Possibly the FASTEST way to improve your Driver Swing - WARNING! Strange but it WORKS

driver driver dirlls driver swing Nov 22, 2021


Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us how long have you been trying to hit your driver straight to trying to get rid of that horrible slice or horrible hook well this week i have got a drill that is super strange but works unbelievably well two students come and see me this week big big booming slices now i gave them something that they in their own words danny this is weird i said just trust it and the results were unbelievable i'm going to show you what we did with them because you know what it really really works now before i get into the video look if you're new to channels from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i list a video just like this one plus you won't have to remember a thing i'll always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below okay so let's solve that slice on that hook once and for all with this i do warn you a very very strange drill but i promise you it really really does work so roger and richard both come and see me with a great big booming slice so what we're going to do is we're going to show you step by step what we did with them because you know what it works and it turned their slice into a drawer in fact they were drawing it for the first time so here's what we did step by step if you slice the golf ball here's what's happening and it's same with it everybody does this three components you get over here let's talk about left side your lead side here this starts to get crunched in so we're getting some bend in here your trail side works over so this right side here for me is coming over and then you get this kind of flicky motion here so it's not very powerful the face is coming across the line of the golf ball and we just blade or we slice that golf ball here so all we got to do is simply tackle those components but to tackle them you have to exaggerate them hugely important so if you watch plenty of youtube videos you've probably tried many things but some reason they're not working and the reason why they're not working is because you don't or i'm finding with the golfers just don't exaggerate the motion enough the reason being is look i'm going to give you something in a second and when we do this it's going to look strange on camera on purpose but let me if i'll let me just let's go with let's get straight into i'll show you what i'm what i'm talking about here so we said the first component when you slice you're getting stuck in here so what i want you to do is this through the impact area you don't want to be here we want to be here all great ball stripers have this kind of lead side extending so what i want you to do is exaggerate this motion lots so i did with it with both roger and richard as this i got them to feel what the impact was like so i got them to really push like this so they got lots of flexion in this side here lots of extension and it looked like this weird yes did they look like this when i got them to do it no i just want him to feel like this so this is why i'm showing you on camera do it what you feel is an exaggerated way you won't i promise you'll look anything like this but really push it extend and crunch now from here you cannot slice why because slicers work over people who draw the ball and the ball strikers work under can you see the difference so when this is extended it's flexing we're working under fantastic so all i did was got them initially to do this set up normally and then got them to do this feel what that was like underneath and then go back feel that was like here underneath then go back simple as that second state in fact to be honest you could actually just hit some shots where you go extend flex feel what it's like and then go into the shot and then and just hit away so first component was starting to become into their games they started to feel this level of extension but it's just one of the components remember we want to feel like we're getting the under motion not an over motion so from here look i then also got them to make sure this trail arm look wasn't going to go around it was going to stay under so you look at here look this is underneath my top pan here right so as i'm swinging i'm not only am i getting them to feel this impact here i'm also to getting them to feel under as i do this notice what this does to the shaft and the handle it pushes it higher again from here when you look at it do you see top professions like this no i know this is not about what it looks like here this is about what they feel like they need to exaggerate this motion why because they were always going to be like this and this is again repeating myself but why we struggle sometimes from a youtube video or a video that we're watching to make improvements because when you do something like this it can and you you're anything that just feels weird produces this ugly image of what it looks like in your mind and then you don't do it really push it to the limit counter what you normally do so underneath here handle where forward so now look i've gotten to feel handles way forward into position but what do you notice about the club face it's open it's pointing over there so how do they square it from there yeah watch we don't square it with a over we square it with look at this you see what i'm doing my wrists here feeling that squareness there comes from there from the touch in the feel in the hands yeah you see that whereas most of the time you're trying to if you're slicing the golf ball you're trying to square it by with the trail side working out working around okay so we've now got extension we've got under here we've got the handle forward way too much and the sensation now is this to for them to get this under motion not allow this motion to happen here really keep the handle ahead as they're doing it so we went into that and they're going as we're going on this uh working through this both of them say to me really are you sure i said go with it trust me on this one so balls forward with driver and by the way we'll discuss irons in a second handle way forward feel it we got them into this routine here where we get extension flexion handle forward feel like they're turning the knuckles down to the ground turning the knuckles down to the ground or the fingertips to the sky is feeling how they're closing the face yeah they're closing the face without closing it with their shoulders or their arms so they got this feeling then look they didn't stay there they went back to their normal setup and then tried to repeat that feeling when they swung back and if you see that on camera for me i've created there a big looping draw right maybe even too much for me i'm a natural drawer this kind of thing this exaggeration is a nightmare for me right because it's not for people to draw the bus only for your few slice but what it did for them it made their slice swing turn initially into a little fade because even though we were exaggerating do you think they got into all these positions for a great ball striker no but what they did look watch this they started to do this as they exaggerated it their swing impact position started to go like this

gradually improving bit by bit by bit as they exaggerated more and more and finally they started to get into the under position to hit into this space where they're going to hit this wonderful wonderful draw from and that's what i want you to do now we're going to show you how you can build a routine to take straight to the golf course now and also give you something to feel as well maybe when you're at home and to practice this so what i gave with both roger and richard is a real simple routine that yes they felt was god that's a bit weird and a bit strange but they did it and you'll see on camera it didn't look very strange so we got themselves set up here i they got a feel impact position so we got them to really extend so they went extension they went under and then they went feel the club face closed hold for half a second feel it then they would hit the shot and you can see when richard does this he you see he just look nothing like i've just shown you there because he felt as though he was exaggerating it but he really wasn't the second thing we got him to do also was this it wasn't just a case of just the mechanics you have to change your mental pictures if you're always visualizing your slice you're going to keep slicing it so you've got to visualize the draw shape you've got to visualize the shape coming from right to left to complement the changes now do this follow that simple system so you're going to go bang bang back to normal then hit trying to recreate the same feeling the second thing you could do at home is just feel the under and under so put your fists together and ultimately here look all you're going to do is like a boxing uppercut there's your backswing under under under under it is not look over over no we're going under helps with the rotation feeling of under and then under again here anything just to kind of get that motion completely contrary to what you'll be doing if you're slicing the golf ball i did mention is there a difference with uh your we're gonna discuss irons we're probably gonna run out time for that but there is no difference with your irons the only difference is you're gonna move the ball forward so people are worried about well if you come up here won't you just come and top the golf ball absolutely not because all that happens look is as you're coming under you're catching the ball first before it then starts to come up we'll cover that in a later video so just summary if you are slicing that golf ball you are coming over the top of the golf ball here you're getting into flexion here that's working over we're going to simply extend we're going to get the handle forward we're going to get under heath here and we're going to close that face that is it feel what that's like go back into impact and then simply smash that shot alright so it's weird it's gonna feel weird but you can see on the videos with both richard and roger they don't look like i'm showing it but they did feel like it okay and they were super super surprised so give it a go hope you really enjoyed if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with your friends who is a major slicer because it really really does work and remember i'll put a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you won't have to remember a thing if you're new to the channel come and join the community by pressing that subscribe button and the bell but until next week have a great golfing week