take your trail arm here i want you to put your trail arm into your chest here and i want you from here just to pivot your body so that your trail arm here my palm of my hand is 45 degrees pointing towards the ground now why i love this is because it does two things it makes sure that you make the right tilt so most people when they're swinging they're often trying to turn the the club away you remember we said before we don't want to be turning we want to be spiraling up we want to be kind of it's almost like a corkscrew coming out of the bottle so when you keep your trail arm connected to your body here just to be pivoted to about here keeping it connected palm to ground now put your trail hand on the golf club and look at this there's your first motion not only is it just managing the mass of the club we haven't thrown it anywhere you're managing the face and you're managing the first bit look of your torso motion so it does it's two two things or three brings to the price of one put your lead arm in now and you can start to feel where your lead hand needs to be look at this look at my logo here it's almost pointing again at a 45 degree angle to the ground it isn't look pointing to the sky that would have caused me to roll the face open right more inconsistency yep and notice this as i'm doing this i have kept my lever intact i have not done this it's not a flick i haven't lifted anything up everything is simply just working away so but what do you do from there yeah because a lot of people ask me well that's great danny but what do i do from this position well you can use exactly the same exercise look at this connected here point the palm to the ground and then all i do from here look is simply move the palm to point towards the sky when you do this you're going to feel those shoulders really loaded now that's brilliant because now look you now you're not throwing the mass around look you are supporting the club now now it's supported all you need to do now is simply move it back into impact so you have managed the club you've managed the mass you can still swing the mass and still get this lovely momentum which i've always talked about but what you're doing now is you're guiding it naturally along its way you're managing the club you're not letting the club head manage you so from here let's start to add some rhythm to this and maybe put the lead hand in so if the golfer's playing maybe right handed but or left-handed you can do something similar you can do this if you want that can still work but you could also do this keep your bice lead bicep next to your chest and all i want you to do now is this keep the back of your lead hand just simply pointing feel like it's pointing at the ball or the club face pointing at the ball here same principle look at this it's a coordinated motion away look at this one same principle now in the lead hand put that down look one we're not turning the steering wheel we're working it away together now once you've done that now you've coordinated all we're gonna do is really feel like you're turning that palm to the sky here and then we can work back down into that golf ball now when you do this do not put the club in position don't try to keep everything online this is artificial all we're doing here is just training the sensation of managing the mass rather than just throwing it away so let's have a look at this in action i'm going to try and create some momentum with it first so feel it up and back down and in a minute what i'm going to do is i want to get some rhythm with this backwards and forwards and away we go let's have a look

lovely really really nice and one of the things that i certainly feel here is some of you will feel it in your your right side somewhere you feel in your left side you know i often feel with this here i feel often in both it varies from right to left but i even with my lead hand there i really feel i'm resisting really resisting the urge to do this it's so easy for your body to kind of stop and people you start to get a little bit nervous what tends to happen is when you get very very staticky and you don't want to move if your body doesn't move you will throw the mass you can't stop it so this here where it's your trail and moving and moving your torso here or it's your lead down doing exactly the same thing that there means that you're in control of the mass of the club as well as the club face you get static you try and keep your head still still your body stops well you've only got your hands and your arms you will automatically throw the mass and then you're at the mercy of this club and then you're in trouble keep this all coordinated where it's your lead side feeling here with your trailside feeling here then simply build some momentum in throw that palm to the sky here now you've got a club square then just simply throw it back down no messing about and you'll start to perfect the takeaway so let's summarize because it's worth doing this so you need two things you need to manage the mass of the club face you need to manage the face how do we do it we keep the lever intact for as long as possible checkpoints face parallel to spine angle you could yes people talked about parallel to the foot line as well all this is uh definite but i see when people try this they're trying to put it in these positions that's not what we want we want to move it naturally into these positions how do you do that whether it's your trail arm or lead arm connect it to your body pointing palm facing the ground here that is not only managing the mass and the lever it's managing the face from there pointing your palm to sky that then supports the mass above your head fantastic now we're going to just simply throw that mass back down to the golf ball you can do it same with your lead look one throw the mouse up above you throw it back down to the ground then simply strap to build some rhythm in this motion until it starts to feel more comfortable it can feel a bit strange don't fall into a trap of stain too static when you stay static absolutely this is gonna again you're gonna you can't stop throwing the mass allow this body to move and you'd be well on your way like peter was to hitting not just your driver but irons well just briefly on that note actually almost forgot with peter and his irons why was he catching it far well look when you're here if you're having to make compensations your body starts to have to move out of position notice how we want to catch that ball first when you have a great martian you're supporting the club you can simply move everything beautifully down to the golf ball the body doesn't have to move around it naturally improves your strike it really really does but when you're throwing the mass you're at the mercy of the club and it's going to dominate you it's managing you as opposed to the other way around so really hope it helps us if it does give it a thumbs up maybe share it one of your friends and of course look there's a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing if you're new to the channel this was one of your first videos of mine press that subscribe button so i can see you next week but until next week have a great golfing week