This is how to Strike Your FAIRWAY WOODS and LONG IRONS

drills fairway woods Nov 22, 2021

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us how often do you pick out a fairy wood or a long iron and you are inconsistent you top it along the ground you hit the ground behind the golf ball you lack distance on a regular basis well this was a situation for a regular student of mine nigel comes to see me with exactly those problems now we finished the session and he was hitting it so much further so much more consistently i'll show you with you what we did but what i'm most proud of and what he loved the most from this session was the fact that he now knew the feelings necessary to create consistency of strike because there's no point you're watching this video hitting some beautiful strikes on a driving range only to get on the golf course and it not work so what i want you to do and this is what i'm going to share with you in this video is not just how you strike the long irons and your fairy woods but the feelings that you can generate what what feelings what's going to be the difference between the good ones and the bad ones so that when you're out there and you do it a few dodgy ones you know exactly what to do to correct them that's what i'm going to share with you in this week's golf lesson now before i do look if you're new to channels for your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i always put a free practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing okay great so in this video you're going to know by the end of this video exactly how to strike your favorites and long ends more consistently but more importantly you're going to know when you're out on that golf course when it goes wrong you're going to know the feelings you need to get it back back on back get the strike back if you start losing it so we did this with nigel in three very simple phases the first phase was his backswing motion the second phase was how he improved his strike in the third phase we worked on how to naturally feel improvements in his direction so the very first thing we did with nigel was was super simple like a lot of players and you might be the same when you struggle with something you just start to stay stiller without realizing your legs start to stay still your body starts to stay still and you start to swing with just your arms and that's what nigel was doing he'd swing back with his arms chop down on the golf ball exaggerated hugely by the way and there's no power in there the ball wouldn't go very high it would go not very not very far so we needed to make sure he had a swing if you want to strike a ball consistently you need to have a coordinated swing where all of your body's working to move the club back and move the club through the beauty when you do that it's also effortless as well you know not only is it is it coordinated but you create a effortless emotion yeah no matter your age or ability so phase one was i got nigel to do the move that i released in a video a couple of weeks ago but i tweaked it slightly i got him to turn and have a look over his trail shoulder when you do that when you actually force yourself to do that when you look up and behind notice how your body naturally has to move your ankles move your knees move your chest moves your shoulders move yeah it's they naturally move into a great motion you can actually also stay pretty centered as you do it if you do you wouldn't do this would you if i tried to look over here my body still that just feels weird right you'll never do it but when you look like this perfect so we got niger to do that and then i got him to actually swing freely into this motion so get the golf club and turn his head up to the sky here clearly feels like it's a lot of immersion a lot of movement should i say and it was for him but look am i moving off the ball no i'm not then once we did i said look look your swing looks very good on camera now but that's not what i'm interested in because a lot of swings can look good but they might not actually act good they might not actually be good when it comes to striking a golf ball i'm not interested in that i want you to be able now once you've got that that's what i said to nigel how does that feel can you feel why in your body can you feel why that's really powerful why that's really useful and he's like i really feel like i've wound up i really feel like i've got something now to deliver the club to the golf ball i also feel danny that it feels like i've got more time to hit the shot i said yeah more time why is it because you're you've got more movement yeah you've got more time it feels effortless to swing through when it's like this and you're already over the ball it can feel snatchy yeah so now he had that relationship it wasn't just turn and have a look he now built a relationship with his body and the benefit of that to striking he had something very concrete he could take so when he did get short he could go oh that feels short and quick ah that feels better and that's what i want that's what he felt what i want you to do is do the same and feel what you get out of it too so i then got him to take a few shots and i got to look up to the sky but very importantly now look throw the club down to the ground because if you don't do that you're not really playing golf i'm letting the club swing up fall down to the ground up to the sky fall down to roughly where you want to strike the golf ball start with that first it's all we did with nigel in phase number one so imagine you're looking up to sky here and then strike the ground

backwards and forwards okay so super simple no complications whatsoever immediately as he does this he's think god feels like a lot of movement but clearly it's not why you see it on the other am i moving around a bit no i'm not i'm not moving all over the place i'm staying look nice and centered i'm just simply moving my body more freely giving myself more time i allowed him to just get a feel for this first let his body connect i want you to the same allow your body to connect with why this is so important feel the power once you've done that we're doing nitro that already was amazing in terms of the some of the distance he was hitting on height it was incredible we then moved on to phase two which was improving the consistency of his ball striking now his balls strike him what was happening was occasionally he would strike the ground behind the golf ball and the reason being is if you imagine the club flowing like this there's always a low point to this golf club his low point was often behind the golf ball and he would start to catch the ball a little bit on the way up this leads to a few tops as well yeah which you top it on the ground fat it sometimes you name it so i needed him to make sure that he struck the golf ball on the way down so look we're going to catch the ball there in the ark not there all right so the first thing i did was i noticed his ball position was way too far forward it sounds miles forward the ball's way too far forward he's off his toe you're going to catch it too late in the arc yeah so you're going to catch it way too late in the arcane on the lower on the way up so i just moved it back just inside between the middle of his dance and inside his heel that's all we did but secondly we did this super simple you can do this i asked him if you were playing a sport like tennis or hitting something what would be the most powerful position i'm going to ask you this now maybe comment in the comments box below and tell me why what's most powerful here do i catch a ball there there or there is it a b or c and tell me why can you see that now you know where this is i'm sure and everyone's going to get this right there's a feeling when you strike because look i can feel my bodies here behind the ball and powerful there there is where the power is that's where power is striking down that's just a little bit too late i'm just flicking it that i've caught the ball early after when people are lunging at it they catch the ball oh that's weak that's the people catching it off the back foot just find where that is for you yeah you can do this it's just a natural feeling just play around with it the reason why we don't get it sometimes because sometimes you've got a head full of so much stuff you don't experience these things but you do know where they are so now you know you've got strike down on it where do you strike it do i strike it here no look that's weak i'm flicking it it's there that's where the ball is where's your relationship to that ball the ball slightly look behind here not there there does that make sense once you've got that sensation it's all different nigel going to feel that motion and then see if he could feel where his powerful position was and it's gonna be different for you as it was for him you explore these motions yeah and i've got a cool drill in a second how you could really enhance this but so i'm gonna feel now

watch this here so look at that 2.2 look behind the golf ball look at my loss of distance see that there i hit the ground behind the golf ball now watch 2.2 b means two blocks behind now watch this i'm now going to strike ahead of the golf ball watch the difference

see if it picks it up 1.4 after the golf ball and i've now got 250 30 yard difference in carry that is the difference in ball striking right now the other thing you can do here you'll notice i'm naturally going into here grab yourself go to a pet store grab yourself a little squeaker yeah put it under your trail heel now for those of you who often top it or hang back here off your back foot trying to lift it when you do here there's no squeak watch

when you get that pressure forward make sure the squeak happens then you swing squeak swing great feedback great and then look at this squeak fire not off the back foot see a difference yeah great feedback when i'm not around just to get that compression that you need yeah now we did that super super simple ball strike is going unbelievably well now he's now starting to strike it we had some fun he said danny why do i sometimes kind of fade the ball well just jumping on trackman here let's go into club path and where we face

uh club path and face so just adding in club path and face to path we just had to have a little bit of fun now so what we did we said look we want to kind of get you here if you're slicing the golf ball sometimes just means that you're coming across the ball so your club path is will be a minus number is coming left a target so we want to get the path working over he's like how do i do this well look move your body around start to get a sensation you're going to wind it up look when you look behind now look further behind this way and then where do you go i still want to get this sensation look of a powerful position here but now i'm going to get it and swing it over this way so watch this here so i'm now going to wind it up

get the path way over there i've been really exaggerating that's hugely exaggerated actually they're [ __ ] but a bit of fun experience it yeah getting curving it this way the path positive number on track means it's going this way minus number one face means the club face is close to the path and i'm moving it here then i got him to kind of think okay feel this motion he's having fun now winding it up feeling where power is and the simply the power just moving across this way so i'm aiming a little bit for me left to target now winding it up wind did it through and i'm coming this way this will get the ball curving this way look at the path miles to the left face open to the path creating the bends but look this is just to locate slightly left with a cut but i'm moving i'm creating these motions what's the benefit well somewhere and then in the vicinity of between those two is the feeling of straight and that's what i want you to have fun playing with feel where power is explore motions of wounding up feel where the strike is yeah use a squeaker as an example of where you need to be or some feedback maybe and then you know where strike is you know that that's weak you just lose these feelings sometimes because you're thinking sometimes too much yeah then once you've got those fingers in play just explore exiting where you're finishing exiting swinging over this way exiting swinging over this way explore those vicinities to find that happy ground so you can then start to not just strike it not just generate a lot of power but play around with the spin so you get the direction too hope you enjoyed this as much as nigel did if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and of course there's a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing and if you're new to the channel this one your first videos of mine consider subscribing but until next week have a great golfing week