Simple Grip Change to Stop Your Slice - & Hit Driver Straight

grip hit driver straight simple grip change stop slice Nov 08, 2021

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Hey everyone Danny Maude here thanks for joining us can a simple grip change help you to hit your driver dead straight or maybe you don't look even Drive maybe look at it striking your irons a little bit more consistently can a simple grip change do that for you we'll look I want to no illusion that it's gonna magically change everybody's game but you know what a simple grip changes can make a massive difference to so many golfers and it might help you to and a couple of students just just last week who are these big booming slices and I made literally one of them I made a change to the lead hand grip the left hand grip and the other one it was to their right that's all it was required to hugely straighten of their shots and look if if you straighten out the bend you will also hit it further and straighter as a byproduct so I want to share with you exactly what these are before I do like if you're new to channel this is one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press a little bail bond and next subscribe when you get enough and every time release a video just like this on plus if you enjoy the golf lesson I provide a free practice plant in the description box below that means that you don't have to remember a thing just print it out download it take it to the driving range so you can place your work on these little bits so how important is the grip well it has free major functions it's designed to help you hit the ball straight so it controls whether that face goes straight or Square impact it helps you generate speed oh how well if you've got a good grip it helps these wrists hinge yeah easily without hurting okay so you can generate club head speed through the ball see it helps you get in the distance and the third and final thing it helps you to create pressure so with that in mind let's talk about impacts with with a beautiful straight shot and then show you how the grip is going to help you do that so our impact we need a couple of things all great ball strikers at impact they get a pressure on the golf ball here where their trail elbow my right elbow is pushed forward towards the target like this pressure so look at this here that's the mushroom we're after that that pressure there the second thing they get they get pressure with the lead how look at that there's almost like a bowing effect in my lead hand here these are all good strong impact position this is what the hands are trying to a create that's what we're trying to get at it okay the second thing clearly is is we want to generate an accurate face we want to deliver that club face straight and we will then want to deliver it with speed okay so let's start initially with the trail hand we've seen we want to put pressure on so how does your trail hand your bottom hand help you put that pressure on so here's the first mistake that one of this unit's made holds the club now your hands here should be naturally should be slightly turned turn towards the target slightly okay the club goes along the fingers the fingers here of the bottom hand and then around now here's the problem watch this if you just focus only on your hand and you don't have any thought about what your arms doing we're gonna be in trouble so here's what he did he got the hand looking great but he did it like this the whole arm and the hand rotated towards the target so now it look like I'm exactly I'm gonna exactly just for camera he base it on this now the problem now is this watch this what do we say about we've got to put pressure on the golf ball watch this if i move my elbow now our impact and i want to get a beautiful strike there am beautiful oh no look at the coalface the clubface now it's wide open so a lot of people I know if you're the same if you've been trying to get rid of your slice you've probably been trying to swing maybe in try B but trying to put pressure on the golf ball but your body and your grip will never allow it because look you've rotated both your forearm your shoulder and your grip to hold that and then when you want to try to pull up pressure on here it's great but your hand won't allow it so what you're going to do instead look is this get your elbow just gently just rotate it in into the pressure position then look from here keeping this here then rotate your bottom hand towards the target look at this so now I've wrote it in now I'm going to rotate that round now look if I want to put pressure on the golf ball now I can and still have the clubface square very very important all right so let's have a look at that in action so we get ourselves set here I'm going to look just gently move the elbow towards the target and then I'm gonna twist the top part of my arm my hand on top now I'm ready to play now I'm able to put pressure on the golf balls this is the bottom hand nice and simple second thing the lead hand okay the top hand what is that supposed to be doing well we want the top hand if you want again if you want to get the clubface square let impact and putting a decent amount of pressure on the golf ball so we can get that lovely strike we need the top hand in a bowed position at the moment we strike the golf shot okay now watch this the other student had the top hand rotated too much this way so when I looked down at it I could base it he's looking like oh I see one maybe one and a half knuckles as he looks down it's hand we want the top hand here in the fingers a lot more and watch the same principle we want this hand rotated this time away from the target so when I look down now I can see one two even three nickels and we want this much more in the fingers very important here let's have it across the fingers here so I can see two or three knuckles so I can now get easily risk hinge so now got the ability to kind of generate some speed with the grip this the second thing here though is this if my hand is rotated this way it now gives it scope to rotate what way this way into and what do we say impact we need we need this pressure the looking at my left wrist is bowing here that's pressure into the back of that golf ball I've now got scope to rotate it but watch if my hand is already rotated this way then watch this I'm exaggerating watch this my hands already already rotated that way I've got nothing to give I can't rotate it anymore so what happens is is my hand gets to a comfortable position and he rotates the wrong way and opens up the club face so the top hand we want the hand now rotated away from the target so it's into the fingers there then we put the right hand on and now we've got both hands in a good strong powerful position to play the game let's have another look at this

that's a beaut so the grip is absolutely vital in order for you to put pressure on the golf ball and help you square up that clubface on a regular basis so let's just summarize both grips there that's bottom hand here when we put it on we don't literally put the whole arm we don't rotate the arm what we do is we just angle the elbow a little bit more towards the target in towards the ball and then what we do is we rotate the grip here all right so it's now in the fingers there so when I look at that bottom hand here my thumb and my forefinger here there's a little line it points towards my right shoulder but my elbow is still turned in it's not look out here why well remember this if I've gripped it like this and when I return to try and hit it powerfully the clubface now is going to be wide up and so very very important top hand what we're doing the top hand well the grip goes along the fingers now when you do this to make this to make life easier do don't put your hand and face it upwards like this let your arm hang down and let you just slot it into your hand here so that you can see now one two three knuckles now we join these hands together we can join them in a couple of ways some people like to piggyback the little finger on top of the index finger some people like to interlock the grips in toilets you some people like to just have a baseball style it doesn't really matter as long as their hat the right and the left hand I run the club correctly like that then you're absolutely fine and then you're ready to go now if this all feels weird like it did with a couple of my students don't worry it's got to feel what it's different but just go with it a seven other look at this in action so before you go there's a couple lot of things that I want to add to this so some people feel messing about the grip can feel a little bit strange so a little kind of adage that you can do which is a little kind of a quick fix but really really helps some people kind of find themselves fiddling all the time with a grip so what you can do is this if you find that you're called facies wide up and you're hitting a slice do this for your top hand close the face by about 30 degrees then don't changes thing for a second just literally grip it as you normally do put the club in and you'll find certain if you've got a weak grip and you the club's turn the hands turn to much was a target just put it in your hand with a closed face now watch this it's a little trick when you find anything you're a delight occult face and you start to open the club face to make it square look at my top hand now I've got the perfect grip I've now got one two three knuckles showing we're done that's it that's a real simple exercise that you can do to kind of get a really good grip without all the fiddling around with the out top hand so that's it one more fish and look if you've got any questions on this put them in the the comments box below I'm happy to happy to answer and remember look you don't have to remember a thing you've got a practice brand down below download it for free get it get it out to the range and put some of these things into practice so I'm putting pressure on the golf ball with that bottom hand and away

we go

but for the first few swings in the morning so hope you enjoy this training it's very very straight for we don't want to make the grip complicated at all just get hold of it remember what you're trying to do you're trying to get into a powerful position at impact put pressure on it so get that trail hand in position rotate the top hand this sound here rotate it here allow it time-space to be able to get back into that golf ball but I hope you enjoy this training if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends who could do with some help with their grip maybe they're a beginner golfer who could do with a good head start of course look if you're new to channel it's one of your first videos of mine consider subscribing until next week have a wonderful golfing week