These 3 swing faults can RUIN your golf game - but are EASY TO FIX

best driver tip best iron tips Nov 22, 2021

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look i know that you've been working so so hard to improve your ball striking improve your accuracy improve your distance with your irons or your driver but when you get onto the golf course stuff like this happens

you don't strike your eye eyes you start hitting them shocking you start hitting it into water hazards or your driver starts going everywhere what i'm finding is when golfers get out to the golf course they often have these three major faults that is costing them distance costing them accuracy and costing them strike i'm going to cover them in a real simple way in this week's video because you know what they're pretty easy to fix if you follow this simple process now before i get into the video like if you're new to the channel from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus you never have to remember a thing i always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below great so we're going to cover the three major things i see the major faults i see when you step out in that golf course and it all seems to go a bit wrong from time to time so we're gonna come out driver as well towards the end but we'll start with the irons then work up to drive it so the very first thing i find when people get on the golf course just naturally you want to do well you want to add the control to your game so what tends to happen is this our bodies face the ball or they're even facing the target too much and what happens is you don't make a big enough movement or a natural flowing movement into your backswing it tends to be a bit handsy and armsy here so you might find it either you're coming here too much or you just pick the club up in the air but what you don't get is a lovely coordinated backswing where you've stored energy yeah now i know that you so you know you might be of a certain age where you've got limited flexibility so this exercise what i'm going to give you in a second will really really help so i want you to have a lovely coordinated motion away and it's a flowing motion away right so you actually move the body away from the target which is nerve-wracking i know sometimes because people want to stay over the ball because it feels safe yeah so here's what i want to do get yourself set into your golfing posture and then this exercise actually learned from a gentleman pro called fred schumacher absolutely brilliant so what i want you to do here is this i want you to look over your trail shoulder as if somebody's called out your name so you're going to turn and look over your shoulder i'm actually looking i'm looking and i'm looking up to the sky simple as this what do you notice when i've done this notice in order for me to do the action my knees have moved my hips have moved my torso's moved everything has moved here i've naturally wound up without all the complicated swing thoughts i've just gone look up to the ceiling my ankles have moved everything's moved you can do this too now you might not be able to move as far as me but this is a great exercise for you to establish exactly how far you can move notice this i'm not looking around because that will get the club going around i'm looking up to the sky and behind me now once you've got that sensation okay all you do is go right put my hands up move your head back and now you've got an idea of where the full backswing is now notice also how naturally centered i'm still staying i'm not moving massively off the ball when i do this when i look up watch this am i moving massively off the ball no i'm still pretty centered i'm simply spiraling up to the top in a very simple and easy way once you've got that sensation we now add flow to this first motion so we swing back here flow to the top look up to the top for a second really allow that to go with some serious speed then once you've got a sensation of that start to move your head back to the ball and see if you can keep repeating the motion when people move back to the ball sometimes they start to get more static don't let that happen really feel how the lower body everything's mobile to the top but look how easy this is now before we move on to mistakes two and three what we'll do is we'll hit some shots like this now we're not don't worry about striking at the stage all you're trying to do is be willing to mess up and feel this level of freedom in the backswing to store that energy and give yourself a great chance to start hitting the ball much much straighter so i'm going to wind it back

and through okay don't care about strike at this stage oh it's going a little bit left will it be water bound oh it is but we don't care about straight this is all we're doing is stage number one winding up that power right now once you've done that you've got a sense of where the backswing needs to be the next stage is really really simple but it's a major fault that i see often maybe you're doing now now and particularly if you're slicing it or stroke or hitting the ground behind the golf ball with you with your irons is you get to the top of the backswing here and all we want to do is understand how to start the downswing but if you imagine throwing a ball just here look you would naturally start the downswing in a just authentic way bang so what i want you to do is avoid this fall get to getting to the top and literally starting with your arms starting it with the shoulders starting with the top part you've got to start the downswing from the bottom up but it can be very complicated and too difficult to for people to comprehend or think about but if you imagine throwing a ball whether it's your trail hand or whether you're throwing a disc this way just get into what i call the throw position here so it looks like this you've wound up one two there's your turn one two notice the bend i've got naturally in this trail side here i am not look up here and then going throw throw that gets into flicky paw strikes i'm going one two right simple as that so you're getting into one two we're in throw position right that then swiftly moves us on to number three well what do you do this is with cured one's fault we've cured two faults by learning the feeling of just throw well what do we need to do we need to then actually throw which then cures fault number three all almost together where golfers don't throw what they do and you might be the same as they get to the top here and as opposed to getting into slot and throwing naturally you move as a block you move as a unit too much you're pushing it through you're trying to control it because why because on a golf course you want to hit it straight you want control but you end up hanging on and because you hang on and don't let this go you don't throw it your lower body doesn't work to throw your arms don't work to throw and you end up going like this so let's link all those three things together before we go into the driver and show you how to transfer this over with the big t shots so we're going to go one two and throw it through look at this side one two and throw it through you can almost see one look at that much look at the bend i've got here throw it through one two throw it through now start to add some flow to that one two and throw it through one two and throw it through let's start to see how this starts to get into the action now in the golf swing so one two and throw it through bit some speed there on that shot there there we go just up onto the edge of the green nice so how do you apply this to your driver well it's almost the same with a small little change so let's now head on to driver and we'll just move to a par five hole i think it's number five on medina here on the trackman simulator now super tight this whole super super tight so but fun so what changes do you make with driver very little obviously you're going to change the setup we're not going to go into that but plenty of videos on how to set up to driver this is about the importance of really avoiding this first mistake if you do not move here and you stay too still over driver you're going to get hands in arms this is disaster it starts to get you chopping at driving you cannot chop we need to get the club driver look sweeping up off the tee now notice to do that you're going to have to get the club look much much more behind you here much more in a rotational manner to be able to get this arc necessary to really hit your driver well now i know that you're going to have different levels of flexibility to me and that's fine this exercise will help you feel it what i will say though is this with an iron we want to come more down on the golf ball so when i do look up behind me i'm looking much higher with a driver want to sweep it so i'm going to look a little bit more behind me okay this helps to create more of an arc this way so i feel that motion once or twice look behind feel where i need to be then start having the flow again okay let it flow into that position then once i've got the sensation i'll move my head back and then literally keep going there okay hugely hugely important once i've done that it's like one two and throw it through remember throw it through don't guide it through don't push it through throw it through so we'll start off with a nice gentle drive to start with and this is how i would suggest you work on this don't be worried about where the ball goes just nice and smooth nice and effortless let's see how we get on so here we go one two and throw it through okay so nice and easy to get yourself going don't have any real big shots to start with just get the rhythm of this backwards and forwards one two and throw it through once you've done that then you can start to build up the speed and the power to start to launch it but don't be worried about any real big ones to start with keep it nice and smooth nice and effortless

okay then you can gradually bit by bit add more and more power in one two three four so in summary what have we done basically we need to get the one two and throw it through what were the major mistakes really simply made your mistakes were this not enough rotation not knowing how to rotate how do you do that look behind you yeah the fred shoemaker exercise turn over look behind you here then flow to that position get the sensation of where that needs to be it feels scary because i'm sure look you want control that gets you hovering too much over the golf ball yeah once you've done that got that sensation we don't hit from the top we start with our lower ground so simply getting to your throwing position feel what that's like the skimming stone throwing a frisbee whatever it is so it becomes one two right feel that maybe hit some shots even from here just feel that motion but then it's a throw it through not push it through launch your entire body at it throw it through skim it whatever it might need to be then something look you use naturally because you can already throw throw it through you're adding speed and flow and natural momentum to your entire motion so i really really hope this helped if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share one or two of your friends you think could do with something simple and always remember one two throw it through if you enjoyed the channel remember that i'll put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so you'll never have to remember a thing but until next week have a great golfing week