The GOLF SWING is so much EASIER when you ROTATE Correctly

driver golf swing tips how to rotate irons Nov 08, 2021

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us look you and i both know that there is no magic fix to any goal swing you can't just do one little thing and hey presto everything is going to be absolutely brilliant but there is one thing that could certainly help you improve your overall consistency or make great inroads into improving your ball striking your power and your consistency and that is improving your ability to rotate you see if you're new if you're not rotating correctly in your backswing in your downswing you'll have a swing that is reliant on your hands and your arms now the problem with that is your hands and arms have a massive range of motion now watch this if you rotate through correctly you've got rotational power if you rotate through correctly you can keep the handle look ahead because it's left shoulder's moving you'll get compression you'll get strike the other thing if you rotate through correctly the face look is stable watch if you don't rotate through through correctly and you are relying on your hands and your arms your body stalls doesn't move becomes very handsy and armsy but a lot of my students say i'm not sure i've got the flexibility to turn down how do i do this so in this week's goal lesson i'm going to share with you how to rotate correctly because if you can learn to do this and get this rotation in i promise you there's no magic cure tony golson but it can make serious inroads into your overall ball striking your distance and your consistency so that's what i'm going to cover in this week's golf lesson now before i do look if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i always leave a full downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing great so let's keep this really really simple look if you want wonderful rotation on the way through the the type of rotation that gives you that consistency you need to make sure you have great rotation in your back swing now look you can do this your body's a genius you already can do this if i asked you to throw a disc a throw ball you'd made a pretty good effort at getting great rotation why because you take the massive this was a discus or a ball ball hit you take the mass of this object in your hand you'd move it behind you here behind you so you could use rotational forces to propel it as far as you can you won't put the mass over here why because well that'd be okay if you're just throwing a genital underarm you'd put the mass behind you and you'd use that so you could use those rotational forces to propel it so what's the difference in golf why do golfers find it more difficult why do you think it may be more difficult to do well the difference is this when you're throwing a ball an object the object's in your hands in golf the object that actually hits the ball is where it's at the other end we our hands are connected to the grip end the object that we're really throwing is is this it's at the other end so that can sometimes get in the way of your rotation it can help it can make you get very handsy and armsy and how can it do this watch what i see a lot is this you might be throwing the head behind you because it makes sense to kind of get some kind of mass but when you throw the head alone the hands stay out in front of you now the problem with the hands stay out in front of you here if you were to use rotational forces the hands now work where too much out this way now they're going to hit the wrong part of the golf ball outside the ball you're going to come across the line of the gulf by hitting slices topping it alternatively you might throw the head behind here leave the hands out in front of you here and then your body reacts by going that doesn't feel quite right power's somewhere here now you start to drop the club inside people call this sliding which which is your bit your body just compensated to try to hit a decent shot but that's never going to get rotation is it you're going to have to make conversation which gets you handsy so the key here is this we don't just throw the mass of the club just like throwing a ball we need our hands a hand path to be also deep so that our hands and the club get thrown behind us because now look we can use this and this and therefore rotational forces to beautifully propel that ball when you throw the handle and the club head behind you've created all this space to look to rotate into so what i've done here is this i put it just a t-peg at the top of this club just as a visual tool really and in doing so watch this it gives you an idea of what i see too much golfers throwing the head here if you throw the head too early leave the hands be handled behind that teepeg is where it's out in front of you that's going to keep the hands consistently in the wrong place what i want you to do is see if you can get the sensation here of the grip end and the head end being thrown behind you together if they get all get behind we can use those rotational forces in our bodies to rotate back to the golf ball with no effort it's just natural to do that yeah so that's how i would start first we're going to go into the body mechanics to make this more efficient because if without the correct body mechanics um this you might not be able to do this but start with that first get the handle on the head working more like together back here through and notice this i don't want to make this mechanical start to get some momentum get some throw into this motion so that because the throw will help you create much more flow so it's not too mechanical right start with that first

a little bit left i think that one just pulled a fraction doesn't matter right which doesn't matter because we're going to get on to this next point so the next point is just trying to get the body mechanics going with this too so watch this too often what i'm seeing i just had it with a recent cloud of my dawn um online is that this section is a bit locked so the problem is one of the reasons why golfers do throw their head behind is because the legs well they've blocked this and this and therefore you've got an alternative but to throw the head behind we want to if you want to get this guy i can't get this going if my legs are locked yeah i can't get to work the hands working behind because this won't allow me so you've got to get this trail leg extending moving out of the way not straightening but just extending a little bit so you've got space look to throw those hands to throw the head behind notice this action it's a bending of the lead extending of the trail one that's the motion this keeps you naturally centered and also provides this space to throw the handle and the head in a position where it's got depth you can rotate from and then bring it down on the way down you simply just reverse this process where the the lead the trail leg starts to kind of flex lead lead then extends just the opposite on the way down right i've got a detailed video on on this i'll put it up in this top right hand corner here right so that's what we're after we're trying to get you here more depth on the on the way back in order to do that you don't just throw the mask behind don't further just throw the head behind get the handle working as well so i noticed each time i'm saying throw throw throw it behind because trying to make this too mechanical just adds loads of tension yeah so watch this i'm going to get some momentum here and watch no that's throwing the head you might want to do this wrong start with let's throw the handle and the head there we go now watch if i don't let this extend either watch i end up looking like this but watch what happens when i extend now when that extends i stay centered it helps me stay more centered here gets me going upwards as well so not only did i not just get it depth i actually get down force on this golf ball yeah so i'm providing that space up down up down you make sense so let's start having a look at this in action so we get ourselves set the t-pick as a guide let's just get that sensation of throwing it back extending up creating that depth hands are over here now now i can attack comfortably from in a rotational fashion

come down a little bit probably a bit long actually not too bad okay so all we're doing here is literally helping you naturally create rotation you can't create rotation on the way through great rotation on the way through if you don't have a great position at the top of the swing if you're out of position here there's no way you'll get rotation on the way down you must get into a position where it's so natural for the body to think oh great just like throwing a ball i'm going to do this now if i put my hand up here to throw a ball would i be able to rotate no that's where we're going to be same in golf all right so let's just summarize you've got to get depth in your backswing you've enough in order to create wonderful rotation you've got to make sure that you're you're not just throwing the mass of the head you throw the handle the grip end and the the head that's the first thing get them both working behind the body so that the body can be used to rotate them back out in front of the body for power that alone might not always work you've got that's just part of the equation you've also got to remember that the body of mechanics make this as well if you're locking your lower body in place you won't be able to achieve any of this so you've got to understand how the pivot works we've got to unlock it the leading leg bends the trail leg extends this here as i throw this club back i'm going to extend upwards here that gets me throwing the club behind with the hands and throwing it up gets me nice staying nice and centered if i lock this in place which i saw with the recent street of mine don literally he throws it here he's blocked this blocks any workload of getting behind you get the club going vertical from here you're doomed you're just gonna chop down on it you might try and drop it here but now your body's gonna have to it's not gonna rotate it's gonna have to do all kinds of weird stuff so i want you to work this naturally around here by bending extending getting throwing that club behind you feel that rotation and then away you go okay so hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends who's really struggling to get that rotation remember there's two videos here i've got one i put them both up in this top right hand corner one talking about a bit more about the rotation but also what you do also in the downswing once you finish this just to kind of add on here and move on to that next stage so i've enjoyed this video like i said if you if you're new to the channel come and join the community by pressing that subscribe button and the bell i remember there's a free practice guide in the description box below so go ahead and download it and i'll see you next time