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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us how often do you find yourself out on the golf course with your driver and you're putting what you feel is exactly the same golf swing on it every single time but you're getting different results one minute you hit it straight the next minute goes to the right or the left or you top it along the ground what do you do because if you can't feel the difference between the good and the bad how are you supposed to solve your driver how are you supposed to get consistency with it you need a system to develop the feel so that you can become a much better driver of the ball and if you're struggling on a golf course you can cure it i gave what i'm going to teach you today as this system to a friend of mine actually was struggling with his driver and it made a big difference in literally just about 15 minutes there's just three skills you need to learn i'm going to share with you what those are in this week's video before i get into the video look though if you're new to channels from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time we release a video just like this one plus you won't have to remember a thing i'll always put a free download or practice guide in the description box below great so by the end of this video i really want you to be able to coach yourself so you don't have to rely on people like me or other coaches you need to be able to kind of figure out be a great problem solver and really learn your swings so you can start to become a much better driver of the golf ball so the very first three skills you need to learn the first skill that all great drivers have is is they hit up on the golf balls one of the ways that they hit it so far and to hit up on the golf ball what you've got to be able to do is you've got to get the low point of this act you look at the club here the club goes up comes down to a low point and then goes back up again you need to be able to get that catch the ball on the way up so the low pipe low point must be slightly behind the ball in order to do that right so the first thing i want to do is this a lot of people understand this but how do you know whether you are doing it well you need to put a feedback station in place so this is skill number one so all i'm going to do grab a box of balls you could use even a t peg you could use a a bottle of water place it eight nine ten inches in front of the golf ball somewhere along those lines here that'd be absolutely fine and then all i'm going to get to do as a feedback station here is assess where your low point is if your low point like a leo reset student if your low point is too far after the golf ball so you're coming down steep on it and this is what happens to 80 plus percent of golfers particularly if you slice by the way is you are going to hit the ball you're going to smash that box and this is the disaster for your driver you won't hit it very far and you certainly won't hit it very straight so we want to hit up on the golf ball with the low point behind so let's just test where my low point is don't have to have any big shots initially if you want but just take a fairly nice easy swing and let's just see i'll probably hear that 230 240 with that um low point here you go look there we go 8.5 behind the golf ball so my low point is 8.5 inches behind the low point with that swing there that's going to get me hitting up on the golf ball comfortably and create maybe even a little draw so that's the first thing i want you to do now with leah he struggled with this initially so what we did was we said right learn develop the skill first before you move on to the next stage everyone wants to hit drive along everyone wants to hit drivers straight but learning in a very systematic way and you will be able to do that so take a tpeg here and all i want to do here is this look at that tpeg and i want you to basically imagine hitting the tpeg over the box that's all we do so strike the tpeg out the ground and basically swing over the box by me hitting the t pick proves that i've actually hit the ball secondly i've missed the box it means that i've gone on a upward out so the low point will have been behind the golf ball big tick for me when leo did this start off with he naturally hit the box wonderful too why because then you have some feedback which you can go with yeah so take your time hit tpegs out of the ground you're simply missing that box once you're doing that consistently you're ready now to kind of add the second skill into this process so let's just turn trackman back on so you clearly now don't just want to hit up on the ball you want to start to develop some kind of way of hitting it nice and straight so again you can grab a couple of boxes i'm going to put them either side here you can use t-pegs if you're out the golf course or just visualize it whatever it might be so we're going to put a t-peg in the ground and you've now got the feel of the head working upwards but you now need to feel the direction of where that head actually travels because if you're slicing the golf ball your head is traveling where this side of golf buff right hand is to the left of the target and that means you're not particularly afraid of getting the club swinging more that way you need to learn the feel of that if you hook the golf ball you're pretty good at swinging the club this way but maybe not can't develop the feel of swinging this way and this is important because skill development number two i like to call is tuning the radio remember the old-fashioned radios where you kind of get the frequency well somewhere in the middle of this is straight so you need to feel what it's like to swing over there if you can't feel that how do you tune the radio you don't know where to tune it to does that make sense if you slice a golf ball example again if you're great at this area but you can't feel the club going over here you're never going to be a tune it to hit it straight yeah so the next skill is simply this using the golf ball you've now got the idea of hitting up on the ball we keep those boxes in play now what we're going to do is start to get the sense of can you on a driving range hit the ball comfortably like this look swing it and actually get the ball setting off to your right of your target so i'll just hit a shot here nice and gently to start with no notice i'm no big swing i'm just tapping up there can i get it to the right yes i can big tick in the box yeah now i'm a natural drawer of the golf ball so that's easy for me to do yeah but you know what i might find it tricky to swing to the left but let's have a look but all the time look i'm keeping the low point behind the golf ball so get myself set here watch this so swing back and can i swing left is the club pass going to go left yes it is five minus five point six got it left and i'm still look low points behind the ball so i'm able i'm getting a feel so i'm tuning the radio now i've got a feel of these directions okay i've now got a way of tuning this radio so i can start to hit it a little bit straighter let's have a look at this so somewhere in the middle of those two now again no big shots at this stage i'm going to feel where straight is let's look at this one in action look at that 1.6 or just a little bit but almost perfect yeah still behind the golf ball again no big shots but i'm starting now to tune this radio now i've got a feel of where that head is traveling to my right to my left and somewhere in the middle is straight you need to develop this skill in order for you to become a great driver the golf ball yeah now all this can be done on a driving range to start with once you've done that you can then gradually move on to this next stage which is simply this you now need to cut control of the club face so if we look at this here this is still pretty good for me but you might find that one minute you've got too much slice on it here so what i want to do is you need to be great at tuning in the face if you slice it you need to be much better at feeling what it's like to close the face almost like look at my left hand here turning the knuckles down turning the screwdriver okay or maybe you hook the golf ball you might have to feel like you're better at kind of keeping the face rolling at this or feeling the face is open a bit more you should get this feeling whatever it might be for you but we're now moving on to skill three which is we've got the path we've got the upward motion can we now start to add in the feel of the club face closing down for you slicers yeah so i'm feeling it slowly to start with let's have a look at this in action again so we're hoping this one's going to curve right to left for me yeah there it goes look at this starting to get those paths trying to get the ball hooking curving why is it important again developing a feel yeah all these things is really really important for eventually when we learn to hit the ball straighter so once i've done this now you might find if you can't get the ball turning and you're trying you're not allowed to move on to hitting it harder you're not allowed to kind of move on why because it means you haven't developed the skill yeah so we go again developing the sensation of turning now i've got this bit so i'm now going to try to get the ball curving the other way we're going to even create a little bit of a heart shape there so see if i can get the ball now curving no big shots at this stage just tapping it down there getting a feel of this club face see if i can get that ball curving now left to right through the air there we go look just tapping it down there wonderful now i've got the ball moving both ways it means that what have i got i can open the face i can close the face i can set the ball off left i can set the ball off right i've got my low point so now i've got i know i can do those things all i do is start to tune them in using that new feel of both i need to build that frequency and start to get a sense of all this and the great thing is these boxes here are always providing me the feedback station so i never find myself quickly without realizing coming down steep on it all right so now start to tune myself in to try and find a little bit of straightness in between there okay nice and soft still no big shots just tapping it down there look at those numbers now look much much straighter i've still got look my low point i've still got my club path these are now much much straighter i'm at 246 in total now i'm ready because i've tuned in i can now start to hit the ball much much further so start to now and you might be saying well how do you add more power to this well just like learning to throw a ball once you've got the feel of how to throw it what do you do you amplify it yeah i'm just playing tennis learning how to play tennis and my first go instinct wanted to play tennis was i'm like the pros and i'm trying to play all these top spin shots with these aggressive motions and it's like why are you doing that you know you haven't learned the skill of actually playing the top spin shot you've got to brush at the back of the ball you've got to feel that motion first once you feel it then you can amplify it and that's what i want you to do now with driver once you've got the feel of the upward motion the arc you want to take the ball on on whether it's to the right feels more to the right for you or more to left whatever it might be you feel that frequency feel what you need to do with the face once you've got that feel then look we start to bit by bit amplify it bit by bit over and over again we might get to about 260 there okay 270 okay total so nothing major still but bit by bit i amplify it and amplify and amplify it until eventually we start to really get up to a little bit bottom of that one so again not great but 290 total but look at these numbers i've kept my low point behind the ball club path still really neutral distance starting to creep up bit by bit and just look in summary let's put these two screens on look at the arc still low point behind upward swing you keep the skill going and you will start to learn too how to become a much much better driver of the golf ball but keeping this feedback station in you will know exactly what you're doing wrong and therefore you'll know exactly how to cure so hit up on the ball put the boxes in play skills two feel tune in the radio feel what it's like to go over here feel what it's like to go over here if you slice a golf ball you'll find it very difficult to swing over this way but easier swing over here you've got to tune that area in in order to start to move it back and get the right frequency for hitting it much much straighter and vice versa if you hook once you've done that you need to feel clubface experiment with the closing of the face and the opening in the face tune those in then you'll start to truly get a feel of exactly how you rip driver much more consistently all right so i hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and remember there's a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing and of course look if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos please consider subscribing bro press that little bell button but until next week have a great golfing week